Fall Finale Review Part 2

Here is part 2 of the fall finale review as we take a look at some of the other shows on hiatus.


The Flash

This one is brand new and a spin off of Arrow, not mention it won the award for Best New TV Drama at the People’s Choice Awards.  I have to say I like the lighter tone of The Flash compared to its counterpart Arrow, because The Flash is usually a lighter character, he is known to joke around.

Flash started off with showing us what happened to Barry since I’m sure most people forgot from Arrow or for those who don’t watch Arrow.  The progression of Flash has been slow but not in a bad way, we are learning with Barry what he can do and what his limitations are.  This part I like because I don’t know about many of you but I am not all knowledgeable about Flash.  He is a cool charater and all but he has never been one that I feel like I have to know all about him.  I am liking how The Flash show is letting us learn about Barry and his powers, because it is more believable this way unlike when a superhero gets powers and just knows how to use them.

The Flash - Barry and Detective West

I also like how Flash went into Barry’s relationships with other people, one of the most important being that with Detective West aka Papa Joe.  It is Joe that Barry looks to for support and encouragement, because at the end of the day Joe is Barry’s other father.  When Joe was not being supportive of Barry being The Flash, it was hard on Barry.  I like that they showed that because having support from those that know your secret is important for a superhero.

Speaking of people not knowing and love interests, Iris West, I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t like her.  She is really just an eh character, if she was not in an episode I really don’t think I would miss her.  Yes, is it cool that her dad showed her how to fight and fire a gun, but she is really useless to the story besides being the girl that Barry pins over because all superhero need one of those.

Flash - Team Flash drinking

Team Flash, I like Cisco and Caitlin, I will admit in the beginning that I did not like Caitlin because she was the Ice Queen.  Now, that her character has warmed up I like her a lot better.  They are a perfect team for Barry, they are lighthearted and give the villains nicknames.  He has the biggest geeks alive because they get so excited about new info, metas, and weapons.  It was good for them to do the crossover episode with Arrow because Team Flash had to learn that this is not a joke.  Team Flash has not experienced lost or people being harmed so they forget the reality of what they are doing.

The Flash - WellsNow for Wells because we are all wondering about him, well he is very protective of Barry. He does seem to know a lot about the future, which makes us all think that he is from the future. He has that news paper that shows that the Flash disappears, now is he trying to make that happen or is he trying to stop that from happening?  I am sure a lot of people are thinking that Wells is Reverse Flash, which would make sense since Reverse Flash threatened Detective West and Wells has the suit and can vibrate his voice like Barry.  It has been confirmed by Wells himself that he is Reverse Flash.

The Flash - Reverse Flash and Wells

The question that I have is how was he able to be in the room at the same time and then beat himself up? Unless he sent another version of himself down that part I am having a hard time with, but I guess they will explain it.  Since Reverse Flash did not harm Eddie, then I guess we can safely say that Reverse Flash is a descendant of Eddie’s.



Since Arrow and The Flash are linked I thought I would jump right over to this one, well I am sure the biggest shocker would be the fact they killed off Sara in the first episode.  Arrow - Sara DeadThis is huge, she comes back for a min and is killed, so now the hunt for Sara’s killer becomes a thing.  We all knew Sara could not stay because Laurel is the most known Black Canary so something had to happen for her to take on that role.

Now, this season has had a lot of twists and turns, lets talk Olivicity for a moment, I think everyone was excited for the date, we have been waiting for it.  But we all had to know that Oliver would never let is go far because it is not in a superheros nature.  They never actually stay with the love interest until something makes them realize that they have been stupid this whole time and then get with them.  Since Oliver marries Laurel in the comics there might be littel hope for this couple in the long run but they would be really cute together.  I am sure we all mad at Oliver for telling Felicity that he loves her before going off to fight Ra’s al Ghul.

Arrow - Thea killed Sara

Let’s go over how Oliver wound up fighting Ra’s al Ghul, because Malcom Merlyn is an asshole.  It comes out that Thea is Malcolm’s daughter well he is a good father and teaches her how to fight because Thea needs a way to get her anger out.  I am alright with this, I co-sign this. The problem is and we learned this with Tommy that Malcolm does not know how to be a parent, he is too manipulative.  What does Malcolm do, he drugs his daughter and makes her kill Sara and Thea does not remember any of it.  Now to protect Thea, Oliver has to go and kill Ra’s al Ghul because he is covering for his sister because Malcolm wanted his blood debt erased.  I really do not like Malcolm Merlyn, but I love John Barrowman in the role, he is just a great actor.

Arrow - Atom suit

Ray Palmer the new guy on the show who happens to be running Queen Incoperated not Oliver.  Ray is building his Atom suit. Poor Felicity she cannot get away from costumed men; Oliver, Barry, now Ray.  I think Ray is going to be a good guy but not sure how he is going to fit in with the team.

Ted Grant is training Laurel how to fight because she wants to learn because she needs to get anger out from her sister’s death out. It comes out that Ted use to be a vigilante himself, we are all sure that Laurel is going to get him to dig his costume out of the moth balls.  Also I would love to see more Ted and Oliver because Ted is the seasoned one.

Things I like from the season; learning more about Felicity and seeing her mom.  The relationship between Oliver and Thea, how they are the only family they have left.  I do wish there was baby in Arrow Cave, I am still holding out for that.

Arrow - Oliver's Death

Now onto the big thing, is Oliver dead?  It looked pretty dead, but the show is about him and I don’t really know of any other Green Arrows so he kind of needs to come back.  We do know from trailers that Malcolm is the one to tell everyone about Oliver being dead, I am looking forward to seeing some pissed off Team Arrow.  We so know that Oliver’s death is going to help spur Laurel into action and make her become the Black Canary officially. Oliver might be dead or near death, because he is dragged away and taken to a large door.  We all know that Lazurus pit is a thing with Ra’s al Ghul so maybe he is being taken there, as long as he is still somewhat alive he won’t come out too crazy and it will just be a temp thing.  I am thinking Lazurus pit or magical League of Shadow herbs that they seem to know.

Left Behind

It will be interesting to see how the team handles Oliver being dead, what that does for Roy.  He is suppose to be the sidekick but he now has the chance to become the hero.  I wonder if there will be another mini Flash crossover, because they will have to tell Barry.

Also can I make a small note about how I do not like the look of the actor they got to play Ra’s al Ghul, he just does not feel like that character to me.  I really want them to recast him, Liam Neeson said he would have loved to come back in the role, why did they not cast him?


Agents of SHIELD

So this show had a really slow start but got better as it progressed, I really think that Joss Whedon was trying to make a point that if people had let him do what he wanted to do Firefly it could have continued.  With that being said this season has been good but has had its not so great episodes.

It has been interested to see life after the fall of SHIELD and Hydra coming out as the villain.  The dynamic change on the team, Coulson learning how to be the director.  Of course the effort that is being put in to rebuild the team back up.

AOS - Coulson and May dancing

I can say that I am with everyone who ships Coulson and May, they are great together and they should be a couple.  Speaking of couples, absolutly love Hunter and Bobbi, they have such a great dynamic.  At first I was not a fan of Hunter but he really has grown on me and he gives some of the best lines.

Fitz, all the feels, I just want to hug him all the time.  I am so happy that he found a friend in Mac and who was not killed when whatever took him over left.  Fitz, needs that relationship with Mac to replace the one he was getting with Ward. He also needs someone to bond with because he cannot with Simmons anymore, because he never forgave her for leaving him when he was hurt and after he opened his heart to her.  Poor Simmons is really doing everything possible not to hurt Fitz, but it is all backfiring on her.  I do hope that FitzSimmons can be a thing again even if they are not a couple.

AOS - Ward escapes

Ward, well he is crazy that is for sure, he has very obsessive traits and Skye is now on his radar.  Those scenes with Ward and Skye are very Hannibal Lector/Clarius.  They sent chills down my spine quite a few times.  Now, do I blame Ward for the issues that he had with his brother no, but he never learned how to handle them properly and Garrett did not help him.  I get Ward having to confront his brother but then Ward went a step too far.  Who’s side is Ward on now, I am thinking Ward is on his own side but whats to do things that will make Skye like him.  It really has not been working because well Skye shot Ward.  Let’s see how Ward handles having Agent 33 around as his lackey.

We really can’t talk about Skye without talking about the alien code, so Coulson is writing out the alien code because it means something that he has to get out of his head because of the alien DNA in his system.  This alien code makes anyone who has the alien DNA in their system go crazy writing it out until they figure it out.  The code is linked to obelisk that poor Lucy Lawless had to die getting.  All of this is linked to Skye’s dad and to Skye.

AOS - Raina and Skye's dad

We have Skye’s dad now running around he he definately has a Doctor Jekell – Mr. Hyde thing going on.  He also has an obessive love with Skye but in a parental way.  Apparently he found Raina back in the day and helped her, which is why Raina knew about Skye and her dad.  It also seems that Raina comes from a similar bloodline as Skye.  Skye’s mom apparently did not age, so Whitehall wanted to know this info and gutting Skye’s mom to find out and use this knowledge on himself.  I was really happy when Whitehall died.

AOS - Alien city

Let’s link everything, the alien code is for a city one that the Kree know about.  The obelisk is used to give the special people their gifts, but if you are not one of the special people and you are in the room you die as poor Tripp did. I would like to mention I am very mad about Tripp dying, there was no need to kill him, the show needed its ethic diversity.  Skye’s mom was one of the special people, so Skye is as well and Raina also.  When in the room with obelisk Skye and Raina were given their gifts. Skye’s seems the be the ability to create earthquacks, which seems right because she seems to be the character Daisy Johnson. Which was also confirmed by how her father acts and with the fact that he called her Daisy.

It would seem that Skye and Raina are Inhumans, which makes sense if Skye is Daisy Johnson.  It is confirmed that Skye is an adaption of Daisy Johnson and an Inhuman.   Also that would officially make that blue alien a Kree but that was already confirmed by Marvel.  Those who don’t know the Kree basically came down experimented on humans and created Inhumans.  They are almost like mutants but not, probably more like the metas that are found in DC.  We all know that Marvel plans on making an Inhumans movie but that is not set to come out until 2017.  It will be some time and this will be a lot of buildup, but I am guessing since Marvel can’t say mutants as long as Fox owns the rights to X-Men, I don’t get the whole legal stuff but I know Marvel is still saying mutant in the comics.  I can only guess that they are bascially going to say that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are Inhumans until they get the rights back to X-Men.  In lore there were many times that Inhumans were thought to be mutants before they realize they are Inhumns it would only make sense that the reverse could happen. That would be a good reason to bring the Inhuman knowledge in now because how long could they drag out what Skye was before annoying fans.

The interesting thing now is to figure out how Skye’s new powers are going to affect her place on the team and her learning how to control them.  Also since Raina has a lanyard now, does that make her a memeber of SHIELD? What is going to happen to Hydra now that Whitehall is dead?  What is Ward going to do with his new piece of baggage?  Who will Ward play for now, he did his promise and brought Skye to her dad.  I would say Ward would go back to SHIELD and try to get in good with them but with Skye shooting him he might be a bit hesitant.  I guess we will find out all of these answers in March.

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