Arrow: The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak Recap


I will give my disclaimer, it is National Novel Writing Month so that means 50,000 words in one month.  Which is partially why the last 2 recaps have been missing. Also this will probably cause some recaps to be late and  shorter, but if the shorter thing is working for us all then it will probably continue.  Now onto Arrow, well a lot has been going on Thea is back, her father is also lurking around, Nyssa was very upset to find out Sara was dead, and Laurel is training with Ted Grant.

This episode as evident by the title focuses on Felicity, we learn about Felicity’s past and we get to meet her mom.  Honestly some of this can only be shown through video because well, that how awesome this episode was.

The main part the episode revolves around a virus that is causing various buildings and things around the city to shut down.  The most important hit would have to be the fact that the cyber terrorist is going to drain everyone’s bank accounts.  I will leave you with this video:

There is a great loop for us all, the virus was created by Felicity, which means it is pretty much unstoppable.  Now I do have a hard time believing that Felicity can’t stop her own virus since she created it, but I do believe that she made it hard to stop.  I also am not the best with computer and electronics so I could be very wrong about that.

College Felicity

College Felicity

Back in Felicity’s college days she was a hacktivist with her bf and his roommate.  They were doing social disobedience through the web, this virus that she created was so that they could get into any system and expose government fraud and deface criminals. They were trying to be heros through tech and save the world.  Now her bf took it one step to far and got caught and sent to jail where he killed himself.  Felicity knows that he is not the one doing this so it has to be his roommate but after Oliver and Roy track him down they realize it is not him.

While all of this is going on Felicity’s mom has popped in for a visit:

Well Felicity and her mom couldn’t be two different people, Felicity was able to figure out that the cyber terrorist sent Felicity’s mom to her.  Which leads to a kidnapping of Felicity and her mom, where they are put in front of the cyber terrorist who is none other then her dead college bf.  Apparently he faked his death in jail and does seem a bit mad that Felicity did not realize that.  The only reason that Felicity’s mom is there is because well how to you make someone like Felicity do anything, threaten someone they love.  Cooper (the dead bf) has Felicity reroute some armored trucks carrying money to the their location.  Thanks to the new watch that Ray gave Felicity’s mom, Felicity was able to realize there is wifi and contact Team Arrow, who saves the day.

After all of this Felicity’s mom come by to say good-bye to Felicity:

I had to put it in because a huge part of the episode was about family.

Arrow - Ted Grant and Laurel

One to the side things going on, Laurel is still training with Ted Grant but he can tell there is something wrong with her.  It takes some time but she is finally able to tell him that she is mad about her sister’s being killed.  Ted tells her to stop trying to fight him because it will never be able to work.  He is happy that she finally let him in because now he can finally train her, I wonder if we will be seeing Wildcat anytime soon.

Also Thea finally told Oliver that she has Malcolm Merlyn’s money so that is how she is getting her new apt and able to get the club back.  Oliver is not happy about it but he does realize that Thea is the only family that he has, so he goes to her place with a piece offering.  Thea agrees to donate Malcolm’s money once the club is doing well again and Oliver agrees to move in with her.

Arrow - Thea and Oliver

In a big shocker Roy is having dreams of killing Sara.

I really liked this episode because one it focused on Felicity who is a fan favorite and a favorite of mine as well.  I also like the undertone of family the whole episode because everyone has one and you have to love accept the family that you do have.  Also goth Felicity who was a bit if a wild child was also pretty awesome to see.  Also I think we really need to talk about Ray’s thing of always being around Felicity, the poor girl can’t even get any peace in her apt.

I promise no more skipped recaps, life just kinda got crazy there.  Until next episode when we check out what is going on with Roy, did he really kill Sara.


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