Agents of SHIELD: The Writing on the Wall Recap


What is going in SHIELD land, well Hydra are a bunch of asses, Ward’s brother is a jerk and Ward has escaped.

This episode mainly dealt with two different things the hunt for Ward and the hunt for the alien code.  Let’s go with Ward first and then the code since that has been a huge thing.  Triplet, May, Bobbi and Hunter (I know we can all be excited that Hunter did not leave, he has grown on me) are all hunting down Ward.  The first Ward sighting is done by Trip well:

Of course Ward knows Tripp is there and shows off that he has C4 strapped to his body. I was with Tripp can we please just shoot him, Tripp is not having any fun shooting anyone.

AOS - Hunter

Ward jumps on a bus with Bobbi on it who he knows it a SHIELD agent because she has been reading the same page the whole time.  Everyone should note that when you are following someone and “reading” a book to actually read some of the book.  After Ward has made his point he switches to the other bus, which has Hunter on it, he looks adorable pretending to be a cowboy.

Ward then heads over to bar that happens to be a Hydra bar, seriously they have a bar, SHIELD you are seriously slacking on that one.  Ward gets Bakshi to come down to see him because he wants to the head of Hydra, Ward I thought you were not Hydra just loyal to Garret.

The mini team arrives outside and gets ready to head in there only to find everyone taken out and Banshi tied up.  Well Ward did tell Bakshi that he would get a face to face with Coulson.  Ward calls Bakshi’s phone which Skye picks up, Ward let’s her know that this will be the first of many presents from him.  Wait, is Ward trying to get in good with Skye by helping out SHIELD.  Also Ward is going after his brother, but that really does not come as a shock to anyone.

AOS - Alien writing

Now on to the other SHIELD story, so Coulson is still drawing the signs, which he does to some nice relaxing jazz music. This part of the team becomes aware of the fact someone was killed and they have the alien signs carved on them.  When Coulson and Skye arrive at the scene he just knows that this lady had been a SHIELD agents.  They find her paintings that have the alien symbols on the back of them, so she has to be the one who drew on the painting a few episodes ago.

Coulson realizes that he has to do something that is going to be really hard, which is go inside the memory machine.  Skye and them don’t want him to do it but they all know that he has to.  They make sure that Mack is on hand just in case Coulson needs to be held down, this is where Mack get worried.

AOS - Coulson memory machine

While in the machine Coulson’s memories come back, there were 6 people who were put through the T.A.H.I.T.I program.  It was a succes but then the alien DNA started to make everyone go crazy and everyone started to draw the alien symbols.  The doctors then decide to replace everyone memories like they did to Coulson, this is the painful part of the process.  The good part is that all of these people get to go on to live normal healthly lives, where they draw alien symbols.

Coulson finds one of the only people still alive from the T.A.H.I.T.I project besides crazy tattoo guy, but crazy tattoo guy was there.  Coulson is now tied up being interogated by the crazy tattoo guy because they both are trying to figure out what the symbols mean.  The other guy’s muscle memories kick in; he unties himself, catches a knife thrown at him, and throws the knife freeing Coulson before he get out of there.  While Coulson is fighting with crazy tattoo guy he looks down at the train set that the other guy built, the train set is a 3D model of the symbols.  The symbols are 3D and look like a city.

AOS - Alien city

Once Coulson and the crazy tattoo guy see this, they stop being crazy, the symbols were just trying to form.  Since the other guy built the symbols so he was not crazy like all the rest.  Now they have the missing piece of info, which is that there is a city out there.

Side story:

Fitz will always be a side story, Mack is helping with his hand eye coordination by making him play video games.  Mack really loves his video games it seems.  Mack is new so he has no idea what is going on here so he is worried about Coulson being crazy, but Coulson fixed that at the end.

Other things of note:

  • Coulson locked Skye in the same cage that held Ward.
  • Hunter and Bobbi have the best banter, I am happy that Hunter didn’t leave the team.
  • Even though it makes me happy I guess we should have a moment of silence for Ward’s beard, it had a good run.
R.I.P. Ward's Beard

R.I.P. Ward’s Beard

The biggest thing about this episode would have to be the alien writeing it was just trying to manifest into something, once that was discovered the mind calms down.  I am sure everyone is trying to figure out what that city is, I’ll do a separate post on the possibilities. I am sure that is really what we are all concerned about.

Until next episode:

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