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TWD S5E3 – “Four Walls and a Roof”

Hoo-boy. These cannibals are spry, man.

 Rick eye-fucks the camera better...

Rick eye-fucks the camera better…

Must be something they’re eating…

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Agents of SHIELD: Season Premiere Shadows Recap


Agents of Shield is back for another exciting season, if we all remember what happened last season. Garrett and Ward were Hydra agents, SHIELD was destroyed, Coulson was made Director, some alien DNA brought Coulson back, and Skye’s father is some red creature.

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Agent Carter TV Show is a possible go


It seems that the Agent Carter TV show is a possible go:

“Last year, the company went into Fort Knox mode on its Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot, which was kept under lock and key. They took that a notch further this year with Agent Carter. Because there is a prototype — the project is inspired by a one shot, which was featured on the Blu-ray release of Iron Man 3 — word has been that it would forgo a pilot and go straight to series. The script was finished more than three months ago (“the script is great,” ABC’s Paul Lee said back in January), the option on one-shot’s star Hayley Atwell came up and was extended, but the green light never came. Now there is talk that a pickup for Agent Carter may come along with a renewal for Marvel’s freshman Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., with the new series possibly serving as a bridge between the fall and spring portions of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Agent Carter would be a limited series of only 13 episodes, which is perfect for a winter hiatus. The ideal would be for Agent Carter to bridge the hiatus gap between the fall and spring seasons of Agents of SHIELD. In order for that Agent Carter to do that, Agents of SHIELD would have to be picked up for a second season, which has not happened yet. Yet be fair Agents of SHIELD is a Whedon show, it can have low ratings but it will have a fan base, one that will petition to bring the show back. ABC should just renew the show. Lets hope that Agents of SHIELD gets renewed so that we can find out more about the upcoming Agents Carter show.

What do you think, should Agents of SHIELD get renewed? Would you watch an Agent Carter TV Show?