First look at Black Canary on Arrow

Anyone who follows the comics knows that the main Black Canary was Dinah Laurel Lance, with the death of Sara earlier this season and with Laurel training with Ted Grant who does help train the Black Canary, I think we all knew where this was going. Here are the first images of Kate Cassidy as Black Canary

Left Behind Left Behind

Her outfit is a bit different from her sisters, Sara Lance’s Canary was a but more sexy and much closer to the look of the Black Canary as we know her.

Arrrow - Canary Black Canary

Laurel’s Black Canary outfit is much more tactical, it is sexy but in more of a Catwoman sexy then the bodysuit and fishnets that we are used to when it comes to Black Canary.  I am sure the fishnets are very impractical because they probably snag and rip on everything.  No word yet on the Canary Cry, unsure if Laurel will be using her sisters sonic device or if Laurel is somehow going to become a meta human.

What do you think of the Black Canary costume?  Are you looking forward to Laurel taking on the mantel that we all knew she would?

If you want to learn more about the amazing costumes of Black Canary check out Kizer’s blog Costume Dynamics: Black Canary.

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  1. I enjoy Arrow -after a rocky first season, it kind of clicked with season two- but with this storyline, faithful as it may be to the comics (which I’ve never read), its stretching all credibility. Laurel becoming a vigilante/super heroine? Give me a break. I take it that super powers or training for years is no longer required to dress up in a strange outfit and fight crime? She’d get a bullet in the head in five minutes out in the streets, Game Over. I can just about accept that The Arrow gets away with it but Laurel? Maybe I’m taking it too seriously, but the show is quickly veering into camp 1960s Batman here. Next thing you know, her Dad will be wearing a cape next season…

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