Arrow: Guilty Recap


Last week we learned more about Felicity and her hacking/computer skills. We also go to meet her mom who is completely different then her.  Also a virus that Felicity created almost destroyed Starling City

The major things going on in this episode was if Roy had killed Sara and the bad guy had to do with Ted Grant.

Arrow - Roy and Felicity

Let’s start with Roy because I am sure everyone was curious about that. Well Roy tells his suspicions to Felicity who runs the possibility. It is possible someone with the meta drug in them could have thrown the arrows into her.

Roy decides to do the right thing and confess to Oliver and Laurel who are confused by this.  Oliver checks with Felicity about it being possible and she said it could be, everyone wants Oliver to let Roy go.

In the end Oliver does not let Roy go, he actually has Roy sit down and meditate because Oliver realized that Roy didn’t kill Sara he was just gaining back the memories from when he killed the cop.  The plan did not work out as well as Oliver hoped because Roy still looks at himself as a killer, but good news Roy did not kill Sara.

Arrow - hanging bodies

Now onto the main part of the episode, there are bodies are being found hung up and beaten with brass knuckles.  Some of the bodies are found in Ted Grant’s gym which had a few people thinking that he was the one who did it. They were beat by a lefty, found in his gym, and the words guilty written by them.

It come out when another body is found in Ted Grant’s storage unit, that Grant use to be a vigilante like Arrow.  Wildcat!!!!!  Grant gave it up after a drug dealer was beaten to death, which Grant takes the blame for.  The cops arrest Grant because at this point he looks really suspicious.

While Arrow was there, the actually person doing the killings showed and he threatened Grant.  All the info finally comes out, Grant had a little side-kick much like Oliver has with Roy, the side-kick is the one who killed the drug dealer all those years ago.  Grant had let the side-kick go after that, which turned out to be a bad idea because he was kidnapped and tortured.  The little side-kick blames all of this on Grant, now he is seeking his revenge.

The team including Roy all manage to stop the side-kick, but Grant tells Oliver to get rid of Roy because it will only end bad. Oliver won’t abandon Roy or lose faith in Roy because that is why things went back with Grant’s side-kick.


Side Story:

No one was happy about Laurel training with Grant, her dad and Oliver both try and talk her out of it. Oliver knows that she is doing it so she can become like her sister.  At the end, Laurel asks Grant to take her on like a side-kick so that she can do justice outside of the courtroom.  I guess we might being seeing reappearance of Wildcat.


Oh, how I did not miss these flashbacks, this one dealt with how Oliver was on a mission and the target lost what they were looking for.  Oliver saw what happened but he could not remember, so Yukio (I have no idea what her name is on this show) does a meditation technique to help Oliver remember.  Now we all learned how Oliver was able to do the meditation technique on Roy. Yukio does not like Oliver and wants him out of their lives and away from her son as soon as possible.

Arroe - CupidAlso we got to meet Arrow obsessed fan – Cupid at the end of the episode.

I did like this episode because we got to an Easter Egg; Wildcat. I have been hoping that we would see that character, while Grant did not suit up it was mentioned that he had been a vigilante.  With Laurel wanting to suit up, it will only be a matter of time before Grant puts his back on.  I have been waiting to officially see Wildcat ever since Laurel started training with him.  I am looking forward to seeing some clashing between him and Arrow before they become a part of the team.

I think we were all happy when we found out that Roy did not kill Sara, the hunt for her killer is still on.

Until next episode when we have to deal with Cupid.

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