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“The Emotional Spider-Man 2”

OR, “You’ll Believe a (Spider-)Man Can Cry!”

Spoilers Ensue. Please don’t give me crap if you read the article but didn’t want to be spoiled. Only read if you’ve seen the movie or give zero fucks.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Opened this past weekend to a strong, but hardly record-breaking, 92 million dollars. On Thursday, three of the TFP Fangirls went to go see it together, enthused for another Marvel movie, especially after the awesomeness that was “Captain America: the Winter Soldier.”

We walked out a bit… confused.

Spider-Man movies, including the Tobey Maguire films of yore, have always been entertaining, at least. Andrew Garfield’s second appearance as the Web Head was not different. In fact, his Peter Parker and Spidey gave some particularly entertaining one-liners, comebacks, and banter.

But he was also batshit crazy.

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Andrew Garfield and Batkid were set to perform at the Oscars









andrew garfield batkid

Batkid everyone’s favorite superhero from San Francisco was supposed to do a segment during the Oscars with Andrew Garfield but it as cut at the last minute.

The rumor going around is that Andrew Garfield was not happy with the segment.  That he did not want to perform it as it was written and that he kept changing the lines.

I will admit I have never heard a bad thing about Andrew Garfield in the news so I have a hard time believing this.  It has been since confirmed that Andrew did contribute to the script but he had nothing to with the segment being pulled.

Batkid’s mom had this to say:

“It is kind of a disappointment, but things happen. I know that’s how TV goes and how Hollywood is. We’re just not used to that; we’re from a really small town.”

Andrew was actually upset about the segment being cut, but not as much as Batkid was.  Andrew drove down to Batkid’s hotel to present him with a trip to Disneyland and Andrew even accompanied him to Disneyland.  Later on, they both did a mini Oscar ceremony in the hotel room, tuxes and all.

At least there is a happy ending for this story.

New Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer

amazing spiderman 2 poster


Sony has released a new three minute trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2 that they are calling Rise of Electro.

The movie will be hitting theater May 2, 2014, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHann, and Sally Field.

Does this make you even more excited for the movie?