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Big Bang Theory teams up with Lucasfilms


Anyone who has seen Big Bang Theory knows that they are a huge group of geeks/nerds and that they love Star Wars.  Well the creators of the show contacted Lucasfilms to help them create an episode in honor of May 4th, which is the unofficial Star Wars Day.

Lucasfilms helped create Degobah which is the swamp, forest area that Yoda lived in exile on.  The episode will also include Bob Newhart who will be reprising his role as Professor Proton.  The creators of Big Bang Theory gave Bob Newhart a Star Wars movie to watch so he could better understand the episode.  Newhart will be taking on the role of a one the iconic characters – no word on who at this time, I would be put money on Obi-Won.  Newhart will actually be using a real lightsaber in the episode that Lucasfilms helped them create.

Keep an eye out for this episode of Big Bang Theory, it is sent to air on May 1st.