Gotham: What a Little Bird Told Him Recap


Here we are after that pointless two week break, here you want to know more about Gordon’s time at Arkham well check here: Gotham Recap.

Gotham - Gordon and Bullock

Gordon is at the police station telling the Commissioner (who shares the same name at the one from The Dark Knight) that he is the best person to hunt down Gruber because he knows Gruber.  Well the Commissioner really does not like Gordon, so he tells him that if him and Bullock can find Gruber in 24 hours Gordon can have his job back otherwise they are both going to Arkham.  Bullock is not happy about this since he has not been doing anything wrong.

Thanks to help from Nygma who is actually rather useful at his job, he learns that Gruber is not his real name.  Gruber is actually, Jack Buchinsky, well I am calling him Gruber through this because that would just be easier.  Well it seems that Gruber manipulated the system so he could get into Arkham, well that makes sense, how else is he suppose to practice on people.  Nygma gave him the name the Electrocutioner.

Gordon and Bullock investigate Gruber’s shop but they find a dead henchman, with the writing I will not betray my friends.  I am guess that betraying Gruber is not allowed.

Gotham - Gruber

Now Gruber does an attack on the police station, with a few henchman who did not betray him by sending an electrical surge through the building.  This causes most people to pass out, except Gordon who decided to take Nygma’s advice and wear the rubber galoshes.  Unfortunately, the surge affected Gordon’s gun.  Well as we have seen before Gordon can handle himself without a gun.  Gordon is able to stop Gruber by throwing water on him and shorting out his electrical box.

Now the Commissioner is doing a press release and photos with a captured Gruber.  He makes a show of giving Gordon back his badge, Gordon is back on the police force.  Gordon makes sure the Commissioner knows that the next person who takes his badge will be forced to eat it.  Yay, Gordon is back on the force, I knew Gruber would be the case to help him.

Gotham - Gordon and Commissioner

Dr. Thompson comes by to get a voodoo doll back from Gordon that she lent him from one of her patients.  That was not the real reason she was there, Gordon kissed her.  I will like seeing them together, since Dr. Thompson is an interesting character unlike Barbara.  We all know that Gordon has to go back to her since she does become his wife in the comics.

Side Stories:

In mafia land, well is seems that Moroni was an accomplice of Gruber’s back in the day, which is why Gruber had a guy drop an electrical bomb off in Moroni’s restaurant.

Fish had Liza kidnapped, Falcone was given a message that Liza was going to be hurt.  Falcone would do anything not to have Liza hurt.  Falcone calls in The Penguin, who is happy to help but he has to leave Moroni. This would not have been bad but the bomb went off, when The Penguin came to at one point he said that he had to go to Falcone, naturally Moroni was not happy about that.

Gotham - Moroni and The Penguin

Moroni was bossing people around in the police station like they are his secretaries.  The Penguin manages to get out by saying it was the bomb and that he really did have to see him mom.

During all this time, Falcone figures out that it was Fish who betrayed him.  Falcone is smart man, this is why he is the Don.  Well Falcone is willing to leave and put Fish in charge, as long as he gets Liza.  Zasaz wants to kill Fish and all her men, but Falcone doesn’t want that to happen, he just wants to leave with Liza.  The Penguin shows up by this point telling Falcone that Fish trained Liza to remind Falcone of his mother.

Gotham - Falcone and Fish

Falcone, arrives at Fish’s to get Liza back, but he asks to see Liza first.  It seems that Falcone believed what The Penguin had said even though he called him a liar.  Unfortunately, this lead Falcone to strangle poor Liza right there, wow that was the first time we have ever seen Falcone do anything like that.  It seems this helped Falcone remind of who he was, so he has Fish and her people taken.  Oh, it looks like Don Falcone is back.

Also we had Barbara going to her parents house because she had no where else to go.  Her parents are not happy that she will be staying there, the butler did not even know who she was.  I am guess that they do not like Barbara, they just give her money to keep her away.

Nygma was still hitting on that filing clerk with no success.  I will give him props for the riddle cupcake, it was a bit vague.

Ok, this episode was not horrible, I liked Gordon’s story, I really wanted to see him go back on the police force.  With that being said, I was not expecting it to happen so soon, I thought we would have gotten more time with him in Arkham.  I really did not expect Gruber to be caught so quickly, this story was a bit rushed.

We all know I am over the mafia stuff, but now that Fish has been discovers and Falcone is back to himself, maybe these stories won’t be so bad anymore, I guess we will see.  There were no point to the Barbara scenes, they were just thrown in because I think the creators and writers think that we actually like her.  We don’t like her, she is a horribly boring character, you can go off lore and kill her, no one would mind.

Check back next episode when we find out what is going to happen to Fish.

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