Once Upon a Time S4E8 – “Smash the Mirror”

Doesn’t smashing mirrors bring seven years of bad luck..? Somebody really ought to let the good folks of Storybrooke know in this 2-hour episode.

photo 3

We get a good recap of everything that’s happened so far, making the season seem a lot more exciting and fast-paced than it really has been… But let’s cover the events of last night’s episode, since it was a doozy.

In the past:

Ingrid hides the hat/box in a cave before confronting the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (who I’ll be calling Mickey from now on for fairly obvious reasons) and trying to force him into allowing her an audience with the Sorcerer. Mickey isn’t being cooperative, but asks her what she wants. Her answer? Happiness. When she was little, she was happy, but she claims that her sisters could never accept her for what she was because they were ordinary… Which we, of course, know is a bunch of bullshit from last week’s episode… But she wants two new, magical sisters. She’s going to take Elsa, her niece, as one of her new sisters (cue “Dueling Banjos”) and needs a third, “perfect match.” She pledges to wait as long as it takes.

Elsa, meanwhile, is a good sister, inspecting a spread of dinner which is apparently all chocolate. God Bless her. Ingrid comes in and tells Elsa that Anna found the hat, that it’s what her parents had been searching for when their shipwreck… shipwrecked. A magic hat that would strip her of her powers. As she talks about how they powers make them special, being none too subtle about how they’re sooooooo freaking similar, Ingrid drops that she’s also taken the liberty of locking Anna up in the dungeon… Because the palace guards of Arendelle are the worst at their jobs. Elsa says that her sister would never have done that, but Ignrid tells her that their mother has done it to her. Elsa needs a moment.

Somebody needs to eat some of that chocolate. It's really bothering me.

Somebody needs to eat some of that chocolate. It’s really bothering me.

She goes down to see Anna in the dungeons, the younger sister is overjoyed to see her, until Elsa asks after the hat, and she is forced to admit that she withheld the truth. Elsa takes the lie as a huge betrayal, which is great coming from the woman who nearly killed her little sister because she’s terrible at, I guess, all social conventions, and whose same little sister literally sacrificed her life to save hers… But, wait. She sends the guards away and reveals that she does believe Anna, immediately freeing her. Anna is relieved, and adorable, and Elsa tells her that the plan is to keep up the charade, but to sneak Anna out, find the urn, and re-trap Ingrid. Anna vows to help, since her childhood was spent being a weirdo, by herself, talking to paintings and shit, but, more importantly, exploring every inch of the castle. She’s got this.

The sisters plus Kristoff snoop about Ingrid and her sisters’ childhood room. After sending him outside to be the lookout, Elsa happens upon a cracked mirror and muses over what could have happened to turn their mother and aunt against one another. Anna is quick to blame Ingrid (legit) and Elsa doesn’t comment. Anna assures her that their bond is too strong to break like the previous generation, though, and continues looking for the urn, opening a large cabinet to find… Hans! Still frozen solid. Elsa sheepishly admits to omitting some of the goings on from while Anna was away, and they find the urn tucked away behind his body.

The girls don’t find it even a teensy weensy bit odd that she’s keeping his body locked up in there?

That's what she said!

That’s what she said!

As Anna and Elsa skulk about the palace, intent on sneaking up on Ingrid to thaw the bitch out, Anna chatters nervously and Elsa asks whether their parents really were searching for something to take away her powers. Anna confirms it with an apology, but she’s also sure that they would accept her as she is if their parents could see her as she is now.

Back in the dungeon, Anna and Elsa plan to trap Ingrid by having her confront Anna with a false punishment of banishment, only for Anna to spring the trap and use the urn on her. Or, at least that’s the plan. Suddenly, chains manifest around her wrists, and Ingrid comes in to find some means of turning the sisters against one another.

Good golly, they need some new guards.

Good golly, they need some new guards.

Ingrid gives Anna the standard villain “We’re not so different, you and I” speech, but with respect to Elsa. She says that the library was her personal escape, and forces Anna into giving her a book report about a legend of a Norse King who had a mirror fashioned to show his daughter how beautiful she was, but the daughter died, so rather than reflect her beauty, the mirror reflected the ugliness of the King’s sorrow. Ingrid isn’t satisfied by the synopsis, so she tells how the king hoarded black magic because he wanted to spread his misery through the kingdom, thus creating the Spell of Shattered Sight. Anna thinks that she’s going to cast the spell on Arendelle. Ingrid, however, is only planning to use it on her.

I can't even wear contact lenses because the thought of putting stuff in my eyes creeps me out, so please excuse me as I go and vomit.

I can’t even wear contact lenses because the thought of putting stuff in my eyes creeps me out, so please excuse me as I go and vomit.

As Elsa sits in a room of untouched chocolate, Anna enters, cradling the urn. Elsa’s relieved to see her, but her little sister quickly goes from sarcastic to passive aggressive to active aggressive as she spills all of the bitterness that she legitimately could feel after over a decade of her sister ignoring her but we all know Anna doesn’t really feel that way. Elsa is hurt, but Ingrid glides in to tell Elsa that this is what Anna truly feels. Elsa will have to use her powers on Anna to save herself. But she won’t.

Their next Thanksgiving is going to be SUPER awkward.

Their next Thanksgiving is going to be SUPER awkward.

Anna sucks her into the urn, then quickly snaps out of the spell. Ingrid blames Anna for this happening, but Kristoff bursts in, ready to defend his lady love.Ingrid decides to embrace being a monster, since that’s all that anyone ever sees her as, and freezes them both, the ice spreading all over the castle as she makes to flee, urn in hand, promising that Elsa will accept herself one day, and that they will find their third sister.

I don't pity the servant who has to clean this mess up...

I don’t pity the servant who has to clean this mess up…

Before she can go, though, Rumplestiltskin shows up, taking Anna’s necklace from the fire and asking after the hat. When Ingrid denies having ever seen it, he steals the urn from her. He questions why she stole memories from Elsa, but Ingrid didn’t want her to learn all that much. He offers her a trade, the urn for the hat.

Later, she goes to the hat, where she hat hidden it, but is stopped from summoning Rumple by the appearance of Mickey, who reminds her that she’s got a standing deal with the Sorcerer.

Walt can do a lot of things, girl.

Walt can do a lot of things, girl.

He tells her that the third sister has been found, but she’s not born yet, and that she’ll never have her happy ending if she gives the hat to the Imp. She takes that to mean that she’ll get the happy ending if she gives the hat to Mickey, who speaks around confirming that by telling her that she’ll find the third sister and be reunited with Elsa. He conjures a door which will take her to “a new land” and tells her that he’ll open the door if she gives him the hat. He gives her a scroll and takes the hat and sends her on her way.

Ingrid walks through the door and ends up in a busy street in our world in 1982.

The horror.

In the present:

Emma is sleeping in her bug in the woods, still wigged out over her power fluctuation, when Henry finds her, but he’s blown back by her magic and the tiniest little cut on the back of his ear leaves her wracked with guilt, forcing him to flee. Ingrid appears to Emperor Palpatine all over her life, but Emma hops in the beetle and books it.

Emma, come to the dark side...

Emma, come to the dark side…

At Regina’s crypt, we see her getting dressed… Because she and Robin have CLEARLY bonked. He wants to take her back to camp to make her breakfast, but she points out the obvious to her. They talk about the whole “Soul Mate” thing… Musing over what might have been… But Regina remembers that he’s married and that, even sans Marian, this would probably end badly. He mocks her pessimism, and she shows him the Story Book. He asks after its origins, and she can’t find any answers. He offers to help, and she refuses him, saying that they can no longer engage in sexy time… I mean, after they leave the crypt of course.

And the whole time, Robin's got an undershirt on which, frankly, he shouldn't...

And the whole time, Robin’s got an undershirt on which, frankly, he shouldn’t…


At the Charmings’ loft, Snow, David, Hook, and Elsa have come up empty in their search for Emma. Snow feels all of the guilt, and Henry comes in saying that he’d found her. If even he couldn’t calm her down, they’re not sure what to do about it.

Rumple walks into his shop to find various knickknacks buzzing and alight with energy, a sure sign that something’s up. Emma is there, seeking help. He gives her a spell to “take away light magic from those who wish to part with it.” It would be permanent, and leave her completely ordinary. She would have to cast this spell somewhere far away from people, as it would cause a good bit of collateral damage. He tells her to meet him at “an abandoned manor at sundown,” which causes ZERO warning bells to go off in her blonde brain. Boy, she must be frazzled if she can’t even devote a portion of her brain to her usual brand of (fairly light-hearted) cynicism.

Back at the loft, I feel like somebody could have given Elsa a change of clothes by now… Regina arrives, concerned about Henry, and David says that they’ve been trying to reach her “all night.” (Heh.) She’s indignant and gives them a potion as requested, intent on seeing her son, even as Snow tells her softly to maybe finish buttoning her shirt up. (Hee hee.) As she heads up to check on Henry, the Charmings prepare to use the locator spell to find Emma, when she calls in to check and make sure that Henry got there alright. Snow starts to apologize tearfully, and Emma assures her that she’s going to fix everything. Snow relays the message to everyone, and Hook is the only one to ask after the method. David ignores the question and Hook excuses himself, claiming to have left his “talking phone” in the truck. The man knows something’s up, and he suspects Rumplestiltskin is both involved and planning a double-cross.

Ooh. Sexy AND smart.

Ooh. Sexy AND smart.


In Ingrid’s ice cave of doom (TM), Rumple comes to visit. She alludes to they earlier plans, and how the sister pact ribbons have a power all their own, most likely some kind of weird shit that’s going to force Elsa and Emma into loving her (blech), but finds herself trapped as Rumple rambles about how, though the urn was destroyed, it’s magic lives on in another form, thank you very much, Law of Conservation of Energy. He leaves her trapped in an invisible box like a mime who has an inability to not talk and also a whole lot of cleavage. She threatens him that she’ll get out and fuck his shit right on up, and he jovially informs her that he’s not being the most terrible… He’s not betraying all of Storybrooke, as she thought he was. Just her. Well, and Emma.

That's what she said.

That’s what she said.


At Granny’s, Will Scarlet is Irishing up his coffee to an almost admirable degree when Robin entres, showing him the book and telling him that they’re going to find the author. Apparently, Will was brought there with the first curse, so he knows that the first bit of magic appeared at the clocktower. And beneath the clocktower? The library. A good place to start looking when they’re talking about magic books and shit.

At the loft again, Snow is looking at photos and getting melancholy about her daughter. She and David discuss whether her giving up her power is the right thing to do. Elsa overhears the conversation like the creepster she often is. She sneaks out with the locator potion and Emma’s scarf.

Robin and Will “break into” the library as Regina tries to wheedle a bit of news about Henry’s encounter with Emma out of him. Regina heals the cut (which is TINY) with a wave of her hand, and Henry laments his own uselessness. I guess having two magical moms would do that to a person… But she reminds him that he’s a good kid and has the heart of the truest believer, and she uses comic books to illustrate her point like a good mother should.

"Not such a great actor."

“Not such a great actor.”

Hook, meanwhile, has stormed the pawn shop but, upon finding it empty, spills all of the secrets he’s been keeping into a voicemail on Emma’s cell phone. Luckily, though, Rumple has left a map open on his front counter with the location of the manor circled.

On the road, Emma ‘s powers cause her to kill her car, but she soon finds Ingrid there, in the middle of the road, making her drive into a ditch. Ingrid stays there, telling her to never trust Rumple. Emma takes her denouncement as reason to actually follow through with her plan to rid herself of her magic. Ingrid can’t stop her anyways, as the vision of her there is only a projection onto snow flurries (or something) via the magic mirror.

At the loft, Regina and Snow discuss Henry being okay… And Robin Hood… When David walks in, leaving Regina baffled as to how he’s not out searching for Emma. They explain that Emma’s going to give up her magic, and they’re being supportive parents, and Regina can’t believe how stupid they are. Well, it comes out more compassionate than that, telling them that her biggest regret was stifling Henry (way back when in Season 1). They resolve to find Emma and stop her, but the locator spell is gone. And so is Elsa.

Emma arrives at the manor, just in time for a commercial break. And leaves her phone in the car. So… No heartbreaking Hook (programmed in as “Killian”) voicemail for her…

Snow, Regina, David, and Henry are tracking Emma, and Snow and Regina go on ahead and discuss how Regina’s life is just never allowed to have a bright spot, what with her being a villain and all. Maybe evil is born, not made, and that’s all she is, she muses, but Snow assures her that she is not all good, and Regina is not all evil, and that she’s come a long way, and to never give up hope. Regina looks wary at best of Snow’s optimism, and I find myself suddenly desperate for a satisfying resolution to this search for the author and not some sappy bullshit about how all of Regina’s porblems were her own fauly and it’s been her stopping herself from finding happiness all this time and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, because, true, she’s made a whole lot of terrible choices, both mistakes and deliberately made, but she was also under her mother’s thumb and heavily manipulated by Rumple, so if that’s the end of this little quest I’m gonna be PISSED.


I swear, you guys. It had better not be that.

I swear, you guys. It had better not be that.

In the library, Robin and Will are showing us their intellectual sides as Will is startled by a pop-up book and Robin wonders why a hat would ever need a hat.

Somebody give this man the Internet! Stat!

Somebody give this man the Internet! Stat!

He goes to pack the book back into his bag, but find a folded bit of paper. Unfolding what looks like a page from the book, he’s shocked and calls Regina away from her search, and she goes after a reassurance from Snow.

In the spooky magic manor, electricity crackles with Emma’s entrance, and Gold prepares the hat. He urges her towards a set of doors with something fierce glowing behind them. She hesitates and tells him that Ingrid told her he was trying to hurt her. She asks if she’ll be hurt by this. He says nothing is without risks, but that it will stop her from hurting people. She asks what he would do, and he says that he wouldn’t go in there, personally. She thanks him.

Yeah, that looks like it's not gonna hurt at all.

Yeah, that looks like it’s not gonna hurt at all.

Outside, Hook arrives, only to be stopped by Rumplestiltskin, who binds him to the gate out front, and monologues about how she didn’t get his message, that he’ll treat Hook to a front row seat of her destroying herself, and how he’ll get over Emma just like he got over Millah. Around back, though, Elsa has arrived. She gets to Emma before she can open the door. She talks the Saviour down, telling her that the people who love her love her the way she is, and that she should, too. Elsa reaches a hand out to her, and Emma takes it, spreading a whole heap of bright magic around them, and apparently bringing Emma’s own levels down to a controllable level again.

Outside, Gold realizes that he’s failed and Hook is psyched about it.

Because he's adorable.

Because he’s adorable.

Unfortunately, Gold also needed another ingredient. The one that Ingrid told him about last time. A heart. From someone eho knew him before he was the Dark One. And guess whose heart that is? Gold is going to use Hook as his henchman, forcing the pirate to be the one to fill the hat with magic before ultimately killing him once he uses his heart in the spell.

Because Gold’s a bastard.

Hook rushes in to see Emma, relieved that she’s alright, but she notices immediately that something is off about him. He chalks it up to nerves and tells her to go outside to meet all of her relieved loved ones. He sends her and Elsa out and retrieves the hat/box, looking tortured and handsome.

At the library, Regina arrives and Robin gives her what he’s found. She takes the page with an expression which clearly reads, “Bless your heart,” which, of course, means she thinks he’s a dummy, but is surprised by what’s on the page.

Boom chicka wow wow.

Boom chicka wow wow.

It’s a rendering of them kissing, inside the pub that Tinkerbell brought her to a bajillion years ago. It’s got a duplicate page in the book, though, one where she does leave him behind, as she had. Robin takes that to mean that her fate could have gone differently, that she’s not doomed to suffer, and she looks to find what other book this must have come from. Robin tells her that the page just appeared in his satchel. He says that this means there is hope for her, something which wouldn’t happen for a villain. Regina remarks that she owes Snow a quarter, and they kiss.

And… Marian is still frozen, right, guys? Guys?

I mean, Regina, I love you, girl, but did y’all just go ahead and forget about her..?

In her ice cave, Ingrid’s prison slowly dissolves, and she moves to her sister pact ribbons, vanishing them with a wave of her hand, one of them appearing on her own wrist.

Emma finds her parents and Henry outside and they embrace, all happy that she didn’t give her magic up, and she proves her control by causing Aurora Borealis, then turning it into fireworks.

Because that's how we roll in 'Murica.

Because that’s how we roll in ‘Murica.

Henry asks where Emma got the yellow ribbon tied around her wrist, and she doesn’t know, but Elsa’s got one, too, and she asks after what’s happening. They both feel like their magic is being “harnessed,” and Emma’s pretty sure she knows the culprit.

In the ice cave, Ingrid and Gold face off again, having a “My-Plan-Is-Going-To-Beat-Your-Plan” Off. She tells him that, although she didn’t do anything to stop Emma from using the hat on herself, it means that she’s embraced her powers. Once all of her “sisters” have embraced their powers, their magic becomes linked, and Ingrid can use it to cast the Spell of Shattered Sight over all of Storybrooke.

And she does it.

And the credits roll.

And the credits roll.


Storybrooke in chaos.

First of all, my bet is on Regina being the last woman standing, as she should really poof to every door and rip out everyone’s heats when they come to open the door, or just setting flame to everything and everyone everywhere, but that’s just me.

It’ll probably start out with everyone who has finally come together being really terrible to one another because, y’know, evil magic spell. I’m betting Snow and Regina get into it. There’s a lot of history there. I wonder how it will affect certain characters. If Henry will turn on Emma because she gave him up at birth. If Robin finally treats Regina’s history as the Evil Queen as something to at least consider. If we’ll ever see any of the tertiary characters again, because they’ve all certainly taken a back seat this season.

But, mostly, I want done with this Ingrid broad. I’m glad that we’re getting to this Shattered Sight business so soon, instead of it being the season finale, because I’m so ready to be done with Ingrid. I doubt she’ll be wrapped up so quickly, but I really feel like Rumple is the bigger threat, ultimately. I actually want him to succeed, to a point. Like, wouldn’t it be interesting to see him able to go anywhere in the world with his magic?

Yeah, it would.

That and the mystery of the Sorcerer and the Author.

Goodness, I want a decent revelation to the story of the search for the Author…

(Pretty sure the Sorcerer and the Author are the same guy.)

Until then, though, I’ll look forward to watching the dwarves pick-axing each other in the face next week.




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