Fall Finale Review Part 1

I thought it would be good to take a look at the shows now that they are all on their winter hiatus.



This is a new show that is in its first year, it was considered to be one of the most anticipated shows of the fall.  While I have to say I like the show, there are some episodes and things that it does that just falls flat.  I don’t know about anyone else but I’m over all the gang drama.  While I love Jada Pinkett Smith in that role I really am over Falcone and Fish’s vendetta against him.  There are times where they just put that in to link the episodes together and give screen time to the Penguin and Fish, but really there was no need for those scenes.

Gotham - Gordon and Penguin

With that being said, I am liking Gordon and his inability to get with the program.  This explains how Gordon will be come the cop that he is later on, one who will do what he can to change the Gotham and bring it back to its former glory.

Bullock has also been a personal fav, while he is not normally that corrupt it actually fits into the story line that he is.  I think it will mean more for Bullock to change because of Gordon’s influence.  I am looking forward to their partnership reforming because we all know that Gordon is going to become Commissioner one day so he has to go back.

Gotham - Alfred and Bruce

Bruce has been done in a way that I can like, while I do have some issues with how they are making him start is Batman training so soon.  I get that he is a troubled child who needs to find a way to deal with what happened but I don’t think that he would be going through all of that so soon.  I do like him learning how to fight from Alfred.  I also like their dynamic because it shows the shift between master and servant to father and son.  It is also nice for Alfred to say that he has no idea what he is doing, because let’s be fair Alfred really had no idea.


If you have been following us a long you know that I absolutely love Selina, while yes I agree they are making her so Catwoman very soon. I think some of is works really well, she would be sassy and a smart ass.  She probably already knows how to steal and handle herself to some extent because she is a street kind.  I really did love her and Bruce together because that really was a great way of showing their dynamic as kids.  I am happy how that played out, I really am.  I hope they keep their dynamic going for episodes to come, at this point they have met so they have to meet again, they are rather infatuated with each other.

Gotham- The Penguin

Can we talk about the Penguin being crazy, I know he is crazy but he is extra crazy in this and killing people over shoes and sandwiches.  Granted he is becoming more like the Penguin that we know but still there is a lot about him that is very different.  Who knows when he is going to snap and kill someone over a sandwich again.

As for the other villains, well Ivy is creepy, Nigma is so awkward but that makes him a but charming.  Dent is rather crazy but we all already knew that, but is was interesting to see his Two-Face personality.  Zasaz still has to be one of my fav, I am hoping that they will show him again, because he was cool.

Gotham - Monotya and Barbara

I don’t know about anyone else but I have been rather happy that Barbara has been missing from the last few episodes.  She honestly has been rather useless, she really is just there to be Gordon’s fiance.  She has no purpose, in a few episodes she was a sounding board and helped be Gordon’s conscience but other than that she’s just there.  Honestly it feels like they just put her in to give Montoya some more screen time and a bigger purpose on the show.  I know she has to come back into the picture because he has to marry her but I am going to enjoy the time without her so much more.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow: 

Well Sleepy Hollow is one of my fav shows on TV, it is one of the few shows that pretty much delivers every week.  A lot of other shows episodes that just fall flat, Gotham being one of them.  Sleepy Hollow very rarely does that.

SH - Ichabod trapped

The show started off perfectly with getting Ichabod out of the coffin and Abbie out of Purgatory.  We found out that Jenny was alive, which was something we were all wondering about.  They still managed to keep with Ichabod and modern-day living issues, the highlight being him learning how to drive a car.

They introduced a great new character with Hawley, I am sure he has grown on a few people.  I know I actually enjoy his time on the screen, he really has become a valuable member of the team.  I am curious to see if anything comes out of his crush on Abbie.

SH - Irving and Henry

I have to admit I was worried about Irving there for a bit when he accidentally sold his soul to Henry.  But he really did everything that he could to not let it take him over to the point of dying, which was horribly sad.  I really liked Irving, I did not want him to die, but I do wonder if Henry can in essence bring Irving back since he does own his soul.

Let’s talk about this whole Headless Horseman and Katrina thing, while the Horsemen is manipulative he does actually seem to care for Katrina in an odd way.  I was beginning to worry about how Katrina was supposed to be a spy for Ichabod if she could not use magic.  But she did find away to communicate with him, which was good.  Also I think I loved her learning about modern inventions as well because she was rather lost since the Horseman sticks to living with what they know.  Granted the Horseman has done some questionable things like trying to force a joining between him and Katrina. Someone people have a very obsessive form of love.

SH S2E1 - 8

After seeing Ichabod with Abbie I do wonder if Katrina has come to have some real feelings for the Horseman especially with Ichabod not really trusting her.  This is all with good reason since Katrina does like to hide things from him, like her being a witch, a spy, a baby, that his ex-fiance died.  I don’t blame Ichabod, I would kinda be over all of Katrina’s omissions, but he does seem to be forgiving her a bit.

Speaking of this messed up family, Henry, the son that Katrina swears can be saved.  She is such a mother, she really does think that there is some good in him and she has Ichabod convinced of it as well.  I was not so sure about all this, I am kind of with Abbie when it came to Henry because he was doing all the horrible things.  He was trying to destroy Sleepy Hollow, sending out tainted coins that make people do horrible things, trying to birth Moloch, taking Irving soul, etc. But the end did prove that maybe Katrina did know something.  SH - Henry stabs MolochWell it did help that Moloch basically told Henry to kill himself, because Moloch does not care about Henry, he can find another Horseman.  Since Henry already had abandonment issues and Ichabod and Katrina were actually playing good parents.  Well it is not surprising that Henry stabbed Moloch.  What does this fully mean, well we will find out soon but I don’t think Henry is going to be joining the team.

I am starting to hate the new Sheriff less, she still has no idea what is going on but she does seem to have some sort of heart.  She really did try to help Abbie and Jenny as kids.

SH- Sheriff Reyes

Going back to their childhood lets talk about how the mom was actually trying to save them from Moloch.  She actually knew what was going on and what Abbie would become.  That was probably one of the best episodes of the season, when Abbie and Jenny finally get to talk with their mom and everything is cleared up.

That is probably one of the best aspects of Sleepy Hollow, that family is really the theme of the this season if not the show.  Ichabod and Katrina’s family is a huge part of the show with Ichabod being a witness, Katrina being a witch and Henry being the Horseman of War.  This family really plays a huge role in the upcoming apocalypse.  Abbie’s family plays another big role in the show since she is the other witness but not as big a role as Ichabods.  Abbie’s sister is involved because she is was there when they saw Henry rise from the grave.  The mom knew what was going on and tried to save them.  With them now having the family journal I am wondering if Jenny will start to play a bigger part since she can do the incantation from the book.  These two families really will play a huge role in the upcoming war.  At the end they all need each other in order to win this war.

I am sure we should all talk about how much Abbie and Katrina did not get along when Katrina came back to Ichabod for a time.  I don’t think that Abbie was jealous, Katrina was because of the thoughts that the Horseman planted in her head.  Abbie did not trust Katrina because of the fact that Katrina keeps withholding things from them.  I think that everyone who is team Abbie was hoping that Katrina would go back to the Horseman.  I know that they would love for Ichabod to choose Abbie, but that is not happening just yet.

Fox was doing well for their shows this season, Sleepy Hollow being the better of the two.  Gotham really does have some potential and at the end it seemed to be going on a good path.  I am curious to see how the show goes after the fall finale.

I am sure we are all wondering want Henry stabbing Moloch means for everything.  We know that it stopped Moloch from rising on this earth but it does not mean that Moloch is gone for good.


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