Arrow: Canaries Recap


The important thing is that Oliver is back, he has decided to work with Malcolm, which made Felicity very unhappy to the point she does not want him to love her. Brickwell is out the pic and The Glades are back under police protection, Sin knows that the Canary is not Sara. Roy has the worst disguise because everyone knows he is the guy in the red hood.

Arrow - Canary and Arrow

The episode starts with Laurel battling Sara, but this is too soon so let us go back 48 hours. Green Arrow and Arsenal are battling some guys and they get an assist from Laurel, who I am so happy she has given up the bow staff for a tonfa. Oliver is not happy that Laurel is there and he does not want her out there.

While escorting Count Vertigo out of jail, one of the guards gets drugged with vertigo and starts shooting at people. Laurel does a running punch and knocks out the guy. Laurel is able to help them find out who the reporter is who drugged the cop so she is going out to help them. She wants to help out but Oliver won’t let her.

Green Arrow and Arsenal go to the reporters job where the reporter has a bomb strapped to him because he has to kill them. Oliver and Roy cannot convince him not to so they jump out the window to safety. Count Vertigo watched the whole thing and thought that Green Arrow and Roy were dead.

Arrow - Canaries

Oliver had put a tracker on Laurel so he would know what she is doing, she is currently down at the docks. While there Count Vertigo shoots Laurel with vertigo because he thinks that she is her sister. Now Laurel is hallucinating that Count Vertigo is her sister, Sara is beating Laurel and telling her that she needs to stop trying to be her. Oliver is able to stop Count Vertigo from killing Laurel and they are about to go after him but Laurel calls for their help.

Back the Arrow Cave, Laurel is still seeing Sara until they give her an antidote. A fight breaks out when Roy defends Thea and the team has to remind Oliver that he died and that they learned how to do thing without him. He now has to get use to it because the team does not just blindly follow him anymore.

When Laurel wakes up, Felicity is there to give her advice and help her. Felicity basically tells Laurel that she should stop trying to be Sara and just herself. Laurel should be her own Canary and not her sister’s Canary.

Count Vertigo has taken over a factory where he is looking to make more vertigo with a team of unwilling scientist. Since Roy cannot be found, Oliver has no choice but to take Laurel with him, well that shocked everyone.

Arrow - Laurel beat up

Laurel gets drugged again with vertigo, she really needs to learn to watch her surroundings, Oliver time to give her the same lesson you gave Barry. This time it is jumping between Sara and her father, which give Count Vertigo the upper hand for a time until Laurel snaps out of it and beats Count Vertigo.

While that is happening, Oliver is getting the scientist out who are chained up, because the place is on fire. Oliver manages to get all the scientist out before anything can happen to them and he gets back to see Laurel beating Count Vertigo.

Oliver has to leave town again but he knows that the city is in safe hands with all of them. Laurel finally has a place on the team it seems, now someone really needs to work on training her a bit better. Oliver and Thea find themselves back on the Island where Oliver had been. It seems that their training must happen there, especially Oliver’s.

Side Stories:

The biggest one being Malcolm and Oliver agree that all three of them will be needed to beat Ra’s al Ghul, which means Thea needs to learn Oliver’s secret. This is the one thing that Oliver does not want to do because he does not want to lose his sister. Well Oliver bites the bullet and takes her down to the Arrow Cave where he braces for the worst. Thea surprises everyone by not being mad at him, because when she thought the he was being flaky he was actually saving people’s lives.

Thea had always wanted to thank the Arrow for what he did for the city. She learned that their mom knew and that Malcolm did as well. Thea does not trust Malcolm at all and does not want to work with him. The good news is that this brought Thea and Oliver closer together.

Arrow - Oliver and Thea

After the fight Thea had with Oliver in the cave she is upset and finds Chase outside where she kisses him and leaves with him, Roy is not happy to see this. Thea do not go anywhere with that guy he is the enemy; Thea has sex with him, this is not going to be good. Chase pours them wine which he laced with cyanide, but thanks to Malcolm’s training The is able to detect it. Now she knows that something is up with Chase and she goes to fight him but he gets the upper hand. Lucky for her Roy is a stalker ex, he comes in enough time to save her. Malcolm also showed up to save her because she is his daughter. Chase takes a drink of cyanide himself and dies, I am sure someone could have shot that vial out of his hand before he did that. Who knows he might have had some useful information.

Thea now realizes that they have to work with Malcolm on this, but she refuses to trust him. Malcolm then sends Thea and Oliver on a quest to conquer their fear because they need to do that before they can beat Ra’s al Ghul. Thea give Roy a kiss on the cheek before he goes as a thank you for everything that he has done for her. Poor Roy, he so wants Thea back but she is not going back to him, I want them back together.

Captain Lance comes up to Laurel wondering if she has heard from Sara, because he tells her that Sin told him that the Canary was not Sara. After everything that happened with Count Vertigo Laurel finally decides to tell her father the truth. He has already deducted that Laurel was the one in the suit but he still thinks that Sara is alive. Unfortunately, Laurel tells her father the truth, he then breaks down because he lost his daughter again.


Maseo and his family are leaving town because they have to get away from Waller. Maseo tells Oliver to let his mother know that he is alive and to issue a press release because that will make it harder for Waller to kill him. Oliver gets taken right after the phone call, but the Waller has the message erased. Waller can’t kill his mom because she is a big figure but she can kill Thea, so Oliver tells Waller where Maseo and his family is going. They bring Maseo in and Oliver feels back but Maseo tells him that they lied to him just in case. The only reason they got Maseo is because he came back for Oliver. Waller has both men and she takes them to Starling City, well thats not how Oliver goes back home.

I really did not care for Count Vertigo, he was just there as a plot device since they needed a villain, for Laurel to realize what she needs to do. I liked watching Team Arrow stand up to Oliver because they did have to change in his absence. He thought that everything would be the same but it wasn’t, he has to learn to deal with that. I am really happy that Thea knows and she was not mad at Oliver. It was great to see that this brought them closer together instead of bringing them apart. It was also nice to see Thea realize what Malcolm really is, because she does not trust him at all, imagine what will happen when she learns what he did to her and made her do. I am really wondering if Malcolm is making out it of this season alive, they might not have to kill Ra’s al Ghul. He honestly might be on Oliver and Thea’s side and only go after Malcolm. That will the ending of this season so we have some time to find out.

Until next episode when we get to see Oliver and Thea brave the island and Slade Wilson it seems.

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