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I tried to write a recap about last weeks episode but I just couldn’t do it, that change was too much.  What happens to Sansa actually happens to another character one you are not very attached to.  It was harder hearing it happen to Sansa, I am really happy that they did not show that on camera.  This episode is much easier to do because well some really good things happen.

The Wall:

GOT - Gilly and Master Aemon

Jon heads off with Tormund and a few of the rangers to talk with the wildlings.  Master Aemon unfortunately does not make it through the episode but at least he dies of old age. It is probably really bad when that is an anomaly. Before that happens Master Aemon does he give Sam a warning.  

Now some of the men of the Nights Watch are not happy with Sam so they go after Gilly.  Well Sam does what he can to stand up against them but well it’s Sam.  Luck would be on Sam’s side because Ghost shows up to help him out, no one messes with Ghost. 

All of this causes Gilly and Sam to have sex, I am know we have all be waiting for this.  I am happy that put that in because I was going to be mad if they didn’t, the death and sex all happen on a boat in the books. I am curious to see if that part of Sam’s journey happens on the show since they are making some considerable changes this season.

The North:

GOT - Stannis and Melisandre

Stannis’s army is having a hard time dealing with the cold of The North, I don’t blame them if its something they have never experienced before.  Even though Sir Davos urges Stannis to head back to The Wall, Stannis refuses and wants to press on.  I swear Davos is the only one with any logic in his head besides Shireen in Stannis’s regime. Stannis is getting some logic by questioning Melisandre, because he is not sure if she is right.  Stannis is also trying to get some from Melisandre but that does not seem to be happening.  Well in order for Stannis to become the King, he needs to the blood of a royal, since Gentry was let go and they are not sure where any of Robert’s other bastards are they are a royal short.  Except that Shireen would count since she is of Stannis’s blood, but Stannis is not hearing that. Come on after what Stannis told his daughter about saving her life, there is no way he is going to let anything happen to her, 50 points to Stannis for this one.


GOT- Sansa and Ramsey

Poor Sansa is has to deal with Ramsey every night, I just can’t with that kid, we all thought Joffery was bad.  I knew Ramsey was worse, but seeing it on-screen, the changes that were made, it is horrible.  Sansa tries to plead with Theon to save her, he says that he will but he doesn’t.  He instead tells Ramsey, Ramsey then kills the old woman who wanted to help Sansa.  Ramsey acts all sweet and loving to Sansa during all of this, seriously Ramsey needs to die horribly.  Brianne is still watching, she is looking for sign to help Sansa.

Free Cities:

Sir Jorah is sold off to fight in the fighting pits, Tyrion fearing for his life away from Sir Jorah, he convinces the guy who brought Sir Jorah to buy him as well.

Dany is having hanging out in bed Daario after some sexy time, it is always when Daario decides that they should talk and give advice.  He thinks that Dany should kill all the masters in the city at the opening of the fighting pits.

GOT - Dany fighting pits

Well Dany is forced to watch the prep fighting pit games because it is tradition even though she doesn’t want to.  Well Sir Jorah realizes that she is there which causes him to run out and defeat all the men without killing them, he knows that Dany does not like killing people. She is happy to see someone who is not shedding blood but Dany is really unhappy to see Sir Jorah looking at her. She will never forgive him for what he did to her.  As Dany is having Sir Jorah about to be dragged away, Sir Jorah tells her that he brought her a gift, that is when Tyrion comes out after he was freed by I think the cook.  Tyrion introduces himself to Dany, she is shocked to have a Lannister.  I have no idea what is going to happen here because well Tyrion did not meet Dany in the books.  I am curious to see what happens because Tyrion had an interesting journey with Sir Jorah in the books.


GOT - Jaime and Myrcella

Myrcella comes in to see her uncle, she could care less about what he has to say about her not being safe and having to leave.  By this point she loves Tristan and wants to marry him and nothing is going to stop her.  Poor Jaime, he has no idea how to handle his kids because well he has never been able to be a father to them.

Bronn is singing in the jail with the sand snakes in the cell across from him.  Well Tyene wants to know how his cut is and also if she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  You know Bronn he is not going to say that she is, so he says he has seen others more beautiful.  Tyene starts to take off her clothes so Bronn can see what she has to offer, naturally he likes this. This is when the special poison that was on Tyene’s blade kicks in, which means that Bronn is going to die.  Great, I liked Bronn, I have no idea what is going to happen because well this was not in the books.  It seems that Tyene has the antidote on her necklace but she needs to hear that she is the most beautiful woman, so Bronn tells her.  She throws him the antidote, which he naturally takes.  This makes me happy because well I was scared there for a second.

Kings Landing:

Oh, my sweet little boy who thinks I am a great mother, you keep thinking I don't hate your wife.

Oh, my sweet little boy who thinks I am a great mother, you keep thinking I don’t hate your wife.

Well Tomman is starving himself because Margaery is imprisoned and he cannot do anything.  While that is a childish tactic at least he is showing that he cares for Margaery.  Cersei, being Cersei pretends that she cares what happens to Margaery and tells Tomman she will talk to the High Sparrow for Tomman. Seriously Tomman wake up and realize what your mother is, stop having her to all the talking for you.

Well Lady Olenna is not happy about her grandchildren being locked up and she goes to the High Sparrow.  She is very disappointed to find out that he is has no outside motivation.  While she is leaving Littlefinger summons her to his brothel, which is in ruins.  Lady Olenna wants to know why he is in the city and meeting with Cersei, she warns him not to cross her because well she can bring him down, they did kill a king together.  Littlefinger assures her, he is not on Cersei’s side and they has valuable information.

Cersei visits Margaery with a peace-offering of some food, Margaery is not having it.  This is probably the first time you don’t see Margaery play the game.  She is so pissed that Cersei is there, that Margaery tells off Cersei and tells her that she knows was behind this and to get out.

GOT - Cersei lead away

Cersei is all smug when she talks with the High Sparrow, she asks what will happen to Loras and Margaery, they will be given a trial before the septons. They could receive The Mothers mercy if they admit their sins.  The High Sparrow gives Cersei a history lesson, one about stripping yourself bare.  It seems that a young man came to them with sins, but he want to repent and be forgiven, when he admitted these sins it made him feel lighter.  I think we all know who this young man was, why it was Lancel who had so many things to say about Cersei.  When Cersei tries to leave she is forced into a cell, of course trying to use the Queen excuse that Margaery tried.  Seriously, Cersei you cannot throw out other people’s sins while having all the skeletons in your closet.

This was a good episode, there were some great things that happened in the books, like Sam and Gilly having sex and well Cersei getting locked up.  I am curious how far they are going to go with this because well it has a result that no one wants to miss.  While I am alright with deviations from the book because sometimes it is needed and I understand that, the deviations this season, I have no idea what it going to happen.  I am scared and excited for them.

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