The Flash: The Nuclear Man Recap


Last week, Barry got a date after he did a great karaoke performance with Caitlin.  Everyone learned what happened to Ronnie from Hartley.

After Barry goes through about a hundred clothing changes he settles on an outfit to wear on his date with Linda.  The date is going well but Barry gets two calls while he is out to help with police issues.  Lucky for Barry he is fast and is able to get those done before his date even notices that he is missing.

The Flash - Firestorm

Firestorm goes to visit an old college of Stein’s, it seems the Stein is in control of the body so he does everything.  But something causes Firestorm to go off and he kills his friend.

The team decides to investigate into what happened to Ronnie, it seems that Ronnie and Stein have merged into one body.  With Stein being the more dominant of the two he is the one maintaining control.  This gets confirmed with they visit Stein’s wife who tells them that Firestorm had visited her.

Stein likes to visit his wife so they did a stake out where they waited for him to show up.  Barry was out on another date having a good time with Linda at him home when he gets a text from Caitlin telling him that they need him.  Barry unfortunately has to leave his date, Barry arrives on the scene only to have Firestorm grab him and take him on a ride.  Caitlin and Wells follow along in the car, lucky for Barry they did because it looked like Firestorm was about to kill Barry until Caitlin comes out and stops him.  It seems that both Stein and Ronnie cannot hurt the women that they love.

With the help of Stein’s wife they were able to convince Firestorm to go the Star Labs so they can help them.

The Flash - Barry, Caitlin, Firestorm

A nice dose of meds that are used on Dissociative Identity Disorder, it helps keep them both calm.  A calm Stein is able to talk with them, telling them that he does not understand what is going on.  He knows that Ronnie is in there but Stein seems to maintain control.  Also is anyone else happy that he stopped trying to do the Bucky Barnes look from Winter Soldier.

Caitlin does a check up on Firestorm, where Stein tells her that Ronnie loves her and he does have his memories.  Caitlin is happy to know that the place Ronnie proposed is a strong memory.  During the physical they learn that Firestorm’s temp is going up and if it continues he will turn into a nuclear bomb that will destroy the entire city.  Well this is not good, unless they can figure out how to separate them and they are not sure how but Caitlin begs Wells to figure out a way.

The Flash - Barry and Caitlin

It seems that Well might be able to with the device that he has to help him walk, so he takes that and with Cisco comes up with a way to separate the men.  Firestorm had left the building because he did not want to be anywhere in the area when he blew. Barry unwillingly takes Caitlin to Firestorm who is not happy to see them.  Caitlin tells them that they can save them, Ronnie gives her a kiss before putting the device.  It seems that it might be too late because Firestorm goes up on fire, Barry runs Caitlin out of there.

The military sees the nuclear bomb that went off and wants to go in to grab Firestorm.

Side Stories:

The Flash - Cisco and Papa Joe

Papa Joe asks for Cisco’s help investigating Barry’s old home because he is wondering if they will be able to find any clues there using different tech.  Once the lady of the house was done hitting on Papa Joe, with Cisco’s approval.  Cisco was able to use the backing off mirror that was from the original house to get photo imprints of that night.  Based on the 3D stills that Cisco was able to replicate they were able to find blood splatter on the wall.  The blood contained two kinds of DNA, Papa Joe wanted Cisco to run one against Wells, but Cisco refused to believe that Wells was capable of murder.  When Wells was ready to let Firestorm die so that millions could be saved, well Cisco then ran the DNA. It seems that Wells did not come up as a match but Barry did, an adult Barry.  That would make sense since there was a red streak and in the flashpoint comics, Barry was there that night in his adult form.

Barry was having lots of problems with dating Linda, but he ate a really hot pepper to get her back which worked.  Unfortunately, Iris was not happy to learn that Barry did not have feelings for her anymore.  Iris almost messed up his chance with Linda by mentioning that Barry had been having an unrequited love thing.

All I have to say is Firestorm better not be dead, because serious feels going on. Once he stopped being crazy, he was a really awesome character. I actually likes Stein and Ronnie even though he was buried in there.  I am really hoping Firestorm will make another appearance but I will be really mad if they killed him, especially since he is not dead in the comics.

Did they really have to give Barry a girlfriend that works the same place as Iris, just so they can keep her in the picture.  I am all right with seeing less Iris until she becomes a useful character, right now she it just a plot device.  When she becomes a reason for us to want her and Barry together besides the fact they marry in the comics, then I will care about her until then, less Iris.

Until next episode, when they talk about time travel being possible.

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