Agent Carter: A Sin to Err Recap


Last week, Peggy had to fight sexism in to order to go on the mission, but she was able to bring the Howling Commandos or at least some of them with her. We all also learn Thompson little war secret, maybe he is not so bad.

They are trying to get information from the Russian guy that they saved, Peggy really wants to know more about the little girls that they are training. The commander has Peggy leave the room, but lets her follow-up on her hunch about the women, because Peggy thinks one of them is the reason Howard stuff went missing.

Peggy calls in her old buddy Jarvis because she needs a list of the women that Howard has slept with in the last 6 months, lucky for them Howard sends them all a bracelets so it was easy to get the names. Unfortunately, Howard does not do any of the dirty business himself so Jarvis is always that one to who has to end things with the ladies. Most of the ladies where not happy to see Jarvis at all and it resulted in him getting slapped a lot. While the ladies were slamming doors Peggy was able to check their wrist because she suspects they still sleep handcuffed to the bed, which we know that they do.

Agent Carter - Dottie with the sniper rifle

Back at the SSR, Dooley is working with the Russian guy trying to figure out what he knows. While this is going on our resident Black Widow is going in for a job interview where she kills the sleazy dentist because she wants to look out the window. It seems that window is facing the SSR, where the good doctor is, well it would make sense that they want to kill him. Wait, Dottie is sending him a message by SOS code, he sends one back when he looks out the window. It seems that our helpful doctor is still working for Leviathan. Dottie has her orders to kill Peggy and the doctor is still trying to find the location of the weapons. As the doctor is trying to help Dooley with his personal issues, the doctor uses his ring to put Dooley in a trance. but lucky for him Sousa interrupts them. Unfortunately, Sousa is giving the information that he has that confirms Peggy is working for Stark.

Now there is an alert that is being sent out that everyone needs to get Peggy, they take the doctor into another room where he is given someone else to watch him. The doctor then uses his powers of persuasion to put this guy into a trance to get the information that he needs.

Peggy and Jarvis had checked out one of the ladies apt, it is obvious she is the Black Widow, so as they head to the diner for some food when Peggy realizes that something is wrong. She notices that there are agents all throughout the place which can mean only one thing, they are there for her. Jarvis helps by making sure no one gets in through the door and helps knocks out a few guys.

Once outside Peggy tells Jarvis where to meet her because she needs to go back for Steve’s blood. As Peggy is trying to leave Thompson is there, he is ready to take her in, but Peggy knocks him out, which she feels bad about but he was stopping her. The Sousa shows up with a gun pointed at her, she tells him that this is bigger then he knows and that he will not shoot her. Peggy runs away from him, but Sousa is crushed because he does not want to think bad of her.

Agent Carter - Peggy on the ledge

Peggy gets to her apt and get the blood, but the agents are right behind her and Miriam cannot stop the men from going up the stairs, oh no men are going past the lobby. Since Peggy needs to hide, she goes out on the window ledge where she tries to get into Angie’s room. I have to say it was a really good thing that Peggy decided to wear pants. Well Angie is about to let Peggy in through the window when the agents knock on her door. Angie puts on a performance about not knowing where Peggy is:

Thanks to Angie’s great performance the men leave, which gives Peggy a chance to come in. Angie helps her out by getting her a car out of the city, as Peggy is leaving she runs into Dottie. Dottie kisses Peggy with Peggy’s knock out lipstick and drugs her. As Peggy is going under she checks Dottie’s wrist and realizes she is the Black Widow.

The agents are able to get to Peggy now and they take her out of the building. In the interrogation room; Sousa, Thompson, and Dooley have laid out some of Peggy’s things, which includes the ‘weapon’ holding Steve’s blood.

It was a good episode because it is helping tie everything together. It is nice to see them using a Black Widow just because Natasha is such an important character in the Avengers. I was really hoping Sousa would confront Peggy and not tell the commander but no such luck there. Now Peggy has to convince them all that this is bigger then they realize and that she is only trying to help. The Russian doctor is actually helping Leviathan, that does make sense since it was really only him and the engineer guy in the place. His story really didn’t make a lot of sense why he was there but it’s also the 40’s so different time.

Until next episode when Peggy tries to convince everyone she is on their side and that something bigger is going on then they realize.

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