Sleepy Hollow: Mama Recap

Sleepy Hollow

This episode is all about the Mills sisters and their mom, if you want to know what happened last week check out the recap here: Heartless Recap

The episode deals with patients at Tarrytown Psychiatric who are killing themselves.  Abbie takes Jenny there to investigate what is going on because Jenny understands that place. While at the psych ward, Abbie and Jenny visit Irving to see what is going on with him.  Jenny has some issues coming back to the place where not only she stayed but also where their mother died, especially after that horrible visit Jenny had as a kid.

The Mills sisters think that their mother’s ghost is making people die the way that she had died at the psych ward.  Since Ichabod is not able to help out on this mission, Abbie calls in Hawley who is more than happy to help.

While in the psych ward the sister see one of the patients who they had seen earlier try to kill himself so they intervene.  While there, the ghost of their mom transports Abbie to another section of the hospital that is no longer in use.  Abbie’s mom tries to warn her about what is going on but she can’t.  Abbie runs into a Nurse Lambert who is shocked to find Abbie in that part of the wing.  The Mill’s sister mom leave them a message to check out one of the recordings from her time there.

After seeing the footage and hearing their mom talk about Nurse Lambert, Abbie realizes that is the name of the nurse there.  They do some research and realize that she use to help patients kills themselves and she was sent to the electric chair.  That means that their mom was not killing people but in fact the nurse is the one doing it all.

SH - Saving Irving

The nurse is now in the room with Irving giving him her cocktail.  Irving then goes into a hot bath where he tries to drown himself but Hawley is able to cut him out while the girls do everything to get him to calm down.  Abbie tells Irving what happened and all he can remember is how he felt.

While checking out their mom’s old room, the mom pays them a visit where she tells them about the nurse and how in the family diaries there is a way to banish her.  The only reason that the mom died was because she could not remember the incantation.  Nurse Lambert comes in and takes Abbie away, the mom tells Jenny to find the diary while she goes and saves Abbie.

SH - Nurse Lambert

Jenny and Hawley head down into the storage area to find the book while Nurse Lambert tries to kill Abbie.  Mama jumps on Nurse Lambert trying to stop her, which gives Jenny time to say the incantation a few times.  Do the Mills sister know how to speak their ancestors native tongue or did Jenny just get lucky, seriously I would not be able to properly pronounce words in another language like she did.  Well Jenny’s incantation worked because Nurse Lambert was banished.

Abbie was upset that she never got to say thank you to their mom, but Jenny realized there is an incantation in the book so she gets Abbie, Hawley, and a no longer sick Ichabod into their mother’s room to invoke her.  After a moment of trying to get Hawley and Ichabod to actually join hands because they don’t like each other.  They are able to bring forth their mom; they find out that all their crazy memories of their mom was really her just trying to protect them from Moloch.  The mom knew that Abbie was a witness and that she is meant to go long further then all of them, does that mean that Jenny might die?  The girls where able to save their mother’s soul from purgatory.

While the team is leaving Irving runs through the wood because he saw a window of opportunity.  Irving jumps into the back of the truck because he is getting out of that hospital.  Look like we will be seeing more of Irving since he is no longer in the hospital.

SH - baby moloch

Over in Katrina land, Henry is guilting Katrina into picking up Moloch baby by saying that she has no maternal instincts.  Well Katrina proves him wrong which almost makes Henry cry, the question is he crying because she did not do that for him or is he crying because the plan is moving forward.  Well Moloch baby does something to Katrina by infecting her, that is when Katrina realizes that the baby is a demon.  She gets some ingredients together to make a potion but when she goes to the crib the baby is not there.  Katrina walks through the house where she finds a toddler who says “I’m hungry mother.” Well we all now demon kids grow up much faster than normal babies.

Well Sleepy Hollow continues to deliver, more importantly they are continuing their theme of family.  I really have a feeling that family and love is going to be a way to stop the apocalypse.  I really liked that this episode dealt with the mom, because the sisters had a lot of question about the mom and why she did the things she did.  I know Jenny had thought that the mom had tried to kill her but in reality she was protecting them from the demons that were after them.  Honestly that was important because the girls needed to forgive their mom for what happened during their childhood.

The Moloch plot is really moving along because he is now older and at the rate he is going he will be a grown adult on only a few episodes.

Also I really want to know what Katrina holding the baby got to Henry, there is something there.  I think the Katrina might be right about the fact that Henry feeling alone and abandoned as a kid plays a part in how he is acting.  She might be right that parents love might be able to save him and bring him back.

Why do you think that Henry was getting all emotional?  Do you think that he can be saved?



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