Hunger Games: Mockingjay Book vs Movie


Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is here, if you are anything like me you have been waiting for this since last year. I was there at 11:00 in theaters on Thursday ready to see the movie.  I will admit no Katniss braid this time, but I did not do a good job with it last year because my hair is short.

I think we have all heard that the movie is slow, well those of use who have read the books we knew that going in, book 3 is slow. I do think a book audience might enjoy the movie better because of the fact they know what is going to happen so they are looking for certain things. As someone who read the books, the movie goes faster than the book.

The movie starts with Katniss in her hiding place because of the fact she can’t sleep. They take her away and give her meds, when she wakes up she hears a crying Finnick who pretty much thinks and wishes they were all dead. Then title, literally how the movie starts.


They get right into the meat of things really quickly Katniss was brought before Plutarch and President Coin really quickly to ask her to be the Mockingjay for them. Katniss, is just sitting there like you want me to do what, I don’t want to do this. Katniss is really jaded by the loss of Peeta because she has no idea where he is or if he is still alive. Coin does not know how this woman is supposed to lead their rebellion because she is damaged from the games.

Plutarch sends Katniss to district 12 so she can see what the Capitol did to her home. People have a an idea what was done thanks to the trailers but the part where she steps on the skull and then sees all the dead bodies, that moment probably does us all in. One thing I will give the Hunger Games movies is that they do a really good job with the visuals.

Mockingjay - Katniss - 3

It is so interesting how the Capital did not destroy victor village because President Snow had expected Katniss to go back to her home, which is why he planted the rose there for her to see. If I was Katniss I would have been freaked out to and Buttercup in the bag would not be helping. I dunno about any of you but I have cats there is no way a cat would be that calm in a bag.  Also I have to wonder who’s job was it to plant a rose there everyday until Katniss sees it. I don’t believe that Snow just got lucky, someone was making sure there was always a rose there for whenever Katniss came home.

Katniss arrives back at district 13 with her father’s coat and her hunting back filled with herbs, her father’s picture and Buttercup. Prim is so happy to have her cat back but of course the worry is will they allow her to keep the cat. While dinning with Gale, Katniss sees Peeta on the capital TV as he talks with Cesar:

Unfortunately, Peeta asks for a ceasefire, which causes in uproar in District 13 and causes everyone to call Peeta a traitor.

While talking with Prim that night, Katniss realizes that she can do anything that she wants to do so she goes to Coin and Plutarch with a list of demands. Katniss wants the other tributes to be rescued and to be given full pardons. Coin was against this but Plutarch talks Coin into it because they need Katniss to be the Mockingjay. Katniss also ask for Prim to be allowed to keep her cat.

Plutarch goes to get Effie to be Katnisses escort/prep team for the propaganda videos that they will be filling. Poor Effie feels like she is in hell basically because of how different life is in District 13, but she agrees. Katniss was very excited to see Effie, who shows her the drawing of the Mockingjay outfit that Cinna had made for her. The outfit she will wear as a symbol of the rebellion.

Mockingjay - Katniss - 2

Coin tells District 13 that Katniss agreed to be the Mockingjay on certain conditions. She menations on how they plan on honoring them as long as Katniss full fills her part of the agreement. Finnick was happy to hear that Katniss made sure that Annie would be saved.


Katniss is absolutely horrible at filming these videos because well Katniss is not an actress, that was Peeta’s job. Haymitch comes to the rescue during the meeting because he realizes that Katniss can’t be forced the people respond to her when she is herself.

Did anyone else love the Haymitch and Effie flirt moment there, because I really did. That might also be fanfictions fault because there are a lot of Haymitch and Effie shippers out there, I kind of like the idea of them as a couple.

Before Katniss can head off she visits Beetee who gives her a special bow with special arrows and Gale is also given a special weapon because he is on her team. While on the way to District 8, Katniss meets her camera team.

Mockingjay - District 8

We have all seen most of the how her time in the District 8 hospital goes from the trailers because that is when everyone is looking at her asking her if she will fight and she agrees. The one thing that I like in this scene is that someone asks her what happened to the baby, because if we all remember correctly Katniss was “pregnant” during the Quarter Quell.

While they are getting ready to leave they are told about upcoming bombers, as they flee for cover well we all know how Katniss is:


Katniss and Gale eventually arrive on the roof where they take down both of the planes. It is not enough to save the wounded in the hospital who are all killed. This is when Katniss gives her winning propo performance and the line that many of us were looking forward: “If we burn you burn with u.”

This propo is shown throughout the districts which causes another video from Peeta where he does not look as good as he did in the first one. People are still not happy with what Peeta is saying but Katniss thinks that he is be forced.

A trip is made to District 12 to shoot another video because Peeta doesn’t know what happened and they want to make sure that he sees. Gale tells the story what happened the night of the bombing and Gale is upset that he was not able to save more people. Cessenda reminds him that he was able to save so many people. While back at Katniss’s house, Katniss is taking more things and Gale talks about how he remembers her kissing him on the table. Katniss and Gale share another kiss (not happy about this but I’m Team Peeta). Gale knew that Katniss would kiss him because she always does when he is hurting but he will get over it. I don’t know about anyone else but how that scene came off it almost seemed like Gale manipulated her.

The team is chilling by the water having some food when Pollux ask Katniss to sing, so she sings the hanging tree song. Her singing becomes the sound for the next propo, which is shown throughout the districts.


Beetee is eventually able to hack through his own system so that they can get into the capital feed. Another video from Peeta is happening where he looks even worse, the make-up job they did on him and the weight that Josh Hutcherson had to have lost, wow. Peeta is talking about these rebel acts are bad but Beetee starts to stream the latest propo video in cutting into the feed. Peeta is able to hear Katniss, which seems to be the best thing because Peeta then tells them that bombers are coming for them in District 13.

District 13 is evacuated down into the bunker levels, Katniss is almost ran over during this time, thankfully someone helps her back up. Katniss leaves the bunker because Prim is not there and she realizes that Prim was saving Buttercup. Prim and Gale are coming down the stairs and barely make it into the bunker.

While all of this is going on Coin is with Boggs and Plutarch as they try to defend against the bombers. Coin was launching missiles at the planes but she realized that they are not targeting her weapon area because they don’t know where they are. Since the Capitol is working with outdated information Coin decided to stop attacking so they can conserve what they do have.

Katniss in the bunker using the flashlight for Buttercup to play with when she realizes this is what President Snow is doing to her, he is taunting her.

Katniss is suppose to do another propo to let them know that she is alive and well in District 13 but she can’t after seeing the white roses that Snow had left for her. Katniss then realizes that Snow will kill Peeta if this keeps up. Haymitch and Effie get Katniss out of there because it is too much for her to handle.

Mockingjay - Finnick

Haymtich later finds Katniss in her hiding place where he tells her that they are sending in a team to get Peeta and them since they have a window because of the power being out. In order to keep the Capitol occupied they stream a video with Finnick who tells about his time in the Capitol and what they did to him. Finnick also uses this time to let out all the secrets that he knows about President Snow while the extraction team goes in.

When they lose signal with the team Katniss then calls President Snow in an attempt to by more time. Katniss tells Snow that she will go away if he lets Peeta go and she tries to negotiate with him. Snow will not hear it but he lets Katniss know that he knows all about the extraction team before he cuts off. I should mention by this point I am almost a nervous wreak because I know what it coming, I think my hand might have been shaking.

Katniss and Finnick are waiting to hear news and they are told that the team is back. They both head over ot the medical area where they see Joanna with all her hair shaved off and looking pissed, Joanna always looks pissed. Finnick runs over to Annie who jumps out of the bed and onto Finnick, this is such a cute reunion moment that I could really enjoy so much more if I didn’t know what was coming up.

My nerves have come back writing this, that is crazy but they did a great job building up the suspense for this scene. I think it might have been worse for the book readers because we really just wanted to see it. Katniss finds Gale who she hugs and is happy to see but Gale is confused because he doesn’t know why they let them go. Katniss goes into the room where she see Peeta who looks even worse, my poor Peeta. By the time Katniss is in front of Peeta, the look in his eyes he looked…well Peeta jumped up and attacked Katniss. Peeta’s hands where around her throat as he tries to kill her. Haymitch and people try to stop them but he just tosses them away like they were rag dolls and continues to try to kill Katniss until Boggs hits Peeta over the head.

Cut to Katniss in the hospital with a neck brace on as she freaks out and then tries to speak. Boggs tells her to calm down and eventually people are brought in to explain what happened. Peeta was hijacked with tracker jacket venom and made to fear her. They are going to do what they can to save him.

While Coin is giving a speech about saving the victors, Katniss is walking down the hall so see Peeta who is tied up in a bed trying to break free. Oh my poor Peeta bread, I want to hug him.

Other scenes:

They had scenes with President Snow and his thoughts on what he should do about the rebels. When he delivered his address saying how anything associated with the Mockingjay is treason, his granddaughter took out her Katniss braid. I guess the Capitol school girls are going to need a new hair trend. In the Districts after this message aired they made sure to kill some people on the Justice Hall steps just to prove what happens to people who traitors.

When Snow had to make the call about bombing the hospital in District 8 because they are associating with the Mockingjay. I also feel it was at this time that Snow decided to hijack Peeta because this was the first time that Snow got a look at Katniss and noticed that she was not pregnant. Since Snow does not know that was a lie, but let’s be fair Snow knew that was a lie.

In District 7 the people revolted by climbing up trees and putting bombs on the ground to blow up the peacekeepers. Unfortunately, there were numerous innocent people who died trying to get away and climb the trees. The Mockingjay symbol and Rue’s whistle were used to let everyone know when.

In District 5 the people used the hanging tree song from the one propo while they storm the power supply which resulted in a lot of death. The people were able to get through and place bombs inside which blew up the damn causing the power to go out in the Capitol.

The whole extraction team, seeing them go in to get Peeta, Joanna, and Annie while also seeing Finnick make his speech. The cutting back and forth just helped cause the suspense to grow especially for those of us that knew what was coming up. It was good, I have to say I liked how they did this because even a movie audience would be wondering who they were going to find and what state they would be in. When the lights go back on and you find out that Snow knows, that made it even worse.

Now what did we lose from the book:

Mockingjay - Effie

I think one of the biggest things would have to be Katniss’s prep team, they are not in the movie at all. Instead they replace them with Effie, we should remember that we do not find out that Effie is alive until the end of the book. It is from the prep team that Katniss finds out that Cinna is dead, I don’t know about the rest of you but I was holding out that Cinna was alive until then. This change for me was not a big deal because I never got really attached to the prep team even in the books where they play a bigger role. The movies helped me become even more attached to Effie, who I was already pretty attached to. Honestly Effie is the comic relief in the somber story, because she hate 13, still acts like she is in the Capitol as much as she can.

Can we talk about that Effie does to her clothes, she refuses to even wear that jumpsuit and keeps modifying them. Also this tells me that Effie can sew and make clothes so I learned something about this character. I am really okay with this change because I don’t think it took away from the story.

The one thing that they did not put in that I was missed was the Haymitch being in Katniss’s ear when they film the propos. I really was looking forward to the scene where she is in the hospital bed and he tells her that if she takes her ear piece out again he will have it permanently implanted in her. I think this would have helped the movie not seem as drawn out. It out have given something else to those scenes that could have up the intensity. Who doesn’t love more Haymitch, especially with the great job that Woody Harrison is doing in the role.


On the topic of Haymitch and Katniss they left out them growing back together because of Peeta getting captured where they both blame themselves. In the movie Haymitch comes back on the team but Katniss is not happy to see him. Basically since Haymitch is one of the few people who understands what is going on he is there to give support and that how Katniss and Haymitch grow back in the movie.

Speaking of cutting back bonding, there is a bit left out between Finnick and Katniss including Finnick stripping down naked. I am sure some of the fans wanted to see Sam Claflin strip down but he also didn’t do it in the other movie. It was the bonding that helped me like Finnick even more, this book is the one that made me really love Finnick and Joanna. I am hoping they don’t cut some of the bonding time with Katniss and Joanna. those are some really great moments. More on all of that later.  They never explain why Finnick is tying the rope throughout the movie, I am sure there are people who thought he was trying kill himself.

They also cut out some of the bonding time with Prim and Gale. When Prim is talking to Katniss she has a lot more to say which is how we learn how smart Prim really is.

They also cut out all the schedule stuff which honestly I did not miss, but it would have been fun to watch Katniss ignore her schedule like she always does. The line about them finding a job for Buttercup and printing a schedule on his paw would have been funny.

Also Katniss did not ask to kill President Snow in her demands, this is big because it gives her a bonding moment with Coin because they both hate Snow and want to kill him.  She also did not ask for Gale to always be with her and for them to hunt. They did make Gale a part of her team anyway and let them go hunting.

They did take some things out from the book, some of what they did take out really is not missed. I just wish they would give us the backstories on the victors that we did not get in the second movie. I feel like Finnick’s back story was mellowed out. Seriously they sold him, because he was pretty he was sold and he had to so it otherwise they would have killed someone he loved like Annie. I am sorry that is super messed up. Then the fact that Snow was killing all his competition by poisoning them and they he has sores in his mouth because he also drank the poison, which is why he wears the perfumed roses. It was all said but it was tied into the extraction of the victors which mellowed its importance. At the same time I am happy they put it in so I cannot complain too much.

I did like the movie but I do completely get why people were saying it was boring or did not like it, it was a but slow. It was not really any different than Harry Potter when they split the movie, all the big led up stuff that was kind of slow was done in the first half. Granted there is still some more that has to go on but it will flow very nicely in the next movie.

I know some people are not happy about the ending, I cannot say I am fully happy about it. They ended it where I thought they would and but they went on longer. I was hoping they would end it with the Peeta attacking Katniss and give the movie people who cliffhanger. They were right the ending to the movie was rather anti-climatic. They ended it on the low note when they could have ended the movie on a high note. It did make sense for them to end where they did but I think they could have done a better job.

With all of that being said there are still some really great scenes that are coming up and I will be sure to mention the ones that I am looking forward to seeing. What did you think of the movie?

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  1. The best part of the movie was when Katniss has a dream about Peeta, it was totally unexpected for book fans but it was touching

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