Agent Carter: Valediction Recap


Last episode well Leviathan managed to steal some Stark tech with the aid of hypnosis and kill a few of the agents.

The episode starts with Dottie and psych doctors listening to the horrible Captain America radio show, I was really happy not having to listen to this, why did they make it come back.

SSR team finds the aftermath of the gas leak at the theater. It is an ugly picture, Sousa, oh poor Sousa gets some of the gas sprayed in his face. Will we all know what happens to those who get sprayed with the gas, Sousa punched Peggy and attacked Thompson.

Now they have Sousa tied up because well he is dangerous, but the gas seems to have worn off and just left him with a sore throat. Stark shows up with Jarvis because he wants to help. After Stark goes running through his tech they have complaining how they are handling his stuff. Stark wants the bullet proof vest that he created because he is going to be bait, he knows that they want him.

Agent Carter - Howard press confrence

The SSR holds a press conference where Leviathan takes the bait, but not in the way that the SSR thought they would. They did not try to kill Stark, they wanted to kidnap him.

Obviously they are planning on escaping, that would be hard since the SSR would have closed all the airports. It seems that Stark has another hanger with cars and planes that the SSR does not know about.

At the hanger, Stark cannot remember who Dottie was, he does not remember being with her. The doctor uses his hypnosis to have Stark deal with his greatest regret. Stark’s greatest regret is none other than not being able to save Captain America. Now they have Stark on a mission to find Captain America, when in reality he is flying a plane with the gas toxin over New York, ready to deploy it.

It seems that the Doctor does not like Stark because that gas had something to do with the Battle of Final. Someone took the trial of that toxin and let it off, but it was not finished or ready to go. That toxin caused a bloodbath, the Doctor was there for it, he survived because he had on a gas mask.

The SSR team gets there just as Stark is taking off in plane. Jarvis is the only one who knows how to fly a plane, if Peggy cannot stop Stark then Jarvis will have to shoot him down.

Peggy finds Dottie and the Doctor, where she manages to stop them but not before the Doctor gets away. There is a great fight scene between Dottie and Peggy:

Sousa and Thompson are hunting the Doctor, who manages to get the drop on Thompson. When Sousa comes in the Doctor tries to use his technique to get Sousa to shoot Thompson. Sousa showing how smart we really know that he is by wearing earplugs to that he cannot be affected.

Jarvis is right on Stark’s tail, he is has a very limited window to take him down. Peggy is trying to stop Stark, this has to be so hard for her because Stark is talking about how he found Steve and is going to bring him home. Eventually Peggy is able to snap Stark out of his haze, but she has to let go of Captain America to do so.

Peggy then realizes that Dottie managed to get away, so we should be seeing her again. They put a gag in the Doctor’s mouth so that he cannot talk.

Peggy gets recognized for their good work, but really its Thompson who gets all the credit.

Sousa asks Peggy out, but she turns him down but she smiles, so I really think she means next time. I am really hoping that he is the one she marries, because he would be so great to her.

Stark tries to make up for everything that happens, he puts Peggy and Angie up in one of his nicer apts. Angie is beyond excited, I really do not blame her. Stark destroyed all of his inventions because the world is not ready for them. Jarvis gives Peggy the vital of Steve’s blood, it seems that Stark thought he had lost that, but Jarvis thinks that Peggy is the one who should have it.

Peggy with a tearful good-bye dumps Steve’s blood into the river.

As for the Doctor, well he is gagged still but he is put in a prison cell with Zola. I think we know Hydra gets their compliance technique.

This was a good ending, because well it gave us a slight SHIELD link with how they got the compliance technique.  I also like how Peggy finally gets recognized for all the work she has done.  It now makes sense how her and Stark will be the ones to start SHIELD.  Also I am still holding out hope that Peggy is going to marry Sousa, that smile at the end, it seems like she might like him.  Also I do hope that we see another season of Agent Carter, I would like to see the founding of SHIELD officially.  Overall I liked Agent Carter, it was a good show, I know some people did not but I was able to remember the era it was set in, which meant that sexism would be a thing.  That is what helped make the show, the fact that they all under estimated her because she was a woman, yet she was the toughest of them all.  I think the most important part for me was how Peggy was able to prove to everyone that she was just as good as any of them.  She did it by figuring out the plan when none of them could and by putting a few agents in the hospital and punching out Thompson.

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