Gotham: The Mask Recap


Last week on Gotham, there was a big Falcone – Maroni thing going because of the Penguin.  We got to see Victor Zsasz who is pretty crazy but cool.  The Penguin is snitching to Falcone about Maroni.

This episode deals with a new villain but is also deals with the fact that Gordon is pissed at the cops of the GPD because they all abandoned him when he needed it.

Gotham - The Mask

This new villain, I am just going to call him Mask because he wears one, what he does is have three people fight to the death for a position in his company.  The other people in the company watch this and place bets, this is a very sick company.  Why do I feel like this guy could be a precursor to Black Mask?

Gordon and Bullock go to investigate Mask who like Fish can tell that Gordon has seen combat and killed.  How is it that some of these villain are capable of reading Gordon so well?  Gordon pulls the bad cop in this scene, which almost gives Bullock nothing to do because thats his thing.

They visit a doctor who is known for stitching up people who don’t want to go to the hospital, Gordon is pissed off so he arrest this Doctor because he has a deal with some of the cops.  Bullock has to talk Gordon down from this because he is pissing off everyone.  Bullock was there for Gordon when all of that went down.

Gotham - Gordon

Well Gordon gets kidnapped by the Mask because Gordon knows to much and is getting to close.  The Mask then has the three new people fight Gordon for the job.  Well Gordon being the legit badass that he is manages to take all of these people out so the Mask fights him.  I would like to ask how does Gordon know how to dodge a sword, can he just do that because he has good reflexes?

While all of this was going on Bullock makes a speech to get people to help find Gordon.  The Captain feels bad about listening to Gordon and leaving so she jumps in to help.  Well if the Captain helps how is everyone else suppose to sit there and not help.  The cops manage to track down the right office space but Gordon already had things handled.

While Gordon appreciates everything that people did and Bullocks help, Gordon is still going after the dirty cops.  Of course Bullock is not happy about this because he is a dirty cop.

Side stories:

Penguin goes to visit Fish to negotiate terms for Maroni:

Yea, how the Penguin did not know that Fish was not going to be friendly I really have no idea. Penguin gets his revenge later when he beat Fish’s new umbrella guy.  Also this was probably one of the best scenes in this episode, there really were not to many.

Fish is also looking for things against Falcone so she has Liza steal some info from his ledger.  Interesting thing to note is that Liza is beginning to feel some guilt about this because she is starting to like Falcone.  Honestly I like Falcone, I am kinda rooting for him, I would him to be the top crime boss he seems to be the least crazy.

Alfred makes Bruce go back to school, because it is good for him to talk with other kids.  Bruce runs into his buddy Thomas Elliot, we all knew he had to show up he is Bruce’s childhood best friend.  Thomas is all interested in how Bruce’s parents died and if there were guts and blood.  I would say this is odd but we all know Thomas help plan the murder of his dad and attempted murder of his mother, well at least in the comics.  Also why does Thomas Elliot look emo, its like Harry from the new Spider-Man movies, all this is telling me is that if I have an emo friend they will when become my archenemy.

Gotham - Bruce and Thomas Elliot

Thomas later on talks with Bruce again and says something about Bruce’s mom, which causes Bruce to get mad and punch Thomas.  When Alfred picks up Bruce well he notices that Bruce has been fighting.

Alfred takes Bruce to Thomas’s house where Alfred hands Bruce his fathers watch so he can hit Thomas with it.  I really wish they had these scene on clip, because Thomas is all mad Bruce hit him, but Alfred reminded Thomas that he let him.  Bruce then asks Alfred to teach him how to fight.

Other things of note:

  • We saw the Penguin’s mom again, well Carol Kane is awesome and crazy in this role.
  • Selina gets caught stealing so she naturally wants to talk with Gordon, Gordon’s face when he realizes it is her.
  • Bruce does not talk like a normal child, what 12 yr old goes “He disrespected my mother.”
  • Barbara is also freaking out since she got kidnapped so she has Gordon’s spare to defend herself when she is alone and drinking.  Should the former drug addict being drinking alcohol much less wielding a gun?
  • Nigma going into the coroner office to try and do an autopsy on the body because he does not trust the coroner.
In this corner, having been dead for 8 hours

In this corner, having been dead for 8 hours

Again, not their best, honestly I liked the show better when they weren’t drawing things out because they have more episodes.  Yes, the older episodes felt rushed but I at least enjoyed them more these last few have just not been hitting the mark.  If the story and lines where better I would think Joss Whedon was writing them, that is an idea, because he could so help this show.

Back on track, my favorites things in this episode were; Fish and Penguin’s meeting, Bruce beating Thomas Elliot, Gordon beating up all the guys at the end, and Mama Cobblepot. Otherwise there was nothing good in this episode oh and Selina, but we all know I’m biased there.  I really would like something more then Fish, Falcone, Maroni, and The Penguin.  Seriously something else has to be happening in Gotham.

Let’s hope next week gets a bit better with Bruce learning how to fight and finally the meeting with Bruce and Selina we have all been waiting for, or at least I have, but I have been shipping them since I was like 8.  We also get to meet Harvey Dent and see what he is all about.

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