Arrow: Al Sah-Him Recap


Ok, I am going to try something new, mainly because I have a lot going on and it is not always easy to get to these recaps.  Let’s go over what has been happening on the show, Oliver has joined the League of Assassins basically to save Thea’s life.  Ok, Oliver is like the best big brother ever, if Thea ever said otherwise I would jump through the tv and smack her.

While I enjoy Arrow, I really have been having a really hard time with the fact that they are basically turning him into Batman. It has been pretty obvious through most of the show, they were giving him more Batman elements by making him darker and grittier than he normally is in comics and cartoons.  This season bringing in Ra’s Al Ghul has just made it worse, we all know that Ra’s wants Batman to be his heir.


Let’s go over the episode more, the whole initiation into the league, with the hallucinogenic herb, seriously I almost had a heart attack when I thought he killed Diggle.  The whole shedding of ones old life for this new one.  The toll it takes on a person, wow, it is almost like they are a shell of who they use to be.

Ra’s, sending Oliver out to kill his own daughter, yes we get that Nyssa is a threat, but seriously, that is a bit much, that is your daughter. Oliver being the good little minion that he now is heads to Starling City to kill Nyssa.

I am liking the whole Nyssa-Laurel girlmance (is that even a word) that is going on.  I don’t think they are going to start dating like Sara and Nyssa did, but I do enjoy their bond.  I like how Laurel was completely against them sending Nyssa of to die.  This would have been easier to achieve had Oliver not kidnapped Lela.


Also the Canary Cry, I was wondering how they were going to make that happen.  I guess they are not going to turn Laurel into a metahuman, than the only way would have been through tech.

Also Thea, going to Malcolm because she had nowhere to turn says a lot. Thea really hates Malcolm, wow does this girl hate her father.  I do like that Malcolm has moments, basically where is he fighting who he became in the league and who he was before.  After learning what Oliver has to go through to become a member, I feel just a little bad for Malcolm.


The battle sequence in the episode was good and planting the guns on Felicity, because no one would ever suspect her.  I did enjoy the fight sequence, everyone played to their strengths, I really like Thea coming in a the end.  She really is the only person that Oliver cannot hurt, I am sure Felicity too, but Thea for sure.

Poor Felicity, she is having such a hard time with this and I don’t blame her, I would to.  How easy is it to move on if you think the other person is ok and living their life, but this is not Oliver.  While Oliver can go through this knowing that Felicity is living her life, she is having the hard time of knowing that Oliver is not the same person anymore.

I do appreciate how Felicity told Thea about Roy and where he is, so if Thea wants she can build a life with Roy.  I cannot tell you how happy I was when they got back together, so I would like for her to move on, she needs to.

Did he really just say that?

Did he really just say that?

Can we talk about Ra’s deciding that Nyssa did not have to die after all that, seriously was that a test?  Now Ra’s thinks that Nyssa and Oliver should get married.  Did anyone see their faces after he said that, shock and unhappiness were all that came to mind.  Neither one of them is happy about this choice.

Also the flashbacks, I am happy they have improved from the meaningless ones of season one, but this season, I could have done without some of them.  The only think I am liking is that I am going to finally find out what happened to the son, I have been wondering that all season.  Obviously Maseo and Tatsu are not together, naturally I was wondering about the kid.

It was an interesting episode, I am really hoping that Oliver is just playing along, because I just can’t if this is who he is now.  I am wondering how those two are going to get out of the wedding next episode.  I am really hoping that Thea goes to Roy, because they are so cute together. If Oliver has to destroy Starling City, well the team is going to knock some sense into him, I know it.  Some how, things are not going to go the way Ra’s thinks they are going to go.



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