Gotham: Red Hood Recap


Last episode we got to meet the possible Joker, even though they will not confirm that is the Joker. It is possible, since he did have some Joker like moments and even channeled Heath Ledger there a few times. Also Barbara apparently does not find it odd that there are two little girls living in her apt, while she was not there.

Gotham - Red hood - 1

This weeks starts off with a gang robbing a bank, but one of the guys puts on a red hood. Now the red hood seems to give him powers, because he is able to not get hit by 6 bullets, but also makes him very comical and outgoing. In the process of trying to escape the guy in the hood throws money to the people, which makes it harder for the cops to catch the gang. Now there is a lot of psychology that goes into the whole change in personality when someone wears a mask. There could a be a lot of reasons for the change, but let’s stick to the what the gang believes and that the hood brings magical abilities.

When Gordon and Bullock go to visit the bank they realize that the gang had been there a few weeks ago where they set off a smoke bomb in order to learn the response time of the cops. While looking at the security footage, Gordon is able to figure out where they are hiding out because the one guy was still wearing his work shirt. Have criminals learned nothing, never wear anything that can give away who you are.

At the hideout, they are talking about what had happened, it seems whoever wears the hood should be the leader of the group. This causes Destro to shoot the first guy who wore the hood, now it looks like Destro will be the one wearing the hood. When Gordon and Bullock get to the hideout all they find is the dead guy. During the next robbery, Destro puts on the hood, he has a such a hard time of getting on a table so he can talk with the people. The people in the bank convince him to throw them some money, because that is what the red hood is supposed to do, he is supposed to be like Robin Hood.

Now a witness comes forth after the second robbery because he happen to see the face of the guy under the red hood. He is also mad because he did not get any of the money that they threw out to the people. Well the witness is able to identify Destro as the guy who wearing the hood. Gordon has the brilliant idea of letting Destro go because then he will lead them to the rest of the gang and the money.

Gotham - Red hood

They follow Destro as he head on home, when Destro get into his apt, one of the other members of the gang is there. This one wants to wear the mask otherwise his girlfriend will leave him. Well this guy shoots Destro and takes the mask from him, when Gordon and Bullock make it into the apt, they find Destro already shot. They learn that the only reason he has been doing this is because 3 banks denied him a loan so that he can build a bakery. He has been hitting the banks to get the money to open a bakery. Since 2 of the banks have already been hit, well the cops know the last bank they will be hitting.

The gang is leaving the last bank when the cops show up, it seems that hood is good luck because everyone else is getting hit but the guy in the hood. The hood is lucky only so far, because when the hood tries to fire at the cops he is killed. The cops clean up the scene and leave the hood on the floor. Some young teenager sees the hood and puts it on.

Side Stories:

Gotham - Fish

Fish, met with one of the guys, who is not the manager, she tells him that no more people will be taken until the Doctor gets back. Based on the name, it seems the Doctor is none other than the doll maker himself, which would explain them taking random parts. After they try to bribe Fish by giving her a shower and some new clothes, they then tell her that she will be giving her eyes. Well Fish is not having that, she takes a spoon and gouges out one her eye and steps on it. Well she is not going to be following their rules.

Over in Penguin land, Butch seems back to his normal self, thank goodness, because I was not feeling puppet Butch. It seems that Penguin is out of alcohol, well his business has limited patrons as it is, so that can’t be good. Maroni owns the liquor on that side of town and Maroni doesn’t like Penguin. Penguin goes to have some people get him liquor but the cops show up. Then Butch shows up, it seems that the cops are on his pay roll and he figured that was an easier way of getting the liquor. Zasaz did something to Butch because his hand shakes when Fish is mentioned and he thinks about her. That could also be a sign that the real Butch is still in there, if Fish comes back well he might come to her aid eventually.

Over at the annoying one’s, she has decided to let Selina and Ivy stay there, that is probably one of the few good things that she has done.

Young Selina is not having it and she tells Barbara, yea what good has it done her, ouch. Also it should be noted that not only did Selina not want Barbara touching her but she also kept looking at the glass of alcohol. That would make sense because in lore, Selina had an alcoholic father, so she might be very wary of anyone who drinks.

Gotham - Alfred and Reggie

At Wayne Manor an old war friend of Alfred’s come by and Bruce allows him to stay a few days. Alfred is not happy with Reggie being there, because Reggie is showing Bruce how to fight in ways that are different from Alfred. Reggie is also more of a loose cannon, Alfred likes the regiment and the control. After some story telling Alfred packs some things for Reggie to take so because he is going to be leaving. Well Reggie decides to take some things from the house and Alfred confronts him but Reggie stabs him. Alfred is now in the hospital and Bruce has no idea what to do because he has no one. It seems that Reggie was sent by the Wayne Board to see what Bruce knew, which is really nothing. Now the board must decide what must be done about Bruce, really they might kill a 12-year-old kid, did he really scare them that much.

Not to bad of an episode, it is probably important to remark that Red Hood is one of the possible origins of the Joker.  With them saying that Jerome might not be the Joker, then maybe the kid who picked the mask is going to be him.  Since the Joker is does not have an origin story, I am betting that the creators of the show are going to play around with the various origins for him.  This way we may never know, which one of them actually becomes the Joker. Now they are using Selina and Ivy to give Barbara a purpose and to keep her on the show because at some point she needs to marry Jim.  She has no purpose besides marrying Jim and mothering his children, mostly the future Batgirl.  It is alright for her to barely be on-screen and pointless, please show less of her, no one likes her we all hate Barbara.  Is anyone else laughing at how Batgirl’s mom is took in Catwoman and Poison Ivy?  How she is giving them seduction advice, these are skills that these two ladies use often. Seriously, the Wayne Board was that afraid of a 12-year-old boy and what he might know that they send someone in to see what he knows and to stab Alfred just in case they need to kill him.  Does anyone else think that this might be just a bit much?  They are failing to account for Detective Gordon who it seems will be keeping an eye on Bruce during that time.

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