Midnighter #1 Review

This one is a really hard one for me review just because I am such a huge fan of Midnighter AND Apollo.  They are my favorite superhero/vigilante couple.  I’m going to try to write this review without bringing that up too much (that’s a lie, but I’ll try)… I’ll leave that to another post…it’s going to be a long and ranty one.

I honestly put off reading the comic for a few days to prepare myself.  I was still not prepared.  I’m very picky about my pairings, and that one was one that had never really been deviated from so I was very shocked to read that the writer was not going to have Midnighter and Apollo together, but once again, I’ll leave that to another post (still lying).

Aw! Who wouldn’t love that smile?

The opening scene takes place on a large ship, the God Garden, orbiting, I’m guessing, Earth, but don’t hold me to that. There is a lone elderly woman running about since her God Garden is under attack by a guy with a black mask on and sunglasses.


Some really weird dialogue happens, and I mean weird. I don’t really know if the woman, Gardener, can even hear what the guy is saying, she never responds to him, but they both have one sided conversations. You learn there are lots of weapons on this garden… thing.

Meanwhile, in Soviet Russia…

Gardener ends up floating in space since the mysterious bad dude has ‘hacked’ the Carrier Doors… I don’t know if the Carrier is in this universe, but that’s where I know it from in The Authority and I like it more than ‘Teleport Doors’. I’m hoping Apollo got so pissed he went to the dark side. I’m sure that’s not where this is going, but it wouldn’t be the first time Apollo went crazy and tried to kill everyone. Okay, that time he was infected with some crazy parasite set on destroying everything, but it was interesting.

I said interesting, not pretty.

The first time we actually see Midnighter, it’s his profile on Grindr, or something similar, and he’s on a date.  My main question is who the hell agreed to go on a date based on his profile? Yes, he thought it was a joke, but you didn’t check that out first? I think you’ve got a problem there.


For the fact that he’s supposed to be some badass, drenched in blood on the cover, I found this to be a weird introduction to him. I feel the majority of his time should be spent kicking ass, and I’m worried now that he’ll be spending more time finding different guys to sleep with… I’ll explain that theory more at the end.

I know he has a computer chip in his head, but before the portal even opens, he knows that there’s a fight about to break out. In the New 52 Stormwatch, he was given some minimal clairvoyant ability, but it’s one thing for the chip to give him ability to calculate every possible next move in a fight, it’s a completely different thing to give him psychic abilities.

My Spidey Senses are tingling!

Anyway what comes through the portal are a bunch of angry people with anger guns. No, seriously, their guns shoot rays that make people angry… I think? I don’t fully understand what they were threatening.

So… do I have just the end of your gun or this whole room?

Midnighter kicks some ass, mostly reflected in glasses. It’s a cool looking gimmick, but it’s weird to use it twice in one fight scene that’s only 5 pages long. I really liked the artwork for this one, though, there’s some great moves, although weird lines.

End scene!

No, really, I have no idea what happens with these guys, if the date continued, or what… I don’t know if he even tried to figure out who these attacking dudes were, or if he knew who they were in the first place, or even who they were after.  Nothing.  It seems like an odd coincidence that he was there on a date and suddenly this portal opens up with bad guys toting Wrath Rays, but was a date necessary to be there?

Skip to him at some bar. I think he went here right after that last fight, which is still weird, was he not there for dinner? It’s been a while, or a ‘minute’, since he’d been to the pub, but the bar tender asks if he wants his usual and about Apollo.  I told you, I lied, right? So, this is a place he frequents often, and they know about Apollo, it hasn’t been that long, but he was just on a date with some guy… I’m sorry, what? To make matters worse (for me, at least):

What mission!?!?

Is your solo mission to sleep with random guys? What the hell? You apparently have time to go on dates, what the hell are you doing?

After showing up some old guys at pool he’s shown on a second date with… um, I’ve forgotten his name… don’t know if it was even mentioned honestly:

Love the Midnighter Bag!

My thoughts are, if you’ve forgotten he’s gay, here’s a second date he has with that guy! Every scene he’s been in has been to reinforce the fact that he’s gay, not that he’s a superhero/vigilante, he’s gay.

Oh, I’m sorry, did you forget already?

I had the same issue with Batwoman, these random sex scenes. It doesn’t contribute to the plot, it’s just there for the sake of there being a sex scene.

The morning after he tags this guy with a GPS chip so dude can keep in contact with Midnighter, because despite the fact that he has a grindr (or the like) account, he apparently doesn’t have a phone.  Second Date Dude asks if he tagged his last guy, Apollo, with the same thing.  His answer doesn’t really make sense.

That wasn’t his question.

When the guy taps the gps he turns blue and the number 377 pops up around him. Number 377… I’m sorry, did you tag 377 people with the same thing? Did Midnighter have to sleep with them first before he tagged them?  Why did you have to tag him? You’ve been on two dates and now you want to always know where he is?

While I’m still reeling at what just happened and why, Midnighter gets a call from above. It’s Gardener!

Mama Midnighter!?!

She survived the attack and floating in space for a bit.  So this series is going to be about Midnighter figuring out his past? Or is this about the bad dude who took all of the crazy ass weapons that she was keeping on God Garden?

Just for comparison’s sake:

I also picked up one of my favorite titles: Batman Beyond #1 (very confusing since it’s a new series with the same name, but that’s another thing all together). You want to know what the first thing Batman did in it? Kick some punk kids’ asses who were trying to destroy Gotham City.  You want to know what didn’t come up? His sexuality. He doesn’t even have a love interest that I’m aware of so far. The entire issue is about introducing you to the situation that the new Batman (Tim Drake!!!! I’m so excited!) finds himself in.

While it’s an important part to his character, I felt that the fact that he’s gay was really pushed on the reader far too much, practically bashing it in our faces. I had the same issue with Batwoman.  I can’t really tell you what’s going on because the writer spent too much time reminding us that Midnighter is gay. To put it in perspective, he was on 17 pages of this comic.  Out of those 17, he was fighting in about 5 pages. That is less than 1/3 of his pages.  For the fact that the cover is a nicely blood splattered Midnighter, I’m a little disappointed.  Gardener was in 3 pages, and she’s fighting in all 3, one of those pages is fighting to live, but she’s still being way more kickass than Midnighter percentage wise.

I really want to like this, I really do, and there seem to be some interesting story in there… mostly in the first few pages and the last one. Hopefully the comic focuses more on Midnighter being a hero and not wasting time on grindr, because honestly it feels like filler to me. Yes, he’s supposed to also be human with feelings, but I honestly don’t really care that much if he’s not with Apollo.

I just want to point out that Midnighter was originally a family man with a husband and a daughter before New 52, neither of which really ever played too much into the story and that was fine, because what mattered to me was that he had that stability with Apollo and Jenny as well as went out and ripped spines out of bad guys sometimes as a family.

Until the next issue!

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