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The Flash: Season Premiere City of Heroes Recap


Here we are at the highly anticipated season premiere of CW’s new show The Flash, which is a spin-off from CW’s Arrow.  The only things that we already know going into the show is that Barry has visited Starling City and helped team Arrow on a mission. Barry happens to know Oliver’s secret, Barry thinks Felicity is pretty, and that an accident left Barry in the hospital/coma.

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CW The Flash has added a new cast member


CW’s The Flash has added another character to the show; Patrick Sabongui will be playing Captain David Singh.  Captain Singh is the director of the Central City crime lab, which is where Barry Allen works.  In the comics, Captain Singh is not a huge fan of Barry Allen; the Captain was forced to hire Barry Allen.  The role looks to be a potentially occurring one, if the series is picked up.  It look like we might be seeing Sabongui’s character in pilot episode.