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MOVIE REVIEW: “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Let me start off by saying, as a fan of “Parks and Recreation,” it was delightful seeing Andy Dwyer in space.

Nah, J/K.

Although there are certainly a good number of goofball moments, Chris Pratt’s performance was a great balance of criminal, hero, dork, and suave muthafucka. His Starlord really rather perfectly captures the qualities of the Everyman.

And then there’s this.



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Bradley Cooper as Indiana Jones?


The current rumor going around is that Bradley Cooper might take over the role of Indiana Jones.  Disney has acquired the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise.  We all know how much Disney likes putting out movies as soon as they acquire rights, they are already about to enter production for Star Wars: Episode VII.

The two things that are being said it that an Indiana Jones movie is two to three years away, which mean Harrison might not be up for playing that role again, in which case they will have to reboot.  Another rumor going around is that if Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford cannot agree on the 5th Indiana Jones movies within a year that Disney will reboot the series.

These are untrue rumors so all the Indiana Jones fans can breathe easy.  Slash films had this to say: “We’ve contacted a high-placing source who tells /Film the story is not true.”  It is just a rumor, Indiana Jones will not be getting a reboot.