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Arrow: Al Sah-Him Recap


Ok, I am going to try something new, mainly because I have a lot going on and it is not always easy to get to these recaps.  Let’s go over what has been happening on the show, Oliver has joined the League of Assassins basically to save Thea’s life.  Ok, Oliver is like the best big brother ever, if Thea ever said otherwise I would jump through the tv and smack her.

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C2E2 2015 Weekend


After waiting, C2E2 had finally arrived, I had been looking forward to seeing this since last year.  I got myself another 3 day pass, because well I was not going to miss out on anything.  


I spent most of the day checking out the show room floor since Friday had the least amount of people in attendance.  It was nice to check out many of the vendors and see what there was, which was a lot.  I really need to hit the lottery because I want everything. 

I stood in line with a friend who needed to get Jewel Staite’s (Kaylee from Firefly) autograph. While doing that I noticed that if a person’s line is empty than you can go up to them and say hi.  I spent the entire time standing there checking out David Ramsey’s (Diggle from Arrow) line because I wanted to go over and say hi.  Jewel Staite was very nice to my friend, but I think she might have had too much makeup on.  

I was ignoring most of my panel notices that were coming up on my phone, because I did not have a high need to see all of them.  I did make it to the Unmasking the Hero panel with David Ramsey, Jewel Staite, Eoin Macken (Merlin) and Raphael Sbarge (Jiminy Cricket – Once Upon a Time).  I will admit the only one I did not know from this panel was the guy from Merlin, but that is only because I have not watched it on Netflix yet.  


Well David Ramsey was hilarious, seriously I want to have drinks with this man, I might have tweeted that to him.  He got most of the questions, which I was fine with because he was the most entertaining.   Things I learned for Arrow, as of right now Diggle will not be Green Lantern, but it can’t be fully ruled out in the future.  Yes, the team will of course go after Oliver, because come on they are not going to leave him there.  Deathshot might not be dead because if you don’t see a body or in the case of Sara Lance you did see a body they could still be alive.  The events of this season, especially what Ra’s Al Ghul has done has a direct impact on next season.  He really was doing his best not to give anything away.  Also if you were not up to date on Arrow, boy were their spoilers.  

Jewel Staite was a bit upset that she was not getting many questions, but she did get the second most.  She does live in Vancouver, she would love the chance to have a role on Arrow.  We all need to hashtag #JewelStaiteforArrow or #JewelStaiteonArrow.  I would be cool with her on Arrow, Summer Glau was already on the show, so she has a connection.  

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket

This was an interesting panel, because it was almost talking about how important the sidekicks are to the story.  They do help out the heroes a lot, you know hero support but as we learned in Sky High they are heroes too, David Ramsey would agree.  Also there was a proposal during the panel, so that was cool.  

Most of Friday, I really spent walking around the show floor and hanging out with friends for a bit.  


I really should not have stayed out so late with my friends, but I did.  This caused me to get a late start, which was bad, the first thing I did when I got there was get in line for the Kick Ass Women of SHIELD because yea, I was seeing Agent Carter and Agent May.  Nothing was going to stop this from happening, how about the entire con trying to go to that panel, that stopped me.  I really should have left with my temp roommate for the weekend and seen Jason Momoa before hand because than I could have stayed  in the room.  I consoled myself with the fact that I can catch it on the live stream channel later.  As of current time, that panel is not on the twitch tv channel.  I guess I should have tried to watch the live stream on my phone while I was hiding by friends because I was unhappy I was not seeing that panel and because the floor was super crowded.  I think half of Chicago was at C2E2 on Saturday, this might explain why I couldn’t get into the panel.  Also I seem to have issues getting into panels on Saturdays, I didn’t do so well last year either, I must change this for next year.

I wondered the floor again with one of my friend and his friends, this had its amusements because he was dressed up as the Shufflebot from LMFAO and he played music.  It was really interesting to see how people reacted to him, a lot of dance parties happened.  


The last day of the con, I was on refusal to miss anymore panels that I wanted to see after Saturday’s fiasco.  Well since it was not as crowded I was able to get a good spot in line for Game of Throne: A Panel of Fire and Ice.  

This panel had Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) which is why I did not care if I missed him on Saturday because I was getting a second chance, it also had Finn Jones (Sir Loras Tyrell).  We really did not get any spoilers, Finn is the only one of them who is on the show, he was refusing to give anything away.  


Jason Momoa was hilarious, that was without his crazy hat that he was wearing because apparently that was his thing for the con, he wore a different crazy hat.  Apparently Khal Drogo is not happy that Dany is cheating on him, he really would like for her to stop that.  All of his loyalties are with her, he wants her to win and sit on the throne.  Also he gave us a great reason for why Khal Drogo had to die, because if he didn’t than the series would have been over in 2 books, because Khal Drogo would have killed everyone.  

I got to stay in the room, which was great because I got to move up a few rows so I could see Stan Lee.  I was upset that I did not make in time for his panel last year so I had to make up for this year.  As always he was amazing to see, it is Stan Lee, you can just tell how much he loves to be up there.  At the end of the day he really appreciates his career and the fans that he has.  Comic books were not the huge things that they are today back when he started. He honestly had no idea things would turn out like this.  


Now he does wish that he had some bigger roles in the movies and shows, that is something he is hoping for the future. He has a TV show called Stan Lee’s Lucky Man coming to the UK and then it will be coming out here next year. He did say that he needs to make a cameo on the second season of Agent Carter.  The last time I had checked it had not been renewed, so either he is hopeful or he just gave us some great news.  He says there will be a Big Hero Six 2, come on its Marvel and Disney how could that not happen.  I am happy that I was able to see Stan Lee, it was a great end to the con.  

After his panel, I wondered around the floor for the tail end of the show and picked a few last min things.  

I enjoyed my time, I do realize that I need to get to panels really early on Saturday, no getting there late. I do wish I had sat in a few more of the other panels, that is something that I did last year that I did not do this year.  I will make sure to do that again next year, because some of the comic book and other panels can be quite interesting.  I will admit, I was super social this year, I had social activities to do afterwards so that did cut into some of my time.  I think next year I will plan for that a bit better so I can see a few more panels.  Otherwise I was a good experience, Saturday is a good day to sit around or hide from the show floor because there is so many people there.  I know that is great for the con and I am happy that they are drawing in so many people, but its crowded, so maybe a bigger space next year?  

Until next con, which will be Wizard World Chicago in Aug.  


Arrow: Nanda Parbat Recap


Last time Oliver and Thea had to survive the island because Malcolm was hoping that Oliver would get his killer instinct back. Oliver handled things in the way that he always does, which is leave Slade Wilson to rot. Thea also learned the truth about who really killed Sara.

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Arrow: Canaries Recap


The important thing is that Oliver is back, he has decided to work with Malcolm, which made Felicity very unhappy to the point she does not want him to love her. Brickwell is out the pic and The Glades are back under police protection, Sin knows that the Canary is not Sara. Roy has the worst disguise because everyone knows he is the guy in the red hood.

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Arrow: Midnight City Recap



We finally got our answers about Oliver last week and we know what the team is doing in his absence, if you need a recap just check it out here, otherwise let’s see how Black Canary does.

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Arrow: Left Behind Recap


Arrow is back after a mini hiatus, I am sure the most important thing that people want to know is Oliver....Spoiler

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Fall Finale Review Part 2

Here is part 2 of the fall finale review as we take a look at some of the other shows on hiatus.

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Arrow: Guilty Recap


Last week we learned more about Felicity and her hacking/computer skills. We also go to meet her mom who is completely different then her.  Also a virus that Felicity created almost destroyed Starling City

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Arrow: The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak Recap


I will give my disclaimer, it is National Novel Writing Month so that means 50,000 words in one month.  Which is partially why the last 2 recaps have been missing. Also this will probably cause some recaps to be late and  shorter, but if the shorter thing is working for us all then it will probably continue.  Now onto Arrow, well a lot has been going on Thea is back, her father is also lurking around, Nyssa was very upset to find out Sara was dead, and Laurel is training with Ted Grant.

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First look at Black Canary on Arrow

Anyone who follows the comics knows that the main Black Canary was Dinah Laurel Lance, with the death of Sara earlier this season and with Laurel training with Ted Grant who does help train the Black Canary, I think we all knew where this was going. Here are the first images of Kate Cassidy as Black Canary

Left Behind Left Behind

Her outfit is a bit different from her sisters, Sara Lance’s Canary was a but more sexy and much closer to the look of the Black Canary as we know her.

Arrrow - Canary Black Canary

Laurel’s Black Canary outfit is much more tactical, it is sexy but in more of a Catwoman sexy then the bodysuit and fishnets that we are used to when it comes to Black Canary.  I am sure the fishnets are very impractical because they probably snag and rip on everything.  No word yet on the Canary Cry, unsure if Laurel will be using her sisters sonic device or if Laurel is somehow going to become a meta human.

What do you think of the Black Canary costume?  Are you looking forward to Laurel taking on the mantel that we all knew she would?

If you want to learn more about the amazing costumes of Black Canary check out Kizer’s blog Costume Dynamics: Black Canary.