Gotham: The Scarecrow Recap



Last week, we got to meet daddy crane who is triggering people’s phobias so he can take their adrenal glands. Let’s see if they can figure out what he planning on doing with the adrenal glands, my guess is fear toxin.  While Penguin had to deal with Maroni learning of his betrayal and we are not sure if Fish makes it out-of-town.

The episode starts of with a guy in his house, checking all the windows because he hears a noise as he just walked in. I am also pretty sure I saw a figure of a person standing by one of the windows. I must have been right because when he turns around and there is a demon in his apt and another demon coming through the door.

Gordon is leaving a date with Dr. Thompkins where we find out that she has gotten the job at the GCPD, so they will now be working together, now is this going to be a good thing or a bad thing?  Considering she made him kiss her in the middle on the police station, I see lots of kissing going on.  Maybe some other fun stuff that you know Bullock is going to walk in on.

Gotham - gordon and Dr Thompkins

Dr. Thompkins starts at the GCPD the next day after being introduced to people, Gordon pretends that him and her had not been on date the night before.  Bullock knows that there is something going on between them, he tells Gordon that it is bad luck they are working together now.  Dr. Thompkins is able to tell them that the adrenal gland had been taken out of this victim as well.

While all of this is going on Daddy Crane has been making fear toxin and injecting himself with it, causing him to hallucinate his dead wife with fire around her.  I am guessing that is how his wife had died in a house fire.  Well at least he is testing the drug on himself and not others.

Gordon and Bullock do some research where they were able to find out were Papa Crane works, he had written a paper about how people can conquer fear.  Papa Crane has been telling people, his wife died in a car crash but when Gordon and Bullock pulled up the article on the her death it comes out she died in a house fire.  They also realize that he has probably moved back into his old house.

Papa Crane has been inoculating himself to cure himself of fear, so naturally his next patient is none other than his son.  Well it is obvious where The Scarecrow gets his fascination with fear and maybe why he does not seem to be afraid of anything. It seems that little crane does not want to do this but he is doing it for his father.

Gotham - The Scarecrow

Bullock and Gordon show up as Papa Crane is about to do the last procedure on Jonathan, which causes  Papa Crane to give Jonathan a higher dose then he should get.  Papa Crane shoots at Bullock and Gordon, which causes them to kill him.  Poor Little Crane is having his fear hallucination right below a scarecrow.

At the hospital Gordon finds out that while the toxin has worn off on Jonathan, he still is suffering from the hallucinations.  They are not sure when the hallucinations will stop if ever because they have never seen anything like this before.  I bet we can all guess what Little Crane is hallucinating – A Scarecrow.

Side Stories:

Gotham - Alfred and Bruce

Bruce heads out on a hiking/camping thing that him and his father use to do.  It seems that Bruce will not be staying out all night this time.  Bruce goes through the normal traditions that him and his father did.  After Bruce places the rocks on the stone pit, well he gets mad and starts throwing rocks and destroying the structure.  Well he needed to get his anger out, he decides to go on walking but he falls down the slope and sprains his ankle so he can’t stand up.  Well I bet he wishes he had accepted Alfred offer to join him.  After Bruce puts together a make shift brace with tree branches he then proceeds to climb up the slope.  When he gets to the top he finds Alfred who has built a fire and was watching Bruce climb up the slope for the last hour.  I am sure Bruce was thankful for the assistance Alfred, but since Bruce had it handled.  Alfred then convinces Bruce to sit with him so they can watch the sunrise, since that is what he use to do with his father.

Penguin is officially given Fish’s places, Falcone is doing this so that it will be harder for Maroni to touch Penguin.  Penguin naturally wants Falcone’s protection because well Maroni is going to kill him.  Falcone talks with Maroni who really wants to kill the Penguin, nothing Falcone has to offer seems to be good enough.  That is until Falcone offers one of the judges who has been a thorn in their sides for Maroni to beat on.  Penguin is currently safe, Maroni goes by the grand opening of the club to tell Penguin that, but also to let Penguin know that he is safe as long as Falcone lives.

Also the Penguin went by the GCPD to give Gordon an invitation to the grand opening, but Gordon wanted nothing to do with it.  Also while there, Penguin ran into Nygma, I’ll let you see how that went:

Fish, I am sure we are all wondering what happened to her after last episode, it seems that she was taken hostage.  Not sure by who but by some people who have a few people hostages, well Fish makes a friend there and manages to scare off some people:

I do love Fish, it will be great seeing her in a different environment than the one we have been seeing her in. Fish uses her female powers to make nice with the leader, which works, he is down with protecting her.  Well that was a bad move, because he told her the only reason he is leader is because he has the only knife.  Well Fish then uses that only knife to kill him.  Fish is now leader and is planning making some structure changes, she is going to have to work fast because they send a girl back in who they removed the eyes of.

It was a very interesting episode, it gives you are really good idea how the Scarecrow became the way he is, he took the Batman approach of using what scares him to scare others.  While this version has a completely different origin then what is known, it would leave us to guess that he does get better because how else does he become a psychiatrist at Arkham, or will the Scarecrow be different because he never gets better and has to learn to live with his constant phobia.

I am enjoying the dynamic between Dr. Thompkins and Gordon, I love how she teases him about him not wanting to show affection because he needs to keep up his big bad cop image. She is such a better character than Barbara, I really don’t want Barbara to come back, I don’t miss her at all.  Also liking the new Falcone, I guess we will see how the story plays out with the mob now.  Fish, well looks like she has her work cut out for her and where is Butch, did Zasaz kill him or did Bullock save him?

Until next episode, when we get to possibly meet the Joker, not sure how I feel about this.

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