The Flash: Plastique Recap


On last episode of Flash, we meet Captain Cold who looks to be a really interesting villain, I really like that he is not a metahuman and yet he is a big challenge for Barry.

Flash - Barry and Cisco drinking

My life is over I’m 25 and can’t get drunk


Barry is out drinking with Caitlin, Cisco, Iris and Eddie because well he wants all his friends to get along.  While doing this Barry figured out that he cannot get drunk which probably has to do with his new high metabolism.  Cisco and Caitlin get excited about this and have to conduct an experiment. Can we talk about Caitlin carrying around a blood sample kit in her purse.  Eddie get a police call and everyone makes up a story about being tired and having to go.

Barry arrives at the scene where the guy is hanging on a building and after being told that it is not a road runner cartoon Barry asks how fast would he have to run up to get up the building:

I get why Barry does the whole face vibrating thing so people he knows can’t see him clearly but let’s be fair the people in the DC universe are kind of stupid.  No one being able to tell Clark Kent is Superman or Diana Prince is Wonder Women. I think Barry will be alright his mask covers half his face, it seems to be working really well for Batman.

There is a random bombing and Barry has to check it out as actually Barry but he is unable to find any explosive materials or residue.  Barry catches up to Plastique who touches he suit and causes it to blow up.  Good news we got to see Barry in his boxers also Barry wears boxers.

Cisco is upset about losing one of his suit, he is really upset about this but he gets over it when Barry later on brings Plastique to the lab to help her. Cisco pretty much tried to hit on Plastique in the more nerd way possible. Plastique was trying to kill the person that she thought did this to her but in reality it was because of the explosion.

Flash - Barry and Plastique

Well’s we all know is crazy and he basically told Plastique to go and kill the people after her. He used the fact that she is a solider to do it.  Plastique is going after them to kill this military unit after her but they kill her.  Now this might have been a good idea but then she kind of starts to become a human bomb, so Barry needs to move Plastique.  The team figures out how it would be possible for Barry to run on water.  After running on water Barry manages to save everyone from being blown up, after all the high speed running I think Barry needs some of those special carb bars.

Flash - Team Flash drinking

Now the team is awesome because Caitlin distilled some 500 proof alcohol to give Barry a buzz since he can’t anymore.  This worked for about 2 seconds but its a work in progress.

Side stories:

Iris is super on about this whole Streak thing, both Barry and Detective West try to talk her out of it.  When Barry goes down as The Flash to talk to her, he finds out that she is doing it because of him.  She is basically trying to prove what he saw that night was right with the Streak.  Unfortunately, because Barry needs to protect Iris it causes him and her to have a break.

The other side story is that Wells was working with the military guy aka Lex Luthor or Sheriff Corbin, on making a super solider.  Wells did not like the methods that were being used so he shut down the program. In our bonus scene we got to see that the subject was Grood, who is none other then one of The Flash’s villains.

This episode was so slow, I get that it was all about friendship but seriously there was way too much about Iris and the blog and trying to stop her.  We all knew that she was not going to stop because she has to be the Lois Lane of this place.  Even Plastique was not doing it because she was really not a villain, just an innocent who can’t control her powers like Rogue.  I really wish she had not died because she would have been fun to have around. Even though Wells was against it because of her powers.

Also I think it should be noted that Detective West knows about Barry’s feeling about Iris. Detective West is just waiting for Barry to make a move. I think that means that Detective West approves of Barry, I didn’t think he approved of anyone.

Until next episode when The Flash goes up against Colossus.

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