Arrow: Midnight City Recap



We finally got our answers about Oliver last week and we know what the team is doing in his absence, if you need a recap just check it out here, otherwise let’s see how Black Canary does.

Black Canary is out fighting, not well I might add and put down the bow staff it is not helping you.  Bow staffs are hard to use, I do martial arts, I know.  Lucky for her Roy is there to save her, he also tells her that they need to talk.

As Roy is tending to Laurels wounds, he is wondering what she is doing and also wondering about the bow staff.  Diggle comes down and he is also wondering what it that Laurel is doing.  Laurel thinks that she can do this because people fear the Canary, yes, her sister not her.

Well there is meeting at the mayor’s office, with Ray, Felicity, Captain Lance, Laurel and some aldermen.

Laurel is almost completely useless, granted that heel action was great, but I think Laurel needs to go back to the gym with Ted Grant and get a few more lessons.

We should mention that people are talking about seeing the Canary and Captain Lance does not know that Sara is dead, so he is wondering if anyone has talked to her.  Laurel gets one of the guys to talk by threatening to put in him jail for a crime he didn’t commit, she also threatens him with another heel.

Midnight City

Roy and Laurel go out to try to save the aldermen with Diggle helping from the Arrow Cave since they don’t have Felicity. Again Laurel is relaying on that bow staff she does now know how to use, girl put the staff down.  I know that thing expands and shrinks, shrink it down, do something but stop trying to use it because you are failing.  Seriously where is Wildcat, why is he not out of moth balls, he needs to help Laurel.  Well Roy, shoots an arrow into Brickwell who then shoots an Alderman, well that did not work out so well.

Brickwell sets up a meeting with the Mayor asking for all the cops to be pulled out of the Glades, then he will give back the Aldermen.  The Mayor is really considering this because she has no idea what to do about Brickwell.  Laurel and Felicity are having a talk, Laurel is done being the Canary, but Felicity talks her back into it.  Ray told Felicity his mission now is to protect those he cares about who are here.  It was a sweet moment because Ray told Felicity he cares about her and wanted to protect her.

Arrow - Brick and Canary

Now Team Arrow is back together because Felicity back on the team, Diggle, Roy, and Laurel all go out to save the Aldermen.  This was an interesting fight scene, Laurel really thought that she got Roy back for saving her, not really but you go on thinking that Laurel.  Laurel gets into a fight with Brickwell that she does not do well with.  She does manage to jump out the window and onto the helicopter that Diggle is flying.  They are able to get the Aldermen back, but the Mayor is still pulling the police force out of the Glades, well that was pointless.

Also using a voice changer, Laurel has been talking to her father pretending to be Sara, she even shows up to him in Canary garb but hides in the shadows.  Someone really needs to tell Captain Lance, I know he has a bad heart and all but he deserves to know about his daughter.

Sides Stories:

Lots of side stories this episode, let’s go with Oliver first, well he is alive and kicking.  Maseo will be in trouble with the League if they find out what he did. He was just going to say that there were tracks but no body.  Well some League guys come to the house, so everyone hides but Maseo who says that he followed the tracks here but no one is here.  There is a noise and it causes Maseo, Tatsu and Oliver to fight and kill the men.  Once Maseo hides the bodies he makes it look like Oliver cut him and he leaves.  Tatsu tries to stop him from going and to have him come back with her but he won’t go.

In the flashbacks we find out that Maseo was going to give the deadly virus in exchange for Tatsu, but Waller must have known and had the vial changes.  Maseo, Tatsu, and Oliver all manage to make it out of there alive.  We find out that Maseo will do anything to protect his family even at the cost of killing millions.  Now my next question is where is the child? Does the League have him or did something happen to him?  Maseo does seemed to be a changed man, but Tatsu is grateful for Oliver’s help so I think she might not hate him anymore.

Arrow - Thea and Malcolm

Malcolm is trying to get Thea to leave town, but she will not leave.  She knows that it is Ra’ al Ghul who is after them but Malcolm never told her why.  Roy wants Malcolm to stay away from Thea but Malcolm is not having it.  Thea convinces her father that they should stay there and fight because Ra’s will hunt them down wherever they are.  Also Thea does not know to fear Ra’s so this will also be interesting.  Also we find out that the DJ guy Chase is working with the League, he’s job was to keep in eye on Thea.  Ok, did not see that coming and really?

Felicity and Ray, well Felicity gives him the piece that he was missing to make his suit work.  She is alright with the mission since she agrees that they should fight to keep those the care about safe.  Also she lets Ray know that helicopters do have keys, because he told her they didn’t when he was worried about lending her his helicopter.  It look like they are pushing Felicity over toward Ray, which will be interesting when Oliver comes back.

It was an interesting episode, something needs to be done about Laurel, someone really needs to train that girl.  I was really happy when she stopped with the bow staff during the last fight, because she has no idea what to do with that. I am happy to see Felicity back on the team, because she is a very useful member acting as their Oracle.

Until next week when we hopefully bring an end to Brickwell and Oliver comes back.

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