What we would like to see on Series 9 of Doctor Who

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The new season of Doctor Who is here, these are the things that I would like to see after watching the first episode.

  • I want to know how he saves Clara and Missy, we know that Clara will be in the later episodes.
  • Since they went into the creation of the Daleks, I would like to see backgrounds to some of his other common foes.

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 30/03/2015 - Programme Name: Doctor Who   - TX: 30/03/2015 - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: DOCTOR WHO REVEAL MAISIE WILLIAMS AS GUEST STAR ***STRICTLY EMBARGOED UNTIL 13:00HRS MONDAY 30TH MARCH 2015*** Maisie Williams - (C) BBC - Photographer: Simon Ridgway

  • I want to know who Maise Williams is playing, because well its Arya, I think we all want to know more about her character.
  • Are we going to be seeing more of Missy? Is she going to be hanging around more?  Since I have not seen Old Who, I would like to know more about the Master and the Doctor, why they are so close.  It almost feels like a Professor X – Magneto thing.
  • I would not mind seeing some more historical figures, because it is always fun when they do those episodes.

The biggest questions I had for this season were:


Is Clara going to leave, well we have that answer, this is her last season.  The question is, is she leaving at the end or will she be leaving before then.  I will admit I am over Clara, so the sooner the better, but I know a lot of people love her.  I just don’t know what is left for her, it just feels like she is tagging along at this point.

River Song Christmas Special

The other one was when is River Song going to make an appearance, but that has been answered; Christmas Special.  I am so looking forward to seeing that episode it is not even funny. What can I say River Song is my favorite character.

I have to say this was the hardest show to come up with what I want to see this upcoming season because well they can do anything.  Right now my brain is not going all crazy, because only then could I come up with a bunch of things.  It’s Doctor Who, there are no limits.

What would you like to see happen on Doctor Who this season?

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