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“Game of Thrones” Inspired Cocktails – Part 2!

Welcome back to our series of cocktails inspired by the truly massive universe of George R. R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones.” Let’s get right on into it:


It may be simple, but don’t underestimate this bastard! White and red colours dominate and mix in a cinnamony swirl we can all get down with. Just watch that shot glass in the middle. You might have to do something special with your tongue to make sure that it goes down right. gotdrink-thefury

Absinthe dominates in this lightly sweetened drink. Full-bodied and made with several other fairly neutral flavours, you won’t even realise when this drink creeps up on you. gotdrink-thekingslayer

The aromas of pear and almond make this sparkling drink shine like gold. Well, that and its colour. Delicate enough to be handled with one hand, the Kingslayer is like an autumn dessert tart in a glass. gotdrink-theknightswatchWhile on the lookout for wildlings and white walkers, you’ll want to keep caffeinated, but that doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice the creature comforts. This warm beverage is bittersweet as a night on the wall, and the toasted marshmallow will keep the midnight oil burning.


Bronn, Bronn, Bronn, you are a card. For lack of having any moonshine on-hand, we made his drink with the next best thing; tequila! Bane and best friend of woo-girls, “There’s No Cure for Cunt”‘s featured liquor gives you a party in your cup. Just don’t forget your tiny umbrellas!



“Game of Thrones” Inspired Cocktails – Part 1

In celebration (and preparation) for the premiere of the new season of “Game of Thrones” this Sunday, the Fangirls have been fervently working on a series of GoT-inspired tasty alcoholic beverages. There are dozens of drinks to choose from, so there will be several posts, but these first six are pretty darned delicious. Be sure to share and pin them if you like them or want to try them, and let us know how your adventures in alcoholism turn out in the comments! As always, drink responsibly, and now without further ado, the drinks:



Tasting like cherry pie a la mode, but packing quite the punch, the Little Finger shot is a perfectly clean drink reminiscent of the blood and dirt just beneath an immaculate surface. gotdrink-theredwedding

This drink has quite a kick, and a flavour that you’ll love, even as it’s sourness puckers your lips. With a marachino cherry at the bottom soaking up the booze, you’ll eel extra bad when you make the connection between that little cherry and an unborn fetus… But you’ll eat it and not quite care any more. gotdrink-therosesthorn

This drink is sparkling and subtly sweet, given a good body by the egg white, and a very refreshing flavour from the hint of lemon. gotdrink-thespider

In opposition to the Little Finger, the Spider is black and velvety, with a solid coffee flavour, and the subtle hint of butterscotch adds a nice surprise. gotdrink-whitewalker

This drink is massive, and frozen, and it will fuck you up, just like the White Walkers and their army. Featuring blackstrap rum and a slight cinnamon flavour from rumchata, this sno-cone/milkshake hybrid has a pale, curdled look, but it tastes perfectly smooth and creamy, but still isn’t too heavy. gotdrink-winteriscoming2I first heard of glogg after watching Disney’s “Frozen,” and was intrigued. As it turns out, this drink is delicious and it really is warming, being a mulled wine with spices and heated with fruit and cinnamon before drunk. Sort of like a warm, spiced sangria. And those slices of fruit are extra flavourful once you’ve finished your drink and they’ve soaked up the alcohol and spices.