Agents of SHIELD: The Dirty Half Dozen Recap



Lots has been happening on SHIELD, with Coulson on the run with Hunter and Fitz.  Simmons on the inside with May who seems to have gone over to the other side.  Bobbi questioning if Coulson really is a bad person.  Coulson recruiting Ward to help them get into Hydra.  Skye finding out more about her past from her parents and the kidnapping of her Inhuman friend Lincoln.  

AOS - Coulson and the tool box

Coulson is happy to be back on his bus, Coulson basically tells Gonzalez that Hydra has a base in the arctic circle where they are experimenting on special people.  Coulson offers to give Gonzalez, Fury’s tool box as long as Coulson is allowed to bring a team to get Mike Peterson out.  Not to mention Coulson reminds Gonzalez that he knows all about the object that he has on his cargo ship.  

A vote is taken where May is the deciding vote, she has to talk with Coulson first.  She wants to know about Theta protocol, but she is more upset that Coulson was seeing her ex husband behind her back.  It only had to do with this visions and he promises to apologize to her later.  

Bobbi is not happy with the fact that one of the reasons Gonazalez agreed to let this mission happen was because Coulson was going to use his own men thus saving all their agents.  

With the go ahead in place, Ward flies the plane down onto the bus.  Ok, a part of me is really beginning to think that Ward might actually have feeling for Kara.  Whatever they have going on is making people sick. 

No one is happy that Ward is on the plane, no one, May pretty much warns Ward that if he so much as puts a toe out of line he will be shot.  They put Kara in the medical bay because they want to make sure that she is alright.  Bobbi even pays Kara a visit letting her know that they have met a few times before and that she would be happy to answer any questions that she might have.  

Simmons and Fitz talk, during this talk Simmons basically says that she would like to kill Ward.  Than Simmons asks to go on the mission because they will need a doctor who is familiar with Mike Peterson.  

Now over at the Hydra base, Lincoln and Deathlok make friends, well as much as they can before they are gassed and experimented on.  They remove Deathlok’s eye, which means they can no longer see what is going on.  They still have Bakshi who is on the inside, I hope he is still on SHIELD’s side because he is doing a great job of convincing Hydra he is still one of them.  

AOS - Raina

Cal makes a huge scene when they get back to the Inhumans hiding place.  He lets it out of the bag who Skye’s parents are.  Skye is not happy that they are not going after Lincoln but they are worried that Gordon is being tracked.  It becomes official that Raina is having visions because she sees Gordon come back cut after he tried to rescue Lincoln.  Raina is the one to tell them that Skye has to go save Lincoln because she is the only one who can.  Jiaying eventually goes to see Cal after he has calmed down, she tells him that she should have told him what was happening and that he can stay there a bit longer.  She also wants to know what he can tell her about Raina.  Well, we all know that Raina can’t be trusted.


As the team is walking onto the bus, they hear a noise that makes May and everyone aim a gun at Ward thinking it is him.  It turns out to be Skye who is joining them for the mission.  Everyone is happy that Skye is there, but no one is happy that Ward is there.  Ward decides to address the “elephant” in the room, he apologizes for what he did and how he is sorry that he broke up the family.  Well no one really seems to care what he said and Couslon pretty much reminds Ward not to talk.  

The team knows that Hydra will be able to detect the plane, so May does her best to make it look like the plane was hit as she brings it down.  The team infiltrates the base with the help of Bakshi who is completely under Wards control.  

Ward, Skye, Bakshi, and Simmons find Deathlok who is missing an eye and leg.  While Ward is looking for a stretcher Simmons goes to attach a disintegrating bomb on Ward but Bakshi jumps in the way.  Ward is rather disappointed in Simmons as he leaves her to deal with what she just tried to do and how she has changed.  Seriously, Simmons has changed and not all of it has been for good, she wants to kill everyone.  

AOS - Skye saves Lincoln

Skye finds Lincoln who has flat lined but she is able to bring him with the use of her quake powers on his heart. Simmons helps Skye get Lincoln out of the room.  

Fitzs, Coulson, and May are in the disabling the missiles, once that is done SHIELD can come in to level the base.  Coulson is copying files from the computer, which is part of secret mission, I am guessing “The Real SHIELD” has gotten to May because she is not happy with this secret.  

AOS - Ward - forgiveness

Back at the base, Kara learns that Ward did not come back with them and Simmons tells everyone that Bakshi did not make it.  Ward calls Coulson to let him know while he is too far gone and can never be forgiven, Kara isn’t, she needs help that he has not been able to give her.  Coulson agrees to help Kara in whatever way that he can.  I guess Ward does still have a bit of heart even if it is 5 sizes to small.  

Bobbi is not happy to learned the Gonzalez agreed to the mission so that they can get enhanced people on the base.  Even though they will not have Deathlok on the base for long since they are sending him out to get a new leg.  Coulson holds up his end of the bargain and gives them Fury’s took box, he tells them they can hold onto it until Fury comes for it – spoiler.  

Back the Inhuman place, Jiaying has a talk with Raina how she can no long just tell anyone what she sees, everything has to go through Jiaying first.  Jiaying does not like how Raina was able to convince Skye to run off and save Lincoln.  Raina basically tells Jiaying that there might need to be some new blood running the place soon.  That is all before Raina has a vision, where she sees men of metal tearing the world apart.  

AOS - chat with Agent HillCoulson has a talk with Agent Hill, knows about the Theta protocol.  The reason that Coulson took those files is because he has been looking for Loki’s Scepter, that Hydra has.  It seems that the scepter is in Sokovia, which means it is time to use Theta protocol and bring in the Avengers.  

This was an interesting episode, I guess Raina really does have the gift of sight.  I was more so curious how they were going to tie into Avengers, I did find that part to be a bit weak.  Aside of mentioning the twins and that they need to call in the Avengers, that was it.  I have to say this whole two storyline thing has been kind of annoying.  It was one think when everyone was after the same thing, but now there is a Hydra storyline and an Inhumans storyline, we can count the SHIELD one was well making it 3.  I know they have to still do Hydra to keep the tie ins to the movies, but the Inhuman one came a few years before that movie.  I think they had to do that because we would have gotten annoyed with not knowing what Skye was.  I am interested to see what the show focuses on now that the tie in for the movie has been done.  

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