Gotham: Harvey Dent Recap


We are back for another episode, here is what happened in last weeks episode: The Mask Recap

There was a lot that went on in this episode so I will start off with one of the things that I am sure most people were looking forward to the meeting of Harvey Dent. While Harvey is too old in the sense that he should be closer to Bruce’s age we are going to ignore that.

Gotham - Meeting Harvey Dent

We meet Harvey, he is using his two-heading coin to help keep a kid from going to jail and change his life around. Harvey tells the cops about Lovecraft who he suspects of being involved in the Wayne’s murder. Lovecraft has dealing with everyone in Gotham and he did not get along with Thomas Wayne all that well. Gordon, Montoya, and Crispin all agree to let the idea of an eye-witness who can link Lovecraft to the murders out.

Dent then confronts Lovecraft who is not taking the bait until Harvey goes crazy or at least schizo (which is what Havey is supposed to suffer from) and threatens Lovecraft. Dent later tells Gordon that Lovecraft seems rattled and that he mentioned the eye-witness to all the major players.

Now onto the big thing that I have been waiting for the meeting of Bruce and Selina. Gordon has Selina tell a sketch artist what the man she looked like. Then Gordon brings Selina to Wayne Manor where she is going to stay for a while. Alfred is not happy about it and does not want her there but Bruce is willing to let her stay. It is always interesting when Bruce pulls out the whole I am the master of the house.

Bruce then goes out to meet Selina who is checking out the ming vase:

It is so obvious that Bruce thinks Selina is pretty and Selina I think is shocked to see Bruce awake. Also I squeed, I squeed like the fangirl that I am but I couldn’t help it because I have been shipping them since I was 8.

Bruce and Alfred are training because Bruce wants to learn how to fight.

Bruce denies that he fancies Selina, of course he does, no 12-year-old admits their crushes.  Also I love the dynamic between Alfred and Bruce in this scene it is so perfect, its in these moments where the master and servant lines are blurred that we can see their real relationship, father and son.

Selina shows up for breakfast the next day, where Bruce has offered to get her clothes but Selina is not feeling it. She is a very tough nut, Bruce asks Selina about her family she gets defensive and says that she is not an orphan. Alfred sees this and calls Gordon because he thinks that Selina needs to go.

Selina thinks about leaving but Bruce stops her and they remark how they both walk quietly. They talk about their moms and Selina claims her is an entertainer who is really a secret government agent who will come back for her when she is done with her mission. Selina also seduces Bruce in the only way a 12-year-old can by asking him if he has ever been kissed. Poor Bruce was flustered, playboy Bruce does not exist yet. Since apparently Bruce is developing his own curriculum he has a lot more freedom.

Bruce is then in the bottom of the pool where he is trying to see how long he can hold his breath. Selina catches him and doesn’t understand his conditioning because it will not help him on the streets of Gotham unless he is ruthless. Since we all know how Batman is I guess he listened to her.

The next day at breakfast Selina tells Bruce if he can hit her with a pastry she would let him kiss her. This begins the pastry war of 2014 or whatever year is it suppose to be that Alfred walks in on but Alfred does not get mad he actually smiles because Bruce it being a kid not an adult. When Gordon calls Alfred, Alfred tells him that Selina can stay because she is not so bad.

Gordon was dealing with a lot, his case that he has going is about a bomber who was broken out of Blackgate. This guy is a master bomber who had blown up a bunch of other places before he killed a few people and turned himself in. Hardgrove (the bomber) was kidnapped by Russian who wanted to use him to blow up a bigger place. Hardgrove was not dumb he left a clue for the cops to find they could save him but the Russians come back and take Hardgrove.

It turns out that the Russians are working for Fish because they are going after the money that Falcone has hidden. The Russians break into the vault that is holding Falcone’s money and taking it when the cops come. The truck that is holding all the money is then blown up by a bomb that was under the truck thus killing all the Russians.

Fish had that bomb planted just in case things went bad, while Butch thinks that it is sad that they lost all the money, Fish is not sad about it. In the end she as able to hit Falcone where it would hurt and that is all that she wanted to do.

The mayor sends all the prisoners from Blackgate who need actually pyschological help because they are not getting that at Blackgate, to Arkham Asylum.

A minor stories:

Gotham - Penguin and Fish

The Penguin checks out Liza and he realizes that Liza is working for Fish because they both have lilac perfume. Penguin tells Liza he knows but he won’t say anything but she has to keep working for Fish. I really didn’t get all of this, it just seemed like they needed to give the Penguin something to do that might be a mission from Falcone, it was almost a pointless just filler scenes.

Gordon also had to deal with Barbara leaving him for a time who we find out is chilling with Montoya again. Gordon is also hiding the whole working with Dent about the Wayne murders from Bullock.

Other scenes:

Nigma was in the episode being awkward, but we learned that he likes video game and that listens to trivia on the radio. He also gets kind of geeky crazy when he discovers something cool.

I will admit the whole reason that I like this episode is because of the fact Bruce and Selina. I probably wouldn’t like this episode if it was not for that fact. Hardgrove was an interesting villain but he wasn’t really a villain. Hardgrove was being forced into it because they were threatening his brother’s family. Which lead the real villain of the episode to be Fish, I am not going to lie I’m a bit over the whole Fish/Falcone thing.

Gotham - Harvey and coin

Let’s talk about more interesting things like Harvey being kind of manic which is an interesting way to play him. I am wondering if they are doing that because of the fact that Harvey does suffer from schizophrenia. In the comics Harvey had basically suppressed it only to have it reemerge when he became Two-Face.

Selina, well she is always hungry but that probably comes from living on the streets. She is still a tough nut to crack, which I am sure some people might not like because it is so Catwoman as an adult. I could completely see a street kid being guarded and not want talk about certain things. That part really does not bother me, it fits well at least to me it does.

Bruce and Selina so cute because it is like a young romance, the whole we like each other but we are going to act like we don’t. That is alright, they are young I don’t want them to be couple, I like them being friends. The whole big thing with Bruce and Selina is that Catwoman could get to Batman and make him feel things. This is the same thing, she can get him to be a normal kid because she can show him the other side of things.

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