The Flash: The Trap Recap


Last week, well the team found the dead body of Harrison Wells and Cisco, Caitlin and Barry found the hidden room.  

The Trap

The episode starts exactly where the last one left off, with Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry in the secret room.  They are looking at the newspaper article, they are shocked by what is says, Caitlin is having a hard time believing the date, Cisco is checking out the costume change, and Barry has no idea what to do about the fact it was written by Iris West-Allen.  While they are in the room they ask as question that Gideon answers.  It seems that she knows who Barry is and is happy to answer all of his questions, which includes telling Barry that Wells wants to kill him.  We also learn that Barry created Gideon so she will do anything that he says which includes kept the visit from Wells.  They manage to get out of there before Wells shows up, he makes sure everything is good with Gideon, who says it is.  I really have a feeling that Wells did not believe Gideon.  

Papa Joe was not happy to hear that they had gone into Wells secret room because well Wells could have found them.  Barry also realizes that Cisco’s visions might actually be memories from when he ran back in time and changed time.  The answers that they are seeking might actually be inside Cisco’s head.  

The Flash - The Team works on Dream Goggles

At the lab, the team tries to create dream goggles, when Wells walks in, but they come up with a cover story.  It works, because Wells gives them the missing information that they need to create the dream goggles.

Over at Barry’s lab they put the goggles on Cisco where they make him go through the dream/memory. The goggles work because Cisco is able to tell them pretty much everything from the memory, which includes Wells faking the image of the Reverse Flash in the machine and that he killed Barry’s mom. Wells calls during this time because there is a fire downtown, Barry heads down there, but the sprinklers are not working.  With the help of Wells, Barry is able to rotate his arms and put out the fire.  

The Trap

Now the team has to devise a plan to get Wells to confess to the murder of Nora Allen.  Caitlin tells Wells that Cisco figured out what happened the night they caught the Reverse Flash.  Well naturally Wells goes down there and confronts Cisco the same way it happened in the past.  Cisco was waiting for him, so he hides in the machine, because he set it up to block out speedsters, as well all learned when Barry bounced off it.  Wells is able to walk through the force field, this causes Papa Joe to shoot Wells.  Barry tries to save Wells because he needs him to confess but the force field stops him before he can stop the last bullet.  

Wells calls them, wait a minute, it seems that Wells sent down the shapeshifter to pretend to be him.  Barry tries to get Wells to confess but he won’t, Barry wants to fight Wells but Wells tells him that they will fight again soon.  

The team finds all the videos that Wells has of all of them, which shows them that Wells knew what was going on the whole time.  Now Barry is worried about Iris because who else would Wells go after.

While Eddie is talking with Iris, the Reverse Flash grabs him while The Flash grabs Iris.  The Flash promises Iris that he will get Eddie back, when he pulls his hand away, Isis feels an electric shock that makes her realize that Barry is The Flash.  

The Reverse Flash brings Eddie to somewhere safe, Eddie lets him know that he knows who he is.  It is at that point that Wells tells Eddie his real name, of course Eddie wants to know why he has his last name.  Wells admits that they are related, which is why he didn’t hurt or kill Eddie because well he needs him to live.  

Side Stories: 

The Flash- Barry in the hospital

Both Papa Joe and Iris were having flashes about the time that Barry was in the hospital after he was struck by lighting.  Wells came up to Papa Joe saying that he could save Barry, even then Joe did not trust him but he wanted to save Barry.  Iris while she was visiting with Barry noticed that he gave her a shock from his hand.  Which is how she realized at the end of the episode that The Flash was Barry.

There is also a flash of Wells helping Barry while he is in the coma, as much as Wells wants to kill Barry he knows that he has to train him.  If Barry does not learn how to time travel then there will be no way for Wells to back to the future.   

Eddie wants to marry Iris, he does the right thing by asking Papa Joe but Papa Joe well he says No.  It seems that Papa Joe didn’t want Iris to regret her decision down the road when she realizes that she married the wrong guy.  Eddie wanted Barry’s help convincing Papa Joe that he should marry Iris, yea Barry might be the wrong person for that.  Also did anyone else notice the color of that ring box, it almost look Tiffany blue, I am sure it wasn’t but I think they were trying to say he went to Tiffanys.  

This was an interesting episode that gave some interesting information.  I am curious to see how Iris knowing is going to change things.  The last time she found out, she confessed that she loved Barry, will that happen this time?  Also will she hide the fact that she knows?  She was onto the idea of the particle accelerator causing metahumans, now Barry’s whole line about him not being one is wrong.  

Let’s see how the team deals with meeting Grodd.  

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