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Manicure Mondays – Wolverine!

After a long hiatus– and because I managed to break every single nail repeatedly for several weeks Ina row– Manicure Mondays are back at TFP!

This week, we do a little mutant magic and have a set of nails inspired by probably the best known of the X-Men, Wolverine!


Modeled after his classic blue and yellow costume, of course.

Start out with a nice bright yellow, painting every nail the same colour.


Now, for the designs, you really have got quite a few options here. And all that you’ll need is a blue nail polish pen.

For the first nail, a simple set of three thin lines at an angle to represent his trademarked adamantium claws.


For the second, a set of three triangular marks like those on his costume over the obliques.


Fill them in…


For the third, a double-walled yellow knockout of a triangle surrounded by a flood of blue, like it looks coming up and over his collarbones.


For the fourth, the pinkie, an easy set of simple, tapered lines, like the ones that run down the front of his torso.


And, last, the thumb, with artwork inspired by his mask.


Of course, you don’t have to stick to these five designs by any means. Throw in an “X” symbol in a circle. Reverse some of the colours. Use the brown and burnt orange palette or black and yellow or black and grey to reflect some of his other costumes. Just have fun with it!


Let us know if you try any of our Monday Manicures for yourselves! We love comments and unique takes on our stuff!

And, of course, suggestions for future Manicure Mondays are always welcomed.

Until next week!

Amazing X-Men #3 Review

Amazing X-Men 3 Cover

Amazing X-Men 3 Cover

Lets review what happened in last months issue Wolverine and Northstar are in Heaven.  Charles tells Wolverine where he is and about Azazel but unfortunately that makes Wolverine fall off the floating pirate ship.  Storm, Iceman, and Firestar are all in hell.  Iceman freezes all of hell, but that is too much energy for Iceman, so Firestar does her best to protect him because the other pirate ship kidnapped Storm.

This issue starts off with Azazel telling his pirate crew about how they are going to control the underworld.

Picture 1

While that is happening Beast come through the portal and he is definitely not happy to fall into cold water.  The pirates on the ship try to attack Beast, well its Beast so that does not go over well.  During this time, Azazel shows up, which starts a banter between Azazel and Beast.

Beast fighting on the ship

Beast fighting on the ship

Azazel basically tells Beast how he is planning on becoming the new God and Devil.  Basically Azazel is collecting all the souls that he can because that will give him more power.  In purgatory, all the power comes from the souls.  Azazel manages to kick Beast back into the water that contains souls.

Beast goes overboard

Beast goes overboard

Azazel leaves the ship after he tells the pirates to find Nightcrawler and to kill any X-Men that they find.

On the other ship, the pirates are complaining to the Captain Kid about how Storm keeps breakout of everything, ropes, chains, etc.  They are also complaining about how Storm has broken noses and tore off nipples, because lets face it Storm is a badass.

The pirates complain about getting beat up by Storm.  She can't help that she's a badass.

The pirates complain about getting beat up by Storm. She can’t help that she’s a badass.

Just as the pirates are about to cut off her hand,  Nightcrawler shows up to save Storm.Storm is so happy to Nightcrawler and vows to not leave there without him.

NIghtcrawler to the rescue

NIghtcrawler to the rescue

Which results in a touching moment, Storm tells Nightcrawler how much she has missed him and Nightcrawler saying how he was right to fall madly in love with her all those years ago.  This results in a flashback of Nightcrawler surprising Storm with her Attic room.

An adorable moment between Storm and Nightcrawler.

An adorable moment between Storm and Nightcrawler.

While I am diehard ROLO shipper, I would be all right with a temporary Storm and Nightcrawler relationship if he comes back.  Not to mention Nightcrawler is rather adorable, I just can’t help having a soft spot for him.  Storm and Nightcrawler continue to fight the pirates on Captain Kid’s ship only to have the other pirates run onto their ship.  Apparently, the other pirates are afraid of something that is on their ship, which happens to be a very angry Beast.  Unfortunately, Beast does not seem to recognize Nightcrawler, which scared Nightcrawler a lot, because well an angry Beast could be worst then an angry Wolverine.

An angry and scary Beast

An angry and scary Beast

I have to this issue started off slow, while I am a fan of Beast I did not need to have him go through the portal.  I found the whole banter between Beast and Azazel to be completely pointless; it was only put in to explain what Azazel was doing.  I am pretty sure they could have found another way to that.  While I originally did not want Nightcrawler to show up just yet, I actually liked how they had him save Storm.  Again, while I am ROLO shipper, I did find their interaction to be very cute.  I would be all right with a temporary relationship between them.

Another adorable moment between them.

Another adorable moment between them.

I am looking forward to seeing if Northstar caught Wolverine and check in on Iceman and Firestar in the next issue.  I am hope the X-Men manage to all join back up at some point during the next issue.  I am also curious to see Wolverine’s reaction to Nightcrawler flirting with Storm.

Until next month

– Christena

Christena’s Geek New Years Resolutions.

It is a new year and with that come resolutions, promises of things that we would like to accomplish for the year.  Naturally, I sat around thinking of various things that I would like to accomplish.  Of course I came up with the usual things, try to work out, see friends more, etc.  The usual stuff, but then I thought what about the TFP what can I do for this.  I think one of the best things I could do it expand my geek horizon.   One way I plan to do this is by expanding my knowledge of some the fandoms that I am already interested in.  The other is by trying to get into some new fandoms.  Now we all know that people have a tendency to fail at their new years resolutions.  I have found that accountability helps with that, so that is where all you lovely amazing followers come in.  I am telling you what I want to do, thus I am giving you full permission to yell at me if I don’t.  That also applies to all my lovely ladies of the TFP.  Granted I am sure I will follow through with these, but just in case its good to have some extra motivation.


I have always been a comic book reader ever since I was little.  As I got older and other things happened in my life I kinda got out of it.  I want to get back into it, I already started by reading Amazing X-Men, which I have already started blogging about.  I am also planning to get into the relaunch of Wolverine and the X-Men, which happens in March.  They will be ending the series in Feb, so it is a perfect time to get into it.

Issue #1 of the Wolverine and the X-Men relaunch

Issue #1 of the Wolverine and the X-Men relaunch

I am also a DC girl, I love Catwoman, I am trying to figure out where to get back into these series (unfortunately the new 52 is not doing it for me), I am open to suggestions.

Star Wars

I have been into the Star Wars fandom since I was kid; this is something that can be blamed on my dad.  He is a huge Star Wars fan (he saw it every Sat for like 2 months in theaters) and got me into, which is probably why I am a Star Wars trading card on my bio.  I know a lot about this fandom to begin with, but really have not been involved in the fandom for a long time.  I decided that I would get back into reading the books, since I have always been curious about the time with Jacen as Darth Cadious, I have always loved the Solo twin, Jaina being my favorite Star Wars character.  I read most all of the Young Jedi Knights series when I was younger.  I decided that for 2014 I am going to read the Legacy of the Force series, all 9 books of it (which will be a great help to my 30 book reading goal for the year).

Looking forward to reading this series.

Looking forward to reading this series.

I have been really curious about the dynamic between Jaina and Jacen during this time, especially the affect on their bond.  I am really curious about how the ending is written because I don’t see that being something easy to write.

Sherlock Holmes 

Will be catching up on this before the 19th

Will be catching up on this before the 19th

I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes but that is not surprising since Batman was based on him and I love Batman.  Surprisingly enough I have not started watching Sherlock yet.  Since the 3rd season will be airing on the 19th here in America, I decided to watch the first 6 episodes before then.  That should be easy, as long as my viewing partner is up for it.  I have heard such great things about it so I am excited to get into this fandom.


LOTR series, its time to finally read it

LOTR series, its time to finally read it

Ok, I will admit I am horrible at this fandom, but in my defense my mother got really into it and would make me watch it every Sunday when I was visit her for I can’t tell you how long, it was definitely over a few year period.  I kinda got burnt out, but I am going to change that this year.  I am going to read the books, I have all of them but the Hobbit, I’ll just borrow that.  I am also going to see the Hobbit movies, since I have not seen them yet.  It is not a bad series; I just have to move past the fact that it was forced down my throat over the course of a few years.

TV Shows

I already watch a deal of shows, but a few have managed to escape me over the years.  As I said above, I will be adding Sherlock to my viewing list.


I will also be catching up on the first 2 seasons of Once upon a Time, naturally the 3rd one when it comes on Netflixs and maybe even the spin off.  If I can, I would like to catch up before the new season starts.


I am also going to catch up on the 1st season of Arrow and then the second when it is added.  This one I have to wait for my viewing partner to join in.  Some shows I can watch on my own and some I cannot, it happens.

doctor who

I also plan on adding Doctor Who in (I know, I know, how have I not been watching this?), I am going to fix that.  I am also going to watch Merlin which I have not seen either.  Yes, I do see a pattern with me and not watching BBC shows, I am working on it.


I have always been horrible at the getting into anime, as a kid I watched Sailor Moon and Pokemon. That does means that I am excited for the Sailor Moon reboot that is suppose to be airing some point this month, if they ever give a release date.

Getting ready for the Sailor Moon reboot

Getting ready for the Sailor Moon reboot

I know there are good animes out there, I have friends who talk about them all the time, but I fail at actually sitting down and watching them on my own.  I am hoping that I can get some of my friends to sit me down and put some anime on in hopes that something will catch my eye.  I know I didn’t mind it when my friends put Inuyasha on back when it was on Cartoon Network.  Maybe I can get myself to sit down and watch it from the beginning.  With any luck I will be able to report at the end of the year that I am into at least one new anime show.

One general new years resolution I have for the TFP, is that I am going to blog post more.  This is one the ways that you will know how I am doing with my new years resolution because I will be blog posting on it.   It will be easier to keep me accountable for what I have said as well.  With any luck, I will also start blogging about Sleepy Hollow, Agents of SHIELD, Grimm, Dracula and Elementary.  It might also help if I start live tweeting the last three as well.  I am using this week to catch up on shows.  I will also be adding True Blood and Game of Thrones in when those start up again.

These are just some of the resolutions that I have made for this year, I do feel like these ones will be among the easiest for me to actually accomplish.  The ones will affect all you lovely followers the most.  I know you will all be here to support and encourage me along the way.

Here is to a fun, geeky, nerdy 2014.


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