Sleepy Hollow: Tempus Fugit Recap

Sleepy Hollow Last episode was rather crazy, Henry was trying to make a coven of witches with the help of his mother. Katrina in her happiness that Henry was alive turned her back on everyone. Team Witness was not having it and Henry was killed, which made Katrina go batshit crazy, she heads into the past to kill Ichabod and change history. Henry dyeing released the hold on Irving so he is back, which is awesome. Now we are in the 1700’s with Ichabod on the front lines, where he is called from duty because Abbie will only talk to him.

SH - Abbie in jail

Poor Abbie is in jail because well they think that she is a runaway slave, unfortunately in that time smart ass sassy Abbie is not allowed. Ichabod visits Abbie, who tries to tell him that she has important information about the war. I will admit she sounds a bit crazy, I really don’t blame Ichabod for not believing her at first. When Abbie is able to tell him that the note he just got is about a the Headless Horseman well that helps Ichabod believe her.

Katrina runs into the wounded tent looking for Ichabod who has not been wounded. Abbie stopped Ichabod from dying so that changed everything, well one of the wounded tells Katrina that Ichabod was pulled away by an Abbie Mills. Now Katrina knows that Abbie there and will be helping Ichabod.

Now the Horseman with still a head on is looking for Ichabod who was not at the battlefield. Cray cray Katrina shows up letting the Horseman know that she knows it is Abraham and that she too is looking for Ichabod to kill him since he wronged her as well. The Horseman gives allegiance to her when he realizes that she is a witch.

Ichabod and Abbie arrive at the battlefield where they see the carnage but also where Ichabod gets into trouble for leaving his post. Having to talk to Abbie was not a good reason, Ichabod’s commanding officer does not like him. It seems that Ichabod is only there because of his friendship to George Washington. Ichabod asks to be the one to talk Abbie back to jail.

While in the carriage Ichabod gives Abbie a chance to convince him of what she is talking about. He really has a hard time believing that she is from the future. When Abbie mentions talking with Ben Franklin well Ichabod decided that they can make a stop over there. This episode is really paralleling the first one, I really feel like they did that on purpose.

At Ben Franklin’s house, Franklin is happy to see Abbie because of course he knows all about the witnesses. Franklin is also happy to see that everything they are working for has been achieved the future. Franklin is smart and knows there is a reason that Abbie won’t say the name of the witch who is helping the Horseman. Franklin sends Ichabod upstairs so that he can talk with Abbie, she tells him that it is Katrina. Franklin realizes that Grace Dixon can help send Abbie back so they need to head over there. Before they can do that the Horseman shows up, because with a head he can run around in the day light.

Well the Horseman kills Ben Franklin, well that is going to mess up history completely.

Ichabod brings Abbie back to jail where she finally tells him that the witch is his wife and that Katrina is pregnant. Ichabod definitely does not believe Abbie now, but Abbie tells him to check her phone, which contains the selfie of them. Ichabod is in trouble because well he did not follow orders and Franklin is dead.

Ichabod goes home where he notices herbs for pregnancy on the table:

Also was it just me or did Katrina seem pretty cray in the scene?

Ichabod heads back to the jail where he finds Abbie’s phone, well I cannot tell you how disappointed they do not have a video clip of this. This is 1781 Ichabod trying to unlock an iPhone was the funniest thing, him sliding the phone because it said slide to unlock. Him jumping back from the phone when it lit up because he has never seen such a thing. Well Ichabod finds the video of the selfie, which proves that Abbie has been telling the truth this whole time.

SH - Abbie and Grace Dixon

While Ichabod is doing that, Abbie is trying to find a way to escape from the jail. When one of the guys comes in to rough up Abbie, well they were not prepared for a woman who can defend herself. When Ichabod gets to her, she has already taken out the guy.

Ichabod and Abbie head over to Grace Dixon’s place, Abbie is starstruck about meeting her. It is there that Grace realizes that Abbie is the witness and one her descendents. Grace begins the spell to send Abbie back, which will send her back to right before the spell was cast.

SH - Crazy Katrina

Unfortunately, in doing that it will also weaken the enchantments around house, which means the Horseman and Katrina can get through. Of course those two show up to join the party, because well killing Ichabod is such a thing. Ichabod goes out there, to stop them but not before Abbie gives him a hug, which he was not expecting. Honestly this is one of the few scenes where it really looked like Abbie had feelings for Ichabod, normally she is good about not showing them, but knowing that he would die, she showed them. Ichabod battles the Horseman again and the Horseman is about to behead Ichabod, but Grace got the spell to work.

SH - Team Witness

This caused everything that was supposed to happen to happen, which lead to a very unhappy Katrina because her plan was ruined. Now back in the future time, Katrina is trying to kill Abbie because she stopped her plan and she is the one who shot Henry. Well Ichabod really has no choice but to make the choice, as he fights with Katrina he stabs her. What? Now Katrina is dead and she disintegrates like Henry had. While I was not a Katrina fan, I was not expecting them to have Ichabod kill her or for her to die so soon. Now, Ichabod has lost both his son and wife really within a matter of minutes, so this is really hard on him. Jenny comes in with Irving, who is back to normal. Abbie helps Ichabod realize that he did the right thing and that he has a family with them now. Thanks to Grace’s advice Abbie knows that there is more coming that she will write about in the book. Abbie knows from Franklin that they have not meet everyone who knows about them yet.

Great way to end the season by killing off two main characters, although it is Sleepy Hollow and the battle is not done, so I doubt this is the last we will be seeing of these two. Well unless they are going to route of Cho, who I thought would have made an appearance the gate of purgatory opened. Here is a thought, Grace obviously practiced magic, so she was basically a witch. Wouldn’t that mean then the bell sounded shouldn’t it have awoken the magically powers of Abbie and Jenny since they have proven they can do spells from the journal and finish spells that Katrina can start. I dunno them letting that bell sound last episode might not have been such a bad thing. The fate of Sleepy Hollow is up in the air, I think that is only because it is such an under rated show. I am really hoping that they will get renewed again for another season, because it really is a great show. If it does get renewed it will be interesting to see what happens next season because they need a new big bad, well actually they have one, the Horsemen. I don’t see Death taking it very well that Katrina is dead and that Ichabod killed her. They really need to have a third season just for that because remember the demons are looking for a new master, The Horseman of Death.


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