Evil Dead TV Series Coming to Starz

New broke today that an Evil Dead TV Series will be coming to Starz next year.  It will start the original Ash; Bruce Campbell and it will be directed by Sam Rami and Rob Tabert.

As everyone knows the original Evil Dead was a cult classic that spun off 2 sequels and even a remake done by Sam Rami. (I only just saw the remake the other day, I prefer the original to the remake.)

The Evil Dead TV show will be 10 episodes that are 30 minutes long.

In case we forgot how awesome Bruce Campbell is in this role:

If anyone forgets what the original Evil Dead was about here is a lovely compilation to help:

I am personally excited for this, Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell make a great team so this should be really good.  The TV show will probably not be as campy as the original movies since the remake wasn’t.  I am hoping for a little bit of campiness because that is part of what made the original movies.


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