Spider-Man Officially COMING HOME to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Word is out that our favourite Web Head’s Sony movie franchise is about to get some help from Marvel Studios, and this has most nerds speculating that Spidey just might be swinging into the “Civil War” movie due out in a few years!

Okay... Now lose the pants.

Okay… Now lose the pants.

Now, Sony isn’t losing the rights to the Wall Crawler by any means. Rather, this is how it’s going to work out:

  • Sony is loaning Spidey out to Marvel for an as-yet unnamed MCU movie (*cough* Civil War *cough*).
  • Sony is still producing the next installment of their $4 billion  (counting all five films from the past 12 years) franchise
    • The film has a release date of July 28th, 2017
    • Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige will be Co-Producer with Amy Pascal, who helped launch the franchise at Sony in the Tobey Maguire days
    • Sony will maintain financial and creative control, production, and distribution of the Spider-Man film franchise.
  • Marvel and Sony are also looking into how they can arrange for Marvel Studios characters to find their respective ways into future Spider-Man films
  • Now, I really want Marvel to start talking to Fox about an X-Men collaboration

No word yet on whether this scraps the purported “Sinister Six” movie in favour of melding Spider-Man and all of his rogues into the already-mostly-planned-out Phase 2 of Marvel movies.



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