The Walking Dead S5E12 – “Remember”

Alexandria looks awesome. In like a Stepford Wives kind of way.

What a polite house guest Mr. Dixon is!

What a polite house guest Mr. Dixon is!

Oh, and also, there’s someone skulking about just outside of the gates, apparently.The Alexandria welcoming committee demands the surrender of their weapons(Ha!) but Aaron clears them and insists that Rick speak to Diana, the “Oz the Great and Powerful” of their little settlement.

The woman seems real chill, but asks to film their talk. She asks about their group and reveals that she was a Congresswoman before the ZA. And that Alexandria was a planned community of Eco-Awesomeness, with some bitchin’ sustainability features. So… A rich Doomsday Prepper community or..? Is Green Prepping a thing?

Well, in any event, Diana and her family were in the right place at the right time, able to salvage the walls from a shopping mal that was still under construction, and they slowly built a community. Rick and company are the first epople they’ve invited to come in in a while, and Rick advises them to keep their walls closed, since people are trash.

Diana wonders if he’s implying that his group isn’t trustworthy, or if he’s already proving himself to be the type to look out for them. She would like to be a part of their group.

And she’s done some shit, too, having exiled three men who “didn’t work out” for them.

Chekov’s gun, anyone?

Rick’s crew stow their weapons for safety, Diana assuring them that they can check them out at any time. Carol seems to have a hard time of it, letting go fo her monstrous rifle with a grimace. Aaron gives them two houses to live in. They’re fursnished, they have kicthenware and linens, and running water, and even picture frames, ready to be filled with precious moments.




Thank you, Jeebus.

photo 4 photo 5

Jesse, who used to be a stylist and now works at the pantry, offers him a basket of goods and gives him a haircut. And she saw him shirtless in their first moment of meeting.

photo 2a.gif

Howdy, neighbour.

Carl, in typical Carl fashion, goes off to explore the house on his own, finding what looks like evidence of people having lived in that house before. But also, comics. So, being a teenaged boy, he just grabs the comics and chills.

Diana pops by to see how they’re settling in and lets drop that she’s trying to figure everybody out, which, yeah, a little bit creepy. Also, hilarious.

wowbeard1 wowbeard2

Michonne gets her turn in front of Diana’s camera, saying that they’re ready for life to not suck. The next morning, the group sets out to see what life in a gated community is like. Daryl wants to stay and keep the homestead safe.

Rick is having a hard time adjusting, what with the getting up in the middle of the night to get a kitchen knife to cuddle like a teddy bear and freaking out bout old people wanting to pinch his daughter’s cheeks.

Carl hangs out with the neighbourhood kids, including what looks like the girl he saw just outside of the fence at the beginning of the episode. Then he plays video games and gets his little therapy session, where he volunteers the information that he killed his mother. Later, he tells Rick that he likes it there, but that they need to not let themselves become weak like the people there have.

Michonne wants a job. She wants to stay. Rick isn’t quite sold on the place yet. But neither of them can sleep.

Rick goes for a walk… And Jesse isn’t as single as I’d assumed. In fact, her husband is smoking on the porch, telling Rick that his wife cut his hair in a tone that implies that “My wife cut your hair” is some kind of Alexandrian code for “performed unspeakable acts of canality… on your hair.”

IDK, guys.

Carol gets her “Taxicab Confessions” moment, wherein she claims to have been happy Suzy Homemaker, loved her trash husband Ed (HA!), and asks if there’s a Junior League she can be a part of; she’s got stellar reviews from Lizzy with respect to her people skills.


Or should I say… Killer references?


Carol is keeping up appearances and threatens to bathe Daryl if he doesn’t become Mr. Sunshine right away.

Rick heads out of the place to scope out the perimetre, and Carl watches that girl sneak out over the wall again. And if you thought that you couldn’t keep Carl in the house BEFORE, well, how are they gonna rein in his hormones NOW?

photo 4On Rick’s little walk, he heads back to the wreckage where he stowed him gun… Which is now mysteriously gone.


Diana’s smugly handsome son who thinks that he’s awesome because he has some ROTC training (SOME!) leads Noah, Tara, and Glenn (and some other Alexandria asshole) on a little nature walk, where they have a “Pregame Ritual to get [they’re] heads on straight” before going on patrols, which involves wranlging a walker and… Well, we never find out, but I’m worried it has something to do with “Deliverance.” Diana’s son doesn’t like that Glenn and Tara, y’know, _don’t_ die and kills the walker instead, and he tells his mommy on them… Who takes Rick’s side, saying that they’re a community, that this BDOC shit ain’t gonna fly, that her son’s kind of a dick.

And she offers Rick and Michonne the job(s) of Constable(s).

That night, Carol echoes Carl’s concern about setlling making them weak, but Rick isn’t worried about them losing their awesomeness.

Besides, if the Alexandrians can’t cut it themselves, Rick and company can always just take it over.

I gotta say, so far, I’m trusting Captain Janeway more than I ever did Tasha Yar.

I mean, obviously, she’s got some kind of secrets; she was a POLITICIAN, for goodness’ sakes. In fact, the sneak peak for next week seem to show us her sneakier side, already…

But, then, Carol’s wearing a cardigan. Don’t trust people in cardigans. PASTEL cardigans. Especially with collared blouses underneath.

The Echo of BETH.

The Echo of BETH.

Until next week, for which I’ll have my fingers crossed for more Star Trek alums.

For now, in memoriam…




May we never see that monstrosity again.



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