Gotham: The Penguin’s Umbrella Recap


I am going to apologize for the recap being late and they will probably be late most of this month, it is National Novel Writing Month.  I am kinda trying to do 50,000 words in a month so it does take up time.  For the time being the recaps will be shorter than they were before, they might stay like this if you guys prefer that and if it is easier for me. Now onto Gotham, last episode the big thing would probably be Montoya and Crispin arresting Gordon for the murder of The Penguin. The Penguin showed up at the end of the episode proving that he is alive.

This episode mainly revolved around Gordon, Falcone, Maroni, Fish and The Penguin.  Bullock was not happy to see the Gordon had not killed The Penguin because that could mean all of their deaths.  Thanks to The Penguin being alive, Gordon was able to be released because well he didn’t kill the guy.

Of course Fish was not happy about Oswald being alive because of the fact that he knows things, mostly that he knows things about her and what her plans are.  Falcone says that he will send in Victor to get Gordon because Gordon will not come to them willingly.  Fish is worried because Falcone spends a lot of time around his chickens and is not sleeping with her girl.  The only thing that Fish can figure is that Falcone know something that they don’t, which would make sense since he does not want to steal The Penguin back from Maroni.

Victor Zsasz goes into the Gotham PD

Probably one of the best character introductions I have ever seen.

Since Gordon does not want to go with Victorm, he then starts shooting up the Gotham PD in an attempt to grab Gordon who will not go willingly.  After a small mini war within the Gotham PD, Gordon is able to escape with help from Montoya and Crispin.  I am guess that they feel back because them not dropping the Cobblepot case helped causes all this.  It should be noted that Victor put a mark on his arm for the cop that he killed.  That is a very Victor Zsasz move because that is what his character does in the comics, in the comics Victor Zsasz is a serial killer who carves a mark for every person that he kills.

Gotham - Montoya and Crispin

Gordon sends Crispin to get Alfred who almost kills Crispin until he finds out that he is alright because Gordon needs to see Bruce.  Gordon wants to tell Bruce that he will not be able to solve his parents murder because he has to leave.  That Monyota and Crispin know everything and that they will take over in his place.  The interesting thing in this scene is that Bruce asks to now be treated like a child but he is a child.

Falcone has Victor kidnap Barbara because she came back even though Gordon put her on a bus out-of-town.  Gordon goes down there to get Barbara back, who Liza is doing everything to make comfortable. Gordon and Bullock stop their plan and Falcone give Barbara back to them, saying that one day they will understand.

Gotham- The Penguin

Later that day The Penguin meets Falcone at his chicken coop, it seems that The Penguin had convinced Falcone to spare his life.   Then The Penguin would infiltrate the Maroni organization and snitch to Falcone.  Cobblepot made sure to tell Falcone that Fish and Nikolai are plotting against him.  The only way for any of this to work is for Gordon to be the one to “kill” The Penguin.  According to Falcone everything is going to plan.

Other things that happened in the episode:

  • Gordon and Bullock team up to arrest the Mayor
  • Falcone just like to watch Liza cook and clean
  • The Penguin led a raid that resulted in the death of Nikolai
  • Maroni refused to give The Penguin over to Fish

I have to say the best thing about this episode was Victor Zsasz because he came off like a complete psychopath.  It was nice to see that alliance between The Penguin and Falcone.  That would make sense for how Falcone was handling everything because he has insider info.  Other than that, the episode felt kinda flat, I know that not every episode will always be fantastic and I know they are trying to build up the show and characters but some episodes do it better than others. I am sure they can do more with the seedy underbelly of Gotham, let’s be fair more has to be going on then what we have seen so far.  At this point I am just hoping that they will do more with what they have down the road.

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