Sleepy Hollow: Deliverance Recap

Sleepy Hollow

I would like to apologize now for how late some of the recaps are going to be and how they are going to be shorter. It is National Novel Writing Month so I am trying to write 50,000 words this month it does take up time.  If the recaps are coming out better than I keep them shorter.  The big that happened last week is that Henry turned Corbin’s son into a Wendigo and then had some creepy looking spider crawl into Katrina.

SH- Cranes flashback

The episode starts with a memory of Ichabod and Katrina talking about what they would like their future children to be like.  Katrina is still screaming from the spider but she has no idea what is wrong with her.  The Horseman really wants to take care of her, I have to give that to the Horsemen he seems to really care about Katrina.  Well Henry comes in with members of the Hell Fire Club to grab Katrina because Moloch has a bigger plan for her.  Katrina actually manages to escape by fighting slightly, Katrina threw a punch, I didn’t know she had it in her.

Ichabod is going with Abbie to vote

While there Abbie is told about a Jane Doe who was found wearing colonial clothing in the hospital. Ichabod figures that is Katrina and he was right, Ichabod is always right.  After finding Katrina some pants which are very confusing for her they sneak her out of the hospital.

At their research place, Katrina puts up an enchantment to protect them while Ichabod figures out what is wrong with Katrina.  It seems that she has demon in her that she will give birth to.  The Hell Fire Club finds them and but Ichabod, Katrina, and Abbie escape through the tunnels.

SH - Katrina delivering Moloch

They get Katrina to the church where Katrina gave Henry up and the one Henry got his name from.  Abbie manages to figure out that Katrina is giving birth specifically to Moloch.

Ichabod uses Irving to call Henry down so he can talk with him and try to see if Henry will reverse this.  Honestly I do not think Henry has a good left in him and Henry is pretty much proving that.  Ichabod is able to see a memory of Henry as a young boy running, something that Henry did not want Ichabod to see.

When Ichabod gets back they tell him that Katrina is giving birth to Moloch but Ichabod already knew that because Henry told him.  Now they have to figure out a way to stop this and it seems that Franklin found a way by creating a replica of the Aurora Borealis.  This device was places in the tablet that tells how to bring Moloch to the Earth, so the Hell Fire Club has it.

SH- Breaking into HellFire Club

Ichabod and Abbie convince Sheriff Reyes that they need to go into the Hell Fire Club because they are causes some the problem in Sleepy Hollow.  Even thought Sheriff Reyes is not happy to see Ichabod, she agrees and a tactical team goes in to take out the Hell Fire Club.  Abbie and Ichabod are able to retrieve the tablet, Sheriff Reyes compliments Abbie and pretty much agrees to accept Ichabod’s help when needed.  Katrina calls Ichabod through the radio to let them know that it is time and they must come quick.

Ichabod and Abbie make it back to the church where Abbie does her best to help Katrina through this ordeal.  While Ichabod breaks the tablet and finds sunlight for the prism to work.  Ichabod is able to save Katrina and stop Moloch from rising on Earth. Ichabod and Katrina have a moment and Abbie leaves to give them privacy.  I am not sure how I feel about Ichabod and Katrina kissing, I thought I was going team Abbie but I kind of felt bad about Katrina in this episode, so I am alright with the moment.

SH- banshing Moloch

Ichabod talks with Abbie about how the Horseman will come for Katrina and how he does think there is something good still inside Henry because of the vision that he saw.  Abbie is on the whole Henry cannot be saved and I am kind of with Abbie but if Ichabod and Katrina think that they can power to them.


Other things of note:

  • The Horsemen not being able to save Katrina because he cannot go out in sunlight
  • Katrina telling them now she can see the Horsemen’s soul because of the necklace which enables her to be able to talk to him
  • Katrina being confused by modern inventions such as pants and a walkie-talkie

Sleepy Hollow just never fails, I think the writers from this show should consult on Gotham.  This show was great because of the underlying theme of never give up, Katrina and Ichabod have never given up on each other so they should not give up on their son.  The whole having Katrina give birth to Moloch on order for him to rise was an interesting touch.  It really shows how twisted Henry really is in his devotion to Moloch.  Sleepy Hollow has been really amazing about tying in the family drama and issues within the actual supernatural elements of the story. There is always an underlying theme of family every episode, which helps bring the show to another level and help the audience connect with the character and become more invested in them.


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