What is a Gamer?

\The idea of who is a gamer has been going through my head for a bit now. How is one defined as a gamer or do others have to define you as a gamer.


Why has this idea come to my head, probably because for the last few months I have been playing a moblie/online game called Age of Legends. It is nothing all that crazy or addicting unless you get yourself involved in a clan. That is when you meet a lot of different people who are from around the world. At that point they are pretty much what keeps most people playing. With all that being said the game does have weekly tournaments ranging from 3 to 5 days. As well as questing, battling, and even wars. People can choose what part of the game they like the most and focus on that, I like bounty hunting, which means what you think, you kill people for money. Other people in the game post people for a certain amount of money and then other have the option of killing them for money. Another thing that people like to do is boss hunt, which means you are trying to kill invasion bosses for money and valor points. You make more money bounty hunting then boss hunting but no valor points. There is more to do in the game but I am not going to go over everything. This game does require some strategic thinking and math.


Now I sure most people would not consider me to be a gamer because of this, neither would I. But it did make me think about the term and how it is defined. I like simulation and strategy games, Sims, Civilizations, and Age of Empires. When I play video games I like fighting games that I really can’t play but also games like Sonic, Tomb Raider, Crash Banicoot, the Arkham games, etc. When I have new video games I will play them for a while and the same with PC games. I would consider myself a recreational to casual gamer, I would probably game more if I had more money and time.

I am sure there are other people who would consider me a gamer because of the different kinds of games I will play and my knowledge and the amount of time I will play games for. While I know others would not even consider me one at all. Some people because I don’t play enough, because I don’t keep up with the newest games and systems enough, or even because I won’t play certain games. I don’t like first person shooters and I won’t pay monthly for games so WoW is out but I have tired it, not to bad but I also didn’t play for long so I did not experience the whole game. I have thought about giving League of Legends a go, it just has not happened yet.  I only recently just got an Xbox 360 and Kinect, but I have been playing it every so often at least a few times a week.


How is one defined as a gamer, I have friends that are gamers, they spend a good amount of time each week playing video games. Some play everyday while other play a few times a week, it depends on what their schedule allows. That is also another question, does the amount of time spent make a person a gamer. Most people I know have jobs, school, social lives so they cannot game all day long, don’t get me wrong many of them would if they could. I am thinking that the amount of time does factor in but people should not be punished for being responsible adults and not gaming all the time.

Xbox controllers

The games that are played, I don’t think that should factor in because not everyone likes the same games. Have you ever noticed that the people who are usually considered gamers all play the same games. They have probably tried every game out there but they have their favs. It usually happens to be some of the same games, which I find to be very interesting.  I also know some people that prefer to play PC games to console games, that really should not factor in.

Honestly knowledge of games does help and the need to stay up to date with the newest games that come out. Of course that means the newest games that you enjoy. People that stay up to date on games and put aside money to buy games that should definitely qualify as a gamer. I do fail there, I can usually think of other things to spend $50 to $60 on. I am better at waiting for games to go down in price. I do think the desire and need to have games and the willingness to spend money on games does count in making someone a gamer.

Looking at all of this, the only way I can define being a gamer is by either the amount that one plays a certain game or games.  Or by how up to date they are on tech or how often they pick up the latest game.  Both of these combined make a super gamer I would think.  I guess the amount of time that ones games probably gives the level of gamer that they are, I will give myself occasional to casual gamer.

Also if you look at the definition of a gamer as found on Wiki “a gamer is someone who partakes in interactive gaming, such as (predominantly) video games or board games. The term nominally includes those who do not necessarily consider themselves to be gamers (i.e., casual gamers),as well as those who spend a notable part of their leisure time playing or learning about games. It is also applicable to persons who devise and/or develop methods to gamify certain technologies pertinent to gameplay (in some scenarios, these are called testers).”  Well that would mean that pretty much everyone is a gamer.

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  1. I would say anyone who considers video games to be a hobby of theirs would be considered a “gamer”. But since there are just so many sorts of games, it wouldn’t be wise to just use “gamer” for everyone who plays games (which is why I find things like the constant Mountain Dew/Doritos/Taco Bell promos for games rather insulting, since they’re trying to cater to the stereotypical idea of a “gamer”.)

    Eventually, video games are going to be so ingrained into society, that this idea of a “gamer” wouldn’t exist anymore. It’ll be no different than TV, Movies, or the internet.

    • christenagarcia

      I agree with that, I do think that the whole gaming thing has changed, what is was when I was kid to when I was in college to know is completely different.

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