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Why Batman is an Amazing Superhero

Today is Batman Day, so the lovely ladies here at the TFP thought we would put together all the reasons why Batman is an awesome superhero.


  • He is rich, lets be fair Batman has all the money, he one of the top 5 wealthiest comic book characters. With all his money, he is able to fund all of his gadget and transportation. He is also able to buy some really amazing properties, hotels, business, and cars.
  • Batman is hot, come he is tall like 6’2’’, a great body and jet-black hair and amazing blue eyes. Pretty much any actor who has played Batman has been considered one of the sexiest men alive.


  • He gets all the ladies; Catwoman, Talia, Wonder Women, Black Canary, Zatanna, most of the Justice League, Vicky Vale, Poison Ivy, etc. Batman oozes sex appeal.
  • He is a pinnacle of human achievement, both physically and intellectually. Batman’s training regiment is extremely intensive. He is at Olympic level shape and performance at all times.   He also has insane intelligence, he is able to dissect and break down all his opponents so he can defeat them. Batman even complied a list on how to defeat every member of the Justice League since they are all so strong and if even one of them ever turned they needed to know how to defeat them. He also has amazing detective skills that he uses to break down crime scenes, letters, riddles, etc.


  • Batman has a heart; he took in a fellow orphan with Dick Grayson and raised him like his own son. He took in Tim Drake when this went bad with him. We can even mention Jason Todd, who Batman took in and raised as well. He did not just move these kids in and ignore them, he trained them to be Robin’s, he put them in private schools, paid for things, got them cars, I am pretty they have trust funds. Batman treated them as his own kids. No matter what issues Dick and Tim have with Bruce they still consider him their dad. Even to some extent so does Jason Todd.


    If we want to look at other aspects of him having a heart, he put a wheelchair ramp in for Barbara after she lost her legs. Batman put money aside for Selina Kyle’s daughter to have a college education and even put a baby seat in the Batmobile.

batman has a heart

  • He has loyal friends and family, Alfred, Dick, Tim, Jim Gordon, Lucius Fox, Selina, Superman, and the Justice League. Everyone that he comes in contact respects him and many them love him as well. Alfred, Dick, Tim, Jim, Selina, and Superman would do anything for him and would protect him. Superman is his best friend; Superman is not besties with just anyone.   Batman is one of the few people Superman trust with kryptonite, he knows that Batman would only use it in an extreme situation. It takes a lot for someone to trust you with something that can kill them.


  • Batman is a founding member of the Justice League, he help create a group where follow superheroes protect the world. More importantly there are Gods, aliens, and super powered superheroes in this group and they all fear Batman. It takes a lot to be a human who scares beings stronger then you.


  • He is human, Batman doesn’t have super powers, he is just a guy in a batsuit. Yet, he is one of the most feared people in the Justice League. He has defeated super powered villains and aliens on his own.

Green Lantern & Batman

  • Most importantly, Batman has flaws; he is the most flawed character in the entire DC universe. He saw his parents murdered right in front of his face that scarred him it traumatized him. He is also a spoiled rich kid and he acts like one sometimes. He has all the issues, like all the issues. Batman knows it, he knows he is flawed and we all know he is flawed. It is because of his flaws that people can relate to him because they can see part of themselves in him.

These are just some of the reason why Batman is an amazing superhero; really, we could be here all day.

Happy Batman Day and let us know why you think Batman is an amazing superhero.