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New “Doctor Who” Peter Capaldi to be Introduced in 7-City World Tour

The newest Time Lord to come to screens in the new series of the beloved BBC show “Doctor Who” is Peter Capaldi. Capaldi’s casting was met with skepticism by fans who were rallying for the first ever female Doctor, or for a person of colour to be cast in the role. Alas, another white male was cast in the role.

But let’s face it, odds are fans will come to love him in time.



No doubt hoping to speed up the process of that acceptance, the BBC is putting Capaldi and on-screen companion Jenna Coleman (and, in some cities, head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat) will be traveling the globe to promote the new season, which airs in August on BBC America.

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Manicure Mondays – Tardis Tips PLUS a Giveaway!

In anticipation of the next series of Doctor Who, we… Well, we just can’t wait.

So it’s time for Tardis Tips!

One day, I'll actually remember to clean up the cuticles before I take these pictures. One day.

One day, I’ll actually remember to clean up the cuticles before I take these pictures. One day.

It’s like French tips… But completely unlike French tips.

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Watch The First “Orphan Black” Season 2 Teaser Trailer!

If you’ve watched the first season of Orphan Black, then you, like us, have been antsy with anticipation for the long-awaited second season. If you haven’t watched the first season…

Then I guess you’ve just been wasting your life until now.

But the new season starts in about a month and a half, and you can check out the Teaser below!

Plus, there are two teensy weensy little sneak peaks to check out as well:

A confrontation over ownership of the clones. Looks interesting, and will probably be a big deal this season, since it’s pretty much the big reveal in the last moments of last season.


Cosima’s love and loyalties might be tested, and it sounds like she’s going to be taking some big risks this season.

This show is so amazingly tremendously amazing. All of the clones! All of the drama! And the return of Felix!

Fetch me something gay.

Can’t wait for April 19th.



Sherlock Recap: Sign of Three

Sherlock - cast

Here we are on the second episode of Sherlock and half way though the season.  Lets recap last week’s episode, well Sherlock came back from the “dead” to help solve a terrorist case.   John punched Sherlock for making him think that he died.

This week’s episode starts of with an exceptionally angry Detective Lestrade.

Lestrade is frustrated with the current case

Lestrade is frustrated with the current case

As Lestrade it getting to a crime scene he receives a text message from Sherlock saying help, Baker Street, please come, help.  Naturally, Lestrade thinks that there is something wrong.  Lestrade gets to Sherlock who needs help with his best man speech.  Lestrade is completely annoyed with the fact that Sherlock called him over for something so dumb.  Come on we all know how Sherlock is, Lestrade should have known better.  Lestrade did not realize that Sherlock will text him over something stupid so Lestrade had called in everyone to rush over to Baker Street.

Mrs. Hudson talks with Sherlock about how he feels about John’s upcoming wedding and his speech.  We will find out later that Molly was very worried about Sherlock giving the best man speech.  We see everyone come out of the wedding ceremony and take pictures.  Of course Sherlock doesn’t get that he not suppose to be in all the pictures.

Sherlock you can't' be in all the pictures

Sherlock you can’t’ be in all the pictures

The maid of honor lets Sherlock know about the tradition of the best man sleeping with the maid of honor.  Instead, Sherlock does what he can to help her find a guy at the wedding.  Before the wedding Sherlock had interrogated some of Mary’s male friends especially those who were ex’s to see if she might cheat on John.  He even gave some of them stipulations about the amount of times they can see her and how often they can call or text.

James Sholto

James Sholto

James Sholto arrives at the wedding and he is an old war friend of John’s.  Mary did not think that James was going to come to the wedding.  Sherlock was very unhappy to find out that John talks about James all the time but not about him.  We all know how Sherlock get jealous easily when it comes to sharing John, no wonder most people think they are gay.

Most the episode is Sherlock’s best man speech with clips of other cases and events interspersed in.

Sherlock giving his best man speech

Sherlock giving his best man speech

With some reminding Sherlock remembers to read the telegrams, which are well wishes from people who were not able to attend.  Sherlock starts by reading each one individually but then goes to cliff noting them.  Sherlock begins with saying how he felt about John asking him to be his best man.  While Sherlock tells everyone at the wedding, he had all this emotions about it.  In reality, he just stood there frozen and staring at John.  Which I have to say was rather hilarious.  Sherlock really did not understand that he was John’s best friend.



The first movement that Sherlock does after that is to drink his coffee, which has an eyeball in it, Sherlock had been playing with the eyeball earlier and dropped it into his coffee on accident.  According to Sherlock, an eyeball will not make the coffee taste bad; while I trust him, I don’t think I will be adding it to my coffee anytime soon.

Sherlock continues his awkward speech and I mean awkward speech by insulting the whole idea of marriage and pretty much everyone in the room.  Come on, its Sherlock did we expect him to give a non insulting speech.  Then Sherlock turns it around by saying all these great and wonderful things about John.  How John is caring, warm, intelligent, and a wonderful man and how Sherlock is honored to be his best friend.  Sherlock had everyone in the room crying, some how he turned the speech around.  More importantly, Sherlock showed emotions and that he is an actually normal person, I am not sure how I feel about this.

Since Sherlock read a book on how to do the best man speech, he naturally followed every suggestion, so he chooses some funny stories.  Sherlock goes on to talk about John’s blog (we all know how much Sherlock loves John’s blog) and mention a few their adventures by name.  One of which includes an actual elephant in the room.  Sherlock chooses to mention the story of the Bloody Guardsman, which is about a royal guard who is being stalked.  While the guard has told others, no one seems to really believe him.  Sherlock puts on one of the guards hats and sneaks in while John talks to the man in charge of the guards.

Sherlock - royal guard

While John is talking with him, another guard runs in telling them that the guy who they were investigating (Bainbridge) is dead.  John asks to examine the body but the head guard won’t let him because he thinks he is lying about being a doctor since John told him that he had been a soldier earlier.  John yells at him telling him that he had been a soldier and was a doctor.  By this time, they have brought in Sherlock who had been sneaking around.  The head guard thinks that Sherlock did it but Sherlock puts all that to rest.  Bainbridge had been killed in the shower and Sherlock is not at all wet.  Sherlock investigates the scene and John examines the body.  During John’s examination, we find out that Bainbridge is not dead, John asks his nurse (Sherlock) to put pressure on the wound.   Sherlock does a Q&A (its Sherlock) asking people if they can figure out what the best point of the story is.  Lestrade and Tom (Molly’s Fiancé) try to guess how it happened, but Sherlock being unSherlock says the best thing is how John saves lives.  While Sherlock can deduce the mystery, John is amazing because he can save lives.

Then Sherlock recounts the bachelor party which I would like to note was just John and Sherlock.  Sherlock decides that him and John should do a drink everywhere they found a body.  After talking with Molly, Sherlock decides to conduct an experiment about drinking by using 40 ml test tubes.

Sherlock's idea of proper drinking glasses

Sherlock’s idea of proper drinking glasses

After some drinking and John sneaking shots, we see John and Sherlock drunk, and somewhat sleeping on the stairs of the flat.  Mrs. Hudson comes in asking them what they are doing back so soon since they had only been out 2 hours.  Then Sherlock and John play a guessing game, they have to guess who the person or thing is stuck to their head.

Drunken John and Sherlock - hilarious

Drunken John and Sherlock – hilarious

During this time, a client comes in and during her story Sherlock and John fall asleep.  She tells them that she went on a date with a ghost.  Sherlock decides to take the case and they both go over to the crime scene still drunk.  Sherlock starts to investigate but he falls asleep while doing it and also throws up in the apt.  Lucky for both John and Sherlock Lestrade is able to get them out of jail the next day.

Sherlock becomes very intrigued by the case and deduces that the man is not dead but actually someone who uses the names and places of the recently deceased.  Sherlock questions some of the girls that had been on a date with this man (in his head by this point) but he cannot find a connection between them.  Until he remembers, that Tessa had used John’s full name when she had introduced himself and John to the superintendent.  It took years for Sherlock to learn John’s middle name and he had to find his birth certificate.  The only other female who knows John’s middle name is the amazing Irene Adler. Enter Irene Adler into Sherlock’s head as she reaches out to him he tells her no he is working he does not have time for her which suggest that Sherlock thinks about Irene at times.

Irene and Sherlock

Irene and Sherlock

Then Sherlock remembers that John’s middle name was printed on the wedding invitations.  That means Tessa saw the wedding invitation and that the killer is at the wedding and after someone at the wedding.

By this point Sherlock’s speech has gone all crazy because he is deducing the answer to the crime while trying to talk to everyone else so sometimes he slips and has to cover it.  Sherlock also realizes that the royal guard it connected, the killer used him as a run through of his plan by stabbing him through his belt, in by doing so the belt was the only thing keeping him from bleeding out.  How to figure out who would be the target well Sherlock had to figure out who you would want to kill at a wedding.

Sherlock tries to deduce who the target is

Sherlock tries to deduce who the target is

It would have to be someone who does not go out much and lives remotely – John’s friend James Sholto.  Sherlock gives him a message saying that he is the target.  John asks Sherlock to end his crazy long speech because they have a cake to cut.  Sherlock does and Sholto uses this time to leave the room.  Sherlock quickly explains to John what is going on and John gives Mary a kiss and runs off to help Sherlock.  They are on their way to Sholto’s room but Sherlock cannot remember which one it is but Mary shows up and tells them which one.  They all arrive outside the door but Sholto has locked it, he has his gun his lap.  Sholto won’t come out until Sherlock convinces him that they would not do this to John on his wedding day.  Sholto has John come in and help him out.

Sherlock then later on deduces that the photographer was the killer.  The photographer’s brother had been in Sholto’s platoon when it had been attacked and he had died.  Lestrade then arrests the photographer.

Sherlock and the maid of honor

Sherlock and the maid of honor

Sherlock is later dancing off to the side with the maid of honor because he wanted to practice for when they had to dance later.  Sherlock tells her that he actually loves to dance.  Sherlock plays the violin during John and Mary’s dance and after he is done he give them a small speech where he says three instead of two.

Sherlock - dancing

Later on, the dance floor he tells Mary that he knows that she is pregnant.  John is mad that he did not realize it since he is a doctor but Sherlock tells them that he is happy for them.  After seeing that everyone was happy and dancing at the wedding Sherlock puts on his coat and leaves with a smile on his face.

Sherlock - leaving

I have to say I enjoyed seeing John’s wedding, I would have much rather seen him get married in his uniform like they had him do in Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows.  I knew Sherlock’s speech was going to be interesting; I have to say they did not disappoint.  It started horribly awkward but it did have some amazing touching moments.  I do wish that his speech had not been pretty much the whole episode but they did do it in such a creative way that I don’t feel like I lost anything.  I am sad that all we saw of Irene Adler was a blip; she is my favorite character from the show.  I know that she is only in one story but I really wish I could see more of her.

She is my favorite character, naturally I had to put in another one

She is my favorite character, naturally I had to put in another one

I was kinda hoping that Sherlock visited her during his 2-year absence but that remains to be seen.  While he said wonders where she is, that could mean since the last time he saw which was either when he saved her or during the 2 year absence I am hoping for the later so we can see some flashback scenes.  I was happy to see everyone was at the wedding granted Mycroft did not attend but he had been invited.  I am wondering if the place we saw Sherlock talk to the girls was his mind palace, it would be really exciting if it was.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing Sherlock’s reaction to when John and Mary’s baby is born.  Everyone was trying to explain to him that things will change now that John and Mary are married.

Until next week when I recap the season finale,