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Manicure Mondays – How To Train Your Dragon PLUS Winner Announced!

Happy Monday, everybody!

Look at those eyes!

Look at those eyes!

As you may have gotten from our review, Kizerezik and I saw “How to Train Your Dragon 2” last week, and we both loved it. So, naturally, this week’s installment of Manicure Mondays had to feature everyone’s favourite Night Fury, Toothless!

Let’s get started with a base coat of white.



From there, paint your middle and ring fingers yellow from the centre of the nail to the tip, and then start to draw out your line art with a black nail polish pen.

Or you can finish the line are and brush the yellow inside of the eye if  you've got a very steady hand.

Or you can finish the line are and brush the yellow inside of the eye if you’ve got a very steady hand.

Fill in the black and clear coat.

He's looking at you. With his EYES.

He’s looking at you. With his EYES.

Now, on to the thumb, which we’ve styled after Toothless’s tail flag. Paint the whole nail red and clear coat it once it’s dry. Fun fact: This top coat is the worst I’ve ever used!

The clear coat helps the white pen to show, and with that stupid thing, every little bit helps.

The clear coat helps the white pen to show, and with that stupid thing, every little bit helps.

Bust out that white nail polish pen and prepare to exercise your patience because you’ll need a couple of coats to really get this to pop.

Five million coats later...

Five million coats later…

Clear coat again and you’re done!


See how the white on the thumb is already bleeding? That’s that stupid top coat crap.

And now for what a good number of folks have been waiting for:

MacBook not included. And yes, that is me working on this post. So meta!

MacBook not included. And yes, that is me working on this post. So meta!

And the winner is

@winonapatt !

Congratulations, Winona! We’ll send out your prize just as soon as you PM us your mailing address via FB or Twitter! (We’ll be on the lookout for it!)


Thanks to all of who entered, all of our fans, old and new, and keep sharing TFP with your friends! We’ll have our next giveaway at 250 FB likes, so help us get there together!

See you at the next Manicure Mondays!



REVIEW: “How to Train Your Dragon 2”

After watching this movie… I don’t know what to do with my life.

Don’t get me wrong; it was an excellent movie! It really was! The animation was flawless, the story was coherent and amusing and easy to follow, characterization was good, and it pretty much covered the entire spectrum of human emotion.


I can't even.

I can’t even.

THIS bitch.

Read the rest of this entry

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Funko POP! Figurines

With the opening of How to Train Your Dragon 2 far too slowly approaching, a lot of merchandise to feed the dragon craving has been coming out.  In April Funko POP! will be releasing their popular figurine versions of the awesome characters!

Meanwhile I’m still waiting for the kids to hit puberty, which is when I assume they get their Scottish accents.

The Hero, who apparently he takes a lot after his mother

Astrid was playing with his hair so they’ll match

The girlfriend

Mystique might want her belt back

Astrid’s Deadly Nadder:

Spends most of her time preening

Snotlout’s Monstrous Nightmare:

Hope your pants are flame retardant

Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s Hideous Zippleback

Wonder if the twins will come like this, too

And Last and Best and only(?) Hiccup’s Night Furry:

The cuteness is deadly enough

Can it be June already? I guess I’ll sate myself with the cartoon for now, but the season finale is this Wednesday!

Anticipated Movies of 2014

The start of the New Year always brings something to look forward to.  One of those things is new movies.  I complied a list of the anticipated movies coming out this year.  Lets take a look at what will be gracing the movie screens this month and the upcoming months.

Legend of Hercules (Jan 10)

Pretty much looks like Gladiator meets 300, unfortunately that is enough to put me off the movie.  I will not be rushing out to see this one.

Lego Movie (Feb 7)

Legos, do I really need to say anymore.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman (March 7)

I grew up watching reruns of Rocky and Bullwinkle as a kid, naturally this movie fascinates me.  Not sure if I am going to see it in theaters or wait for to come on TV yet.  If people are going to see it, I don’t see why I wouldn’t tag  along.

300: Rise of an Empire (March 7)

I will probably be killed for what I am about to say but I did not like the first one.  I found the movie to be over hyped, thus making it a let down when I saw it.  While I am not going to see it, the trailer does look good.  If you liked the first one, then you should go out to see this one.

Need for Speed (March 14)

While I was never a huge fan of the Need for Speed video games (that probably has something to do with the fact I suck at racing games), but the trailer looks interesting.  If you liked the game or like racing movies, then you should probably check it out.

Veronica Mars (March 14)

While I never watched the show, it does have its fan following, which is why I added it to the list.  I have to say the trailer does look rather interesting, it does feel like it can stand alone from the show.

Divergent (March 21)

I have never read the books, but they have been recommended to me since I love Hunger Games.  The trailer and concept look interesting, I not sure if I am going to see it in theaters yet.  If you are a fan of Hunger Games, this is supposed to similar so it might be worth checking out.

Muppets Most Wanted (March 21)

It’s the Muppets, does anything else really need to be said.

Captain America: Winter Solider (April 4)

Seriously who is not going to see this?  Also is it just me or does Winter Soldier look like Sub-Zero?

The Amazing Spiderman 2 (May 2)

If you are a fan of the first one then you’re going to see this.  I like the new approach so I will be checking this out.  I do worry that they might be trying to do too much and we all saw how well that worked out for the 3rd one.  Is it just me or does Harry look a bit emo?

Godzilla (May 16)

This one is an oldie, who has not seen at least one Godzilla movie?  It has been awhile since someone has remade a Godzilla movie (not since 1998).  With all the improvements to CGI and other special effects, I am curious to see how it looks.  I am not anticipating a great story.  I doubt I am going to rush to see it in theaters but I’ll have no problem checking it out when it comes on TV.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 23)

Ok, so First Class wasn’t the greatest of movies but it was nice to see things from the beginning (even though is barely followed lore but lets just not get started on that).  I am an X-Men fan so I am going to see this.  I’m curious how they will execute the story line, I am planning keeping an open mind.

Maleficent (May 30)

Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney movies, so that alone is enough to get me to see this.  I like the approach of telling a well-known tale from the antagonist point of view.  I am a huge fan of the Wicked book for this reason.  I am looking forward to seeing this when it comes out.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 (June 13)

If you liked the first one obviously you are going to see this one.

Transformers: Age of Extinction (June 27)

Well the 3rd movie was pretty horrible, the 2nd was one was only alright.  I am pretty much on the Michael Bay why won’t you just give this franchise up already bandwagon.  Without a trailer it is hard to make an accurate call, but it really feels like Michael Bay is still trying to capitalize the success of the first one.  Granted this one will have a whole new cast and possibly bring in the Dinobots (I am a fan of Beast Wars) but I don’t think that will be enough to save it.  I am reserving judgement until I see a trailer.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (July 11)

I am not a Planet of the Apes person so I am not going to be seeing it.  I just could never get into the whole talking Apes controlling the world.  I do appreciate the fact they have been starting from the beginning and doing prequels.  If you are a fan of this franchise then you should probably check out the new one.

Hercules (July 25)


After seeing the trailer for the first one and seeing many of the Rock’s other movies I am a bit hesitant.  I just can’t help but feel like this is going to be another big money movie with no real story.  I do want to see what the trailer looks like before I make that call.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Aug 1)

I will admit I am not as familiar with this series or story lines, so I have some research to do.  It is a Marvel movie so I will be seeing in theaters for that reason alone.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Aug 8)


Not really looking forward to this based on everything I have heard about it.  First the turtles are from an alien race, then they are from another dimension.  Shredder is also from another dimension.  OK, let’s be fair we all know the whole ooze thing is completely impractical but we didn’t care.  The ooze is what made them, there was no need to change that.  Megan Fox as April O’Neil, really?  There will apparently no Casey Jones.  Not really looking forward to this, but as a Turtles fan I will check it out – more than likely when it comes on TV.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Aug 22)


Lets be fair the first one was good, but how long has it been since the first one came out almost 10 years.  While I am more than likely going to see this in theaters, I am worried about it.  I am really worried that it will become over hyped and just not live up to the expectation.  Here is to hoping that it will still be as good as the first one.

Dracula Untold (Oct 17)

Luke Evans as Vlad

Luke Evans as Vlad

Not sure about this one yet, since I have not been able to find much about it.  I am a fan of Dracula and vampires, I do like how they are not doing the Bram Strokers tale but instead a story about Vlad the Impaler.  It would be nice to see something about the man who started the legend.

Big Hero 6 (Nov 7)


With Disney now in charge of Marvel they seem to putting out all as many Marvel movies as they can.  Since it is a Marvel movie, I will naturally be seeing it.  I do like the fact that this one will be animated, that will give the movie a different vibe.  I would like to say I am excited for the movie but it is another series/story line that I am not familiar with, so I see a bit of Marvel research in my future.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (Nov 21)


Since I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan, I will be in the theater on thurs night seeing it.  I just really hope they end it at a certain point in the story so that it will be cliffhanger to all those who have not read the books.  I am also curious to see how much of other people’s point of views they show.  I expect this to be great since Francis Lawrence did a great job with the second one.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again (Dec 17)


With any luck I will have finally seen the other 2 Hobbit movies which I have not seen and I will have read the books by this point.  Hopefully by then I will have gotten into the movies and will want to see this one in theaters.  Better late then never, besides let’s be fair anyone who is a fan of the fandom is going to see this movie since it is the last one.

Here is the movie list for 2014, let us know what movies you are most looking forward to and why?