Sleepy Hollow: Heartless Recap

Sleepy Hollow

On the last episode well Henry sent a spider into Katrina that impregnated her with Moloch whom she almost gave birth to.

The episode starts with Ichabod and Katrina debating about the actual feelings of love on the Bachelor.

There is a weird case of a guy found in his car with his life force sucked out of him.  The guy was in a club and couldn’t talk to the girl he wanted to another girl looking similar came up to him and eventually sucked out his life force.

SH - Succubus

This leads us the creature of the episode which happens to be a succubus who is stealing the life force from people.  She is doing this because she is giving all of these people’s souls to Henry.

Now back at Team Crane/Mills there is some turbulence because Abbie and Katrina are not getting along.  Abbie is not convinced that Henry can be saved and well Katrina is holding on to that.  They need Katrina because well now that she is away from the Horseman she is able to do magic.  After doing some research they realize that they have to kill the succubus’s heart which is separate from the body.  I don’t know about anyone else but this kind of felt like Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Katrina and Abbie go off to destroy the heart, which nether lady is all that happy about.  While Ichabod and Hawley go off to find the succubus because Hawley knows what she looks like in human form.

Katrina and Abbie head to the cemetery because Abbie has is stalking Henry’s email accounts and knows he got a permit for the cemetery.  Katrina manages to get past Henry’s first hex and finds the jar with the heart.  To Katrina, the jar has rats in it while to Abbie it has maggots, since Abbie is the brave one she sticks her hand in because it really is a spell and pulls out the heart.  Katrina starts her incantation on it but Henry put another hex on there that kind of knocks out Katrina.  Abbie picks up the spell and finishes it, I have to say this was good because Abbie was trying to figure out how to actually pronounce the words.

SH- Ichabod and Hawley

Ichabod and Hawley are at the club because they are sure she will come back, Hawley spots her and they split up.  Ichabod is able to find her and follow her into the closet where the light of course does not turn on.  The succubus talks to Ichabod about the doubt in his heart because she can sense these things.  While succubus is taking Ichabod’s life force he manages to stab her with a blade that Hawley gave him. Hawley comes in to help Ichabod by shooting the succubus, which makes the succubus turn to him.  Ichabod takes the guns and kills the succubus once her heart has been destroyed.

Abbie and Katrina come to an understanding that they both need each other.  Katrina also realizes that she needs to leave because the Horseman will take her back because she has to kill Moloch.  Katrina asks Abbie to be the one to tell Ichabod.

Hawley is wrapping himself up while Ichabod looks for medical stuff to help him.  Ichabod takes the news of Katrina leaving rather well because he has to remember she is more than capable of taking care of herself because she was a spy and is a witch.

SH- Katrina comes back

Katrina comes back and of course the Horseman is happy about this.  Henry is accepting of his mother coming back which made me worry but it is only because she is wearing the necklace still.  The whole reason that Henry wanted the souls is because he is using them to bring back Moloch.  Since Katrina was carrying Moloch she has a connection to this baby/creature.  The whole reason that Henry wanted to know if she was wearing the necklace is because when she look the crib she sees a baby.  This naturally tugs on her maternal instincts.

Let’s talk about how the succubus kinda took on the form of Abbie to get Hawley.  Now does he just have a thing for the Mills sister or what.  It was interested once Ichabod picked up on that because then he was trying to figure out how Abbie and Hawley felt about this whole thing.

Who else things that there is no saving Henry, I get what Katrina is saying but he really does seem lost. This mission to save him is going to lead to her getting killed, wait that might not be such a bad thing.

Until next week when the Mills sisters have to battle their mother’s ghost.


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