The Walking Dead S5E6 – “Consumed”

In this episode, we’re actually going back in time, seeing Carol and Daryl’s adventure chasing after Beth’s kidnappers, and finding out just how Carol ended up in the hospital.


And, actually, the episode starts out even further back, in the moment just after Rick has “banished” her from the prison at the beginning of last season. Solo Carol takes a second to cry, and then seems to just get on with living, finding a safe haven and setting up a living space, until she sees plumes of smoke coming from the direction of the prison. She heads off towards the scene, and we see fire reflected in the windshield.

Cut to the present, and she and Daryl are chasing after a car with a white cross on its rear window, back towards Atlanta. The car in front of them stops and they watch as a “cop” gets out, looks around, looks in their direction for a moment, then drives off. Daryl moves to start the car again and follow, but they’re out of gas, and walkers are coming out everywhere, but Carol knows a place they can hole up.

Daryl, take the wheel!

Daryl, take the wheel!

She’s taking him to her little love nest– I mean, apartment.

They talk, each of them expressing how they’re “trying,” never really specifying what they’re trying to do, exactly, when a bang calls them further into the building. They find walkers scrambling at a frosted glass door, trying to get in. One of them is a child and Carol visibly steels herself, ready to kill them, but Daryl pulls her away, saying that she doesn’t have to do it.

The next morning, though, she wakes up to find that Daryl has done it himself, had wrapped the bodies, and is even burying them. She tears up, because that’s what romance is now, so ladies and gentlemen, take note.

Scruffiest Prince Charming ever.

Scruffiest Prince Charming ever.

We get another flashback, this time just after Carol has killed Lizzie, and she and Tyreese are burying the sisters.

It’s the same format as last week, because that short clip is soon over and we are treated to a Carol/Daryl date which, naturally, involves no physical affection, but heaps of emotional support as they stalk through the walker-infested streets of Atlanta, sneaking buildings and basically being the two baddest bitches on the show (sorry, Michonne, but I do love your relationship with Carl).

Once inside, they encounter a half dozen walkers, who are all caught in sleeping bags and tents, writhing and snarling and basically being kind of hilarious… Until they sneak by the ones still in tents without killing them because Heaven forbid they should take out easy prey who are really only trapped so long as some polyester tents and hollow aluminum tent poles retain their structural integrity…

Sigh… This show, with all of the single walkers left to shamble on.

Carol comments that he still hasn’t asked after the fate of those two girls, and he tells her that he knows what happened, reminding her that they get to start over because they have to when she alludes to what she had to do.

They spot an abandoned van with the white cross painted on the back and are about to head out… When they stop to discuss art.

See? It IS a date!

You talk about your likes and dislikes. You know. A date!

You talk about your likes and dislikes. You know. A date!

Daryl mocks an abstract painting in the office they’re standing in, Carol tells him that she kind of likes it, that he doesn’t know her, and he replies that she can just go right on telling herself that.


Heading back out on to the bridge they came in through, only to be stopped at gunpoint by Not Young Chris Rock, who takes their crossbow and sniper rifle before loosing the tent walkers and escaping. They each down a walker, and Daryl stops her from shooting the boy in the back as he quickly limps away. She defends her actions; they need their weapons. Daryl didn’t want her to kill a kid, though.

"Why i gotta be 'Not Young Chris Rock?'" "Because I forgot your name, man. Sorry."

“Why i gotta be ‘Not Young Chris Rock?'”
“Because I forgot your name, man. Sorry.”

Another brief flashback, and we see Carol impassively watching as she burns the bodies of her victims back at the prison, mouth covered.

In the present, they approach the van, which is half over the edge of a bridge. They both climb in, though, as it teeters, and as walkers are approaching from all sides, and they have no weapons. The only thing they can think of to escape is to get back into the van and Thelma and Louise it. They go off the bridge, holding hands (Ee!) luckily landing on their tires and shocks, buckled up and one of the airbags deploying, and about a dozen walkers following them off the edge like lemmings.

They both manage to limp away, though, and Carol has some kind of injury in her arm. The good news is that they’ve figured out where the makeshift ambulances are docked. Grady Memorial Hospital is only a few more blocks away.

They take a breather and talk some more, talk about how far they’ve come/fallen from who they used to be. Carol talks about how Sophia, and then those girls, got “burned away,” and Daryl reminds her that they aren’t ashes.

Another bang in the building they’re eating lunch in has them moving, quickly finding a walker pinned to a wall by one of Daryl’s crossbow bolts. Realization strikes as they hear automatic fire close by. Carol is hurt, and Daryl rushes ahead to surprise not Young Chris Rock, knocking him over and toppling a bookshelf over him. As the boy begs for their help, Daryl moves to walk off, but Carol calls after him, this time being the one to bring the other back from the edge of… Something. She moves to save him as a walker descends on the boy, a crossbow bolt takes the walker out inches from his collarbone.

Once more, we get a flashback of Carol, this time, simple cleaning the walker guts and mud off of herself just after she’s pretty much single-handedly stormed Terminus.

Talk about a power couple, BTW...

Talk about a power couple, BTW…

Carol and Daryl help the boy up, and he panics, telling them that the hospital staff will have heard the shots and will come running, and Daryl heatedly asks if there’s a blonde girl there. Of course, we know they’ve met, so they very quickly move to find shelter…

Only for Carol to be hit by the Grady Ambulance herself. The boy holds Daryl back from running after her, saying that the hospital has medicine and can help her, and that they’ll need a lot to get her back. As they drive off, Daryl cries.

Because he’s full of feelings.

And so am I!

Just give me a minute.

Just give me a minute.

I’ve been all about Glenn and Maggie for a bajillion years now, but silently pining for Carol and Daryl since the search for Sophia. I don’t even mind their relationship beign so painfully slow. Their characters have been so well developed in the past couple of years that you know, as a viewer, that this speed is exactly what they each need, and I really love them being there for each other. Even when she doesn’t think that she’ll ever see Daryl again, Carol is reading a book on helping the victims of childhood abuse (which Daryl is) and the little things they do for each other are just so fucking sweet, but in a really practical way and it’s all so meaningful, and….


I can't even.

I can’t even.

And now Daryl is going to rally the troops and they are going to storm the hospital. Only time will tell if the Washington crew is going to be back to join them or if Abraham has well and truly snapped and is forcing them all to march to Washington anyways.

In the meantime, I’m going to go and eat my feelings some ice cream to make myself feel better.

Don’t cry, Daryl. Don’t cry.

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