Gotham: Welcome Back Gordon Recap



Well Gordon and Bullock got Gruber, which means Gordon is back on the police force, if you want to know more about that check it out here.

Gordon is enjoying the fact that he is back on the force, especially being on crime scenes again. Flass is on the scene at this one, it seems that he knows Bullock. Gordon checks the scene and happens to notice some drugs in the victims shoe. A person comes out saying that he saw what happened, so Gordon has him brought down to the precinct. Winkler, the eyewitness does not seem to be happy that he is going down to the police station.

Gotham - Dead victim

While there, Winkler is sitting in the interrogation room waiting when someone comes into the room and kills him. Ok, people should not be getting killed while waiting in the interrogation room. Gordon is naturally looking into the case, because well we all know he is taking this personally. Nygma tells them that Winkler was killed with the same weapon as the victim from earlier in the episode. Now this is really suspicious, how did the killer get into the police station.

With permission from the Captain, Gordon is told he can investigate case but to be careful.  Cops are not going to like being accused of killing someone.  Gordon was asking the cops why there was a page missing from the log book. Of course none of the cops are talking, most of them are not fans of Gordons’ to begin with. That is what happens when you play the good guy around a bunch of crooks. Well one cop eventually tells Gordon the name of the cop in charge.

Gordon heads out to find Delaware trying to leave the precinct but you know that Gordon is not going to be alright with a cop trying to leave when he is under investigation. Gordon checks his car and he finds the same drugs in the trunk of the car that was found on the victim.

Gordon who has to make a statement brings Delaware in through the front door. Bullock and the Captain are not happy that Gordon did this since Delaware is a cop.

Well Flass comes in and tells the Captain that Delaware is part of the narc unit that some of them are doing undercover work. Basically Gordon gets taken off the Winkler case but he is still allowed to investigate the other one. There is something about Flass that I really do not like, he is a crooked cop in the comics.

Gotham - gordon and Penguin

Gordon is not happy that he can’t investigate Winkler’s murder especially after seeing Winkler’s wife. Gordon goes to the only person he knows can help him, Penguin. Penguin agrees to have someone help find out who did the killings. Well a guy pays Delaware a visit and threatens Delaware’s wife by almost killing her to find out the info. Gordon had said no one gets hurt, well I guess she didn’t get hurt.

The guy drops the weapon and confession off on Gordon’s desk. Gordon goes after Flass who was the one who killed the victim and Winkler. Flass, is acting all badass, since he thinks he is untouchable around his friends. Well Gordon won’t back down, he reminds the other cops that he killed an innocent in their house because Winkler trusted them. Well the Captain tells Flass to shut up as she arrests him herself and the other cops walk in front of Flass buddies to stop them from helping.

When Gordon is leaving Delaware comes to him basically begging Gordon to not hurt his wife or kids. That is when Gordon realizes that the info he got was not obtained the way that he had wanted.

Side Stories:

Well Bruce is having Alfred drive around as he tries to look for Selina. Bruce gets out of the car, where he runs into Ivy who will pass on the message to Selina but for $20. Alfred is not happy to be paying the money but he can’t deny Bruce.

Selina gets his message and stops by, where Bruce gives her a really nice present.

Bruce then asks Selina to move back in, she needs to testify when it comes to his parents death. Selina tells Bruce that she lied, that she didn’t see the man she said it to get out of Juvie. She gives the pretty snow globe back to Bruce.

Alfred come in later where he sees the globe smashed and Bruce crying. Bruce tells Alfred that Selina lied, Alfred give Bruce the motivation to keep looking for his parents killer. Alfred also remarks that he knew that Selina was a runner.

Fish is now wheeled into a room where she is proceeded to be put through slight torture. Apparently she needs to apologize for what she had done to Falcone. Lucky for Fish, they left Butch alive, he came looking for Fish. Well Zsasz comes in and is not happy to see the Doctor on the floor, so Zsasz kills him. Zsasz and his entourage of women because he always travels with women then hunt down Fish and Butch.

While all of this is going down, Penguin is having a party at Fish’s place since it will be his. He brings his mother down who is so happy that he has a club and she has a little party there by herself.

After she leaves Fish comes in who is ready to beat Penguin. Penguin begs for mercy but he also tells her he has been working for Falcone the whole time. Zsasz shows up, going after Butch and Fish. Butch gets Fish out but Zsasz finds him, we don’t know if he kills him or tortures him.

Gotham - Bullock and Fish

Bullock then has Fish at the pier, where he gives her his coat. Fish decides to take off for a bit but she plans on coming back.

Nygma is still hitting on the poor filing clerk. Nygma gave her a nice card that Flass made of him for, poor Nygma heard this. Its moments like this that are going to cause him to become a villain, but the filing clerk was nice and told Nygma it was a nice card. She still made sure not to lead him on, but we all know that will fail.

Well it was good seeing Gordon back in action, he is back to playing the good cop. Based off this, it makes sense why the other cops trust him when he is commissioner, they know that they can’t get away with anything under his watch. It seems that Gordon is going to do his best to clean up the GPD from the inside.

Onto Selina and Bruce, it was sweet he got her the gift, he so has a crush on her. Now as for what she said, it is possible she saw the guy but it is possible that she is lying. Selina would say anything to get out of going to Juvie. At the same time Alfred said he thought she was a runner, which is also true. Selina doesn’t always do well with attachments but she does better than Bruce well older Bruce. It seems that Selina is pulling out some Batman tactics right now. I think she is lying because she is scared of what she feels for Bruce or that she thinks he is sweet.

I will miss seeing Fish, but at the same time I am hoping this will change the whole mob thing or make it less of a thing on the show because it was getting old.

Sorry for this being late, between a death in the family and another family member going into the hospital it was a crazy week.  On the good side I learned how to make gifs, well a starter base at least.

Until next episode where we get to meet Dr. Crane senior;

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