Sleepy Hollow: What Lies Beneath Recap

Sleepy Hollow

Last week we found out that Henry is alive, I had kind of thought that he might be moping around somewhere or at least was hoping that he was. Irving is working for Henry, really how did he manages to pass Katrina’s spell then.

SH - Surveyers

Some guys get taking down a mysterious shaft in the tunnels below Sleepy Hollow by a creature. While that is happening Ichabod and Abbie are off visiting a battleship museum. Where they talk about the upcoming war and everything.

Abbie heads down to scene where she tries to do crowd control because people want to know about what had happened. While doing that she runs into Calvin, whose brother is one of the guys missing, he also happens to be a journalist who wants to bring all his media contacts in.  Abbie manages to stop him by telling him that she will let him know anything as soon as she learns anything.

Abbie and Ichabod head down to the shaft because they want to know what is going on, once they get down there they run into the mysterious creatures.  Realizing that there are too many of them, they head back up, they are able to get away with the help of Calvin because the creatures don’t like the flash from his camera.  Abbie agrees to let Calvin help in a limited base.

Since Ichabod was able to figure out that Jefferson created the shaft, so they are able to figure out a bit about the creatures.  They head back to the shaft armed with more information and Ichabod uses the camera to scare off the creatures:

In the chamber they find none other than Thomas Jefferson, the President.

It seems that with a combination of science and magic, they are gifted with the hologram of Jefferson. It seems that everyone knew that Ichabod was going to be a witness, so they created this chamber to house all the knowledge that they would need.  Who didn’t know that Ichabod was witness?  Apparently him being a witness was such a big thing that Jefferson had to stop being friends with him.

While Ichabod is talking with his old friend, Abbie does recon and find the creatures den where she find two of the guys alive and one well he didn’t quite make it.  Abbie tells Ichabod about it, Jefferson is ready to let them die because nothing can happen to the chamber or the creatures.  Ichabod and Abbie choose to save the men, I am sure the creature could be killed and the chamber be all right.

SH - Ichabod and Thomas Jefferson

Ichabod and Abbie manage to get the guys out with some death to the creatures.  Luckily Calvin’s brother was one of the guys that was alive.  Ichabod heads back into the chamber because he needs to blow it up because they cannot afford to have anyone else come across the chamber and get killed. Jefferson realizes that Ichabod is right and tells him where to blow up the chamber.  I get taking out the creatures and making sure that no one can get down there, but couldn’t they take the knowledge.  Did the knowledge have to stay in the chamber, I am sure they had time to get down there and get some of that information out.  With the guys having been found, I am sure there will be no crews heading down there anytime soon.  Well Ichabod blows up the chamber and all the knowledge, I cannot tell you how upset I am about this, it feels like the Library of Alexandria all over again.

Abbie convinces Calvin that people do not need to know the truth just yet because people are not ready to learn the truth.  Calvin sends Abbie a pic that he took of her, one that let’s her know that he knows more than she realizes but he will never reveal a source.  I am wondering if he will be a potential love interest, I would be all right with him.

Side Stories:

SH - IrvingIrving goes to Jenny to get her to help him get his wedding ring back from the police station.  Now, Jenny cannot help notice a tattoo that Irving has on his arm.  I just keep telling Jenny not to trust him like a crazy lady but I couldn’t help it, I yell at TV’s.  Jenny gets him in but she does not trust him, good thing she didn’t because he was taking something else.  It seems that when Irving came back, he came back as an evil version, so he has an evil personality that takes over.  It seems that the only reason Irving passed Katrina’s test was because of rune stone that he had taken. The power of the stone is fading and soon it will only be evil Irving.  On the drive that he took, it possesses millions of dollars of Henry’s money, money that Irving wants given to his wife and child, so they can survive and get out of Sleepy Hollow.  Great, Henry still controls Irving and we will not be dealing with the good side of him.

SH - Black roses

Henry pays a visit to Katrina where he tells her that he is alive, he realized that he was saving her when he killed Moloch.  Then he gives her black roses that cuts her hand because they must begin, it turns out to be a dream.  When Katrina wakes up she has the cut on her hand and the roses are on the table, it looks like Henry is trying to get mommy to do blood magic with him.

Interesting episode, I am still pissed about them not getting any of the info from the chamber.  Also Evil Irving, knew it was too good to be true that he was back with nothing wrong.  I really had wanted him to be good and everything fine, I did not want him to still be under Henry’s control.

Until next episode when Katrina joins sides with her son:

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