Gotham: The Anvil or the Hammer Recap


Well Gotham is almost coming to an end for this season, did anyone else get excited when The Ogre set his sights on Barbara, I am sure we are all hoping that she dies.  Someone else needs to marry Jim and give birth to Batgirl. How cute were Bruce and Selina at the event, they were so adorable, especially when they were dancing, it was a perfect start to their future relationship. Nygma goes crazy and kills the cop that was hurting Ms. Kringle.

Gotham - Barbara and The Ogre 2

Barbara comes out of The Ogre’s bedroom, like all the rest of the women she tries to leave but we all know that is not allowed.  After holding Barbara in the you are going to die room, was anyone else hoping she would die in this scene.  Well The Ogre lets her down, he tells her that he will not hurt her unless she says Jim’s name.  He also shows her the suitcase of women that he has killed, this makes Barbara faint.  I am not sure what I would have done in that scene as much as I would have thought I need to kill this guy somehow I don’t think it would work.

Lee is trying to convince Gordon that it is not his fault because he choose to protect her over Barbara, there was really no way they would know that The Ogre would go after her.  It is pretty obvious that Gordon is with Lee now. Bullock being the great partner that he is, knows how to distract Gordon by bringing in a someone for them to question.

Now this street guy really has no idea what he is dealing with, he basically tells them that he will give them information for a price. Look buddy Gordon is not in the best of moods right now, his ex fiance’s life is hanging in the balance so you better tell him what he wants to know.  Gordon tell Bullock that he is about to break department policy, which Bullock is all right with as he goes outside for a donut.  Well it helps, because it gives them the name Foxglove Club.

Gordon knows the only way that he will gain entry to this club is with The Penguin’s help.  The Penguin almost doesn’t want to want to give Gordon access to the club but a gun to the head can change a guy’s mind. Not to mention that Gordon tells The Penguin he will owe him a really big favor.

Gotham - Gordon and Bullock

Bullock is the one who is sent into the club, I have to say Bullock trying to look all suave and wealthy was interesting but he didn’t do a bad job. It is obvious this is a specialized sex club, lots of fetishes, apparently bestiality is going to far for Bullock who than breaks his cover.

While talking with the owner she is able to lead them to a girl who was badly scarred by The Ogre.  She is able to tell them where to find he lives.

While all of this is going on Barbara wakes up, The Ogre tells her that she will always be safe with him and that he loves her.  To prove his love, he will kill anyone that she picks. Now Barbara being a somewhat sane person has a hard time doing this until The Ogre pretty much say well then you die.

By the time Gordon and Bullock arrive at the apt, The Ogre and Barbara are already gone.  The Ogre gives Gordon a call because the silent alarm was tripped so he knows someone is there.  During the phone call combined with Gordon and Bullock’s detective skills they are able to figure out that they are on their way to Barbara’s parents house.

Gotham - Barbara and the Ogre

Well Bullock and Gordon get there, Barbara’s parents are already dead, Barbara walks into the room with a bit of blood on her wondering why Gordon is there.  The Ogre pushes Bullock down the stairs and head into the room to do battle with Gordon.  Barbara stands there watching this fight happening with a child like stare, was it just me or had Barbara completely lost it by they point.  The Ogre grabs Barbara, pretty much says I will kill her, Barbara pleads for Gordon to leave them alone.  Bullock comes up from behind and gets The Ogre’s attention which gives Gordon the chance to shot The Ogre.  While The Ogre is falling he does give Barbara a slight slit on her throat that Gordon holds a towel to.

Lee tell Gordon that she was worried about him and was being selfish, but Gordon assures her that he only loves her.

Side Stories:

Gotham - Nygma

Nygma, he killed a guy last episode, so what does he do, he brings the body parts into work, because if there is no body then no crime. He does work in the forensics lab at a police station if there was ever a place to get rid of a body that would be it.  Ms. Kringle is a bit worried about her jerk bf, but Nygma can’t deal with issue at the moment while he is trying to dispose of her jerk bf’s body.  Ms. Kringle gets a letter from the jerk saying that he left her, but we all know it was Nygma who sent the letter.

The Penguin is getting ready to kill Maroni, he has the perfect plan in place.  Tommy Bones has been released from prison and Maroni always has a party for his people when they get out of prison at Lydia’s.  The Penguin had Butch hide a bunch of guns around the bar so when his Irish hitman went in he would be able to kill Maroni.  Well the hitman goes in with a gift from “Falcone” and when he goes to kill Maroni, the trigger jams. Well we all know this means bye-bye to the hitman and his people.

Gotham - The Penguin

Butch is telling Penguin to get out-of-town but Penguin doesn’t want to because he would miss all the fun.  It seems that The Penguin messed with the guns to that they wouldn’t fire.  He had been hoping for a full-out gang war, he got his wish. Maroni sent the hitman’s head back to Falcone in a box.  Then Maroni and his men started to hit some of Falcone’s people and buildings.  Right not it is speculated that they killed Zasaz but I don’t think that happened, it was probably just someone who looked similar. It has been said that the show does not have to follow the comics, so maybe they did.  Now the GCPD is on alert and all vacation days have been revoked because they are in a gang war.

Gotham - Bruce breaking into the safe

Bruce; well Selina sends him a copy of the key that she had imprinted for him.  Bruce decides that he needs to go on a tour of Wayne Enterprise since it is his company, while he is there he pulls the fire alarm and sneaks into Bunderslaw’s office.  Well Bruce goes for the safe but it is empty, apparently Bunderslaw had been anticipating Bruce coming in.  It seems that Bunderslaw felt Selina take his key or he knew that Bruce brought a thief with him to the party or he just knew Bruce was on to him.  Bunderslaw tells Bruce that his father and grandfather knew of the illegal activities and just accepted that they help increase profits.

Lucius Fox comes in, I am so happy to see him, he takes Bruce out of the office because Alfred is looking for him. Lucius tells Bruce that his father was a good man and not the person that everyone thought he was.  The line that Lucius gives Bruce about his father having stoic face and keeping his best self hidden well we all know that will be Bruce Wayne/Batman one day.

Bruce comes clean with Alfred telling him that Selina pushed Reggie and they made a copy of Bunderslaw’s safe key. Bruce also tells Alfred that he broke into Bunderslaw’s office and what Bunderslaw said to him, Alfred assures Bruce that his father was a good man.

Well how was that for a second to last episode, Gordon took down The Ogre just like he promised.  Also who else was sad that Barbara was not killed, seriously they need to do something with her character if she is supposed to stay on the show, as of right now no one likes her.  I loved Bruce confessing everything to Alfred because Alfred pretty much already knew or had suspicions.  I am curious what they are going to find behind the fireplace in the next episode, I feel like the Batcave would be too obvious.  As long as there is no super computer down there already, I could probably deal with finding the Batcave in season 1.

Until the season finale.

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