Agents of SHIELD: A Fractured House Recap


Here we are at another exciting episode of Agents of SHIELD, this is going to be one of my shorter recaps.

A big focus of this episode was Hydra and Ward’s family, Hydra sent people pretending to be SHIELD into a UN meeting to cause a public outcry.  This had an effect on Talbot who was speaking at the meeting and Senator Ward who does not want it to get out that his brother was Hydra.

Skye tries to talk will Ward about is brother:

Coulson does talk with Ward’s brother who tries to play it that Ward is the crazy one who did all those things on his own.  Eventually Coulson reaches an agreement with Ward’s brother that he can have Ward and try him for his crimes.

Senator Christian Ward

Senator Christian Ward

Coulson tells Ward that he is handing him over to his brother and that he will not longer be able to talk to Skye anymore.

Coulson sends May, Hunter, and Bobbi out to hunt down this Hydra threat, Hunter is having a hard time with the idea of working with his ex-wife but he gets over it.  The better part of this scene was Bobbi talking with May wondering if she had an ex-husband and if she talked with him.  May’s facial expressions said it all.

After this mini team meets up with a contact whom they find out is helping supply Hydra.  Hunter is mad at Bobbi kissing another guy in this scene but honestly he might be mad that she managed to get a the guy to kiss her faster than he would with a girl.

Everyone eventually figures out that one of their guys is the grandson of a Hydra agent and this person is leading agents to a safe house to kill them.  The mini team arrives there with Hunter going in first because he is the sleaziest of them all.  May and Bobbi jump into the fight where they both basically kick ass, they both are some serious BAMF.  Hunter fights well along side Bobbi and she even manages to save his life.

Ward’s brother admits to the pubic that his brother had been a member if Hydra, this is a big thing because Ward’s older brother is a Senator who is running for reelection.  Ward’s brother says that his brother will be tried justly for his crimes.

Coulson tells the men taking Ward that they should not give him an inch and as Ward is walked out through SHIELD everyone is giving him dirty looks.  Ward tries to talk to Skye but Simmons jumps in tells him that if she ever sees him again she will kill him.

AOS - Ward escapes

Now the dumb guards don’t listen to Coulson and Ward is giving too much room and he then attacks and kills the people transporting him.

A side story is of course Simmons and Fitz, Simmons wants Fitz’s help to open her hard drive because it was damaged during the escape.  It seems that Fitz wants to help but he is having a hard time around Simmons.  Simmons brings tea for her and Fitz only to see him joking around with Mac.  This is when Simmons learns that Fitz is able to communicate with others better than her.

Mac and Simmons have a talk:

Just tattoo this random alien code onto my body

Just tattoo this random alien code onto my body

Another bit of importunateness we see the guy who has been carving the alien code imagines, he is now getting them tattooed on his body.

Well this was not my favorite episode, I was hoping for a bit more when it came to Ward’s background and them needing his help. Honestly the dynamic between Hunter and Bobbi was probably the best part of the episode and May just not caring about either them or their problems.  Hunter tried to talk to May and she was like I don’t like you.  Otherwise not one of the best episodes but I am looking forward to seeing the next one because Ward is loose.

Also I will tell all that since I am doing National Novel Writing Month this month, some of the recaps might be late and shorter.  If the shorter things is working for all of us, then that might continue.

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